July 19, 2017

The Rev. Franklin Graham says he is “shocked, hurt and stunned” that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave an $8 million settlement to a former al-Qaeda member who pleaded guilty to killing a US soldier and blinding another in a grenade attack. Omar Khadr claimed his civil rights were violated when he was tortured in Gitmo (personal aside: I’ve been to Gitmo, I’ve seen the accommodations, I’ve talked to the guards, and I don’t believe he was tortured). Millions of Canadians whose taxes are being used to enrich a terrorist are also shocked, hurt and stunned. But Trudeau defended his decision, claiming that if Canada had lost the case, it might have cost taxpayers $40 million (because, of course, he would have had no alternative other than to pay), and a just society must stand up for people’s rights, even when it’s difficult or unpopular.

Okay, then in the name of a just society, he should stand up against the Canadian judge who refused to freeze the $8 million so it could go to Khadr’s blinding victim and his murder victim’s widow, who rightfully won a $134 million wrongful death judgment against him. Having a judicial system that hands millions of taxpayer dollars to a murderous terrorist when he owes $134 million to his victims isn’t my definition of a “just society.”

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  • Dennis Willows

    07/21/2017 09:24 AM

    Unfortunately, it wasn't just $8 million. It was $10.5 million and a public apology from our government. I am a Canadian who is embarrassed and ashamed of this settlement. I figure that when you leave your home country, join a world-recognized terrorist organization, raise a weapon and then kill an Allied soldier, then Gitmo should be your place of residence for the rest of your life and the key should be thrown away!!! And I don't care whether you are 15 years old or not !! As long as Trudeau Junior is Prime Minister of Canada, we are going to see more ridiculous decisions like this one!! That's what we get for voting for a community organizer born with a silver spoon in his mouth!! Sound familiar ?? Most of Western Canada did not vote for this current edition of our Prime Minister but he still managed to squeak in !! Three more years and then hopefully, we can turf him !!!

  • Da Touchvid

    07/20/2017 05:44 PM

    Canadians, if you tolerate this madness you have only yourself to blame. The same for US citizens to tolerate what the left is doing to us.

  • dinah

    07/20/2017 10:29 AM

    Everything we are witnessing is the fulfillment of the Bible!

  • Amelia Little

    07/19/2017 11:14 PM

    There are no words. I feel sorry for the Canadians--and hope they remember this folly next election.

  • Candice Petersen

    07/19/2017 10:39 PM

    It wasn't 8 million, it was 10.5 million. Sorry, to say that I am Canadian. In my defense, I did not vote for him.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    07/19/2017 09:34 PM

    It's really a shame that this terrorist walks away with $8 million. It probably will go right into
    the terrorist's money pit. Sending a bad message to the weak minds of the impressionable youth they will think its OK to be a terrorist.

  • kevin springs

    07/19/2017 08:09 PM

    Sounds like something Obama and Hillary would do.

  • Linda Cagle

    07/19/2017 04:28 PM

    Simply put - Inexcusable!! Can you imagine what people would say if Donald Trump did this?