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January 19, 2021

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Today's newsletter includes:

  • Inauguration Eve: conservatives blamed for DC "war zone"
  • How Bad Have Things Gotten In NYC?
  • Who started this?
  • Paranoid
  • Pardon Day
  • On Day 1, President Biden Will Gut President Trump's Legacy


Mike Huckabee


Inauguration Eve: conservatives blamed for DC "war zone"

By Mike Huckabee

On Wednesday, when Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, Washington, DC, will host nearly 30,000 armed troops, more than five times the number currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. For the first time, the entire week preceding the inauguration was declared a “National Special Security Event.”

As described by THE EPOCH TIMES, the city has been brought “to almost a complete halt. More than a dozen Metro stations around the National Mall and the U.S. Capitol Building were closed...the streets of Washington are eerily empty. Buses, streetcars and other forms of public transportation, even bicycles, have been shut down. Most stores are closed, and many have been boarded up.”

The area for blocks around the White House looks like a war zone.

Now, if the new administration really were afraid of some kind of armed insurrection, they could've simply announced that the oath of office would take place inside the White House with streaming video for all who cared to watch. Truly, many of us will be finding better things to do. Even Trump has kindly RSVP'd that he and his "plus-one" will not be attending, thank-you-very-much.

The pandemic would've given Biden the perfect reason to take it inside. But no, Democrats WANT the accompanying visuals of an occupied city, a militarized zone, the rows of National Guard troops bussed in from every state, the bomb detectors, the dogs, the block after block of high fencing topped by razor wire. Because it makes a statement the likes of which we have never seen.

A statement about conservatives.

All this theater is to convey the message that anyone who didn’t support Biden, who (gasp) might have voted for Trump and who (double gasp) might even slightly question one single vote is –- like Trump himself –- a “dangerous extremist" and WILL be kept in check.

The media have their role to play in making this connection, of course. Don’t click on this link unless you have a strong stomach, but...this is CNN.

So far, though, things have been calm, and Trump has told his supporters to remain peaceful. He said, "In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking, and NO violence of any kind. That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.”

I will never make light of what happened on January 6 or try to shift blame away from those on the right who participated as some have done. That said, it was a relative handful of brain-dead protesters (augmented, as we have learned, by some Antifa and BLM) who breached the Capitol and horrified most conservatives.

Never mind all the looting, burning and assorted violence during 2020 in “blue” cities that were turned into occupied zones for real. And never mind the pathetic lack of crowd control around the Capitol. The left is using the Capitol Hill breach as an excuse to treat all conservatives like members of ISIS.

Think I’m kidding? Oh, this is going to get much worse.

As Tucker Carlson reported Monday night, Democrats, to ramp-up the drama, demanded that all troops sent to Washington for Inauguration Week undergo a sort of “ideological vetting” (their words), to make sure every one of them professes loyalty to the new regime. “Not loyalty to our country, not loyalty to our Constitution, but loyalty to the aims of a specific political party,” was the way he put it.

The concern among leftists apparently was that the National Guard is mostly white, male and conservative-leaning, with only about 25 percent of them having voted for Biden. Memphis Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen (also white and male, incidentally) assumes that the other 75 percent “are in the large class of folks who might want to, uh, do something.”

"Do something”? If Rep. Cohen stands by this –- he said it on CNN, among friends –- it sure sounds as if he suspects the 75 percent of the National Guard that is white, male and conservative of wanting to assassinate the incoming President.

I wonder how the more conservative members of the Guard might think about this. What about all those Americans who join out of love of country and would never dream of “doing something” to government officials of either party? Now they’re automatically suspect?

Gen. William Walker said on GOOD MORNING, AMERICA that members of the Guard are being “screened before they leave their state. It’s a “credentialing process so they’re screened and they’re repeatedly screened until they are actually put out on the street.” Also, “it's layered so the FBI is part of it, the Secret Service is part of it, and once they are certain there’s no insider threat, then that soldier, guardsman or airman is given a credential. Gen. Walker did not elaborate on the nature of the “inside threat.”

In a statement, the Army said they’re working with the FBI to identify all who were part of the attack on the Capitol to see if any of those people have a connection to the Army. And that makes sense if those individuals were part of the violence. But if they just happened to be in the huge, overwhelmingly peaceful crowd of Trump supporters, we are heading into dangerous territory.

Here’s another report about the vetting of troops, but leading into that discussion are pictures of something we don’t quite know what to make of. Are “armed” soldiers patrolling the streets around the White House and Capitol with rifles that don’t have magazines? We’re not offering any speculation about what this means, just expressing bewilderment.

It does seem we might have an intra-military conflict brewing, with those who share the ideology of the incoming administration to be trusted and those who disagree with it to be suspected. If it’s true, this is a far cry from what the military used to be, with Republicans and Democrats proudly fighting alongside one another, as buddies, to defend their flag and their nation. This radical change is a prescription for disaster.

And how will the new administration know who is with them or against them? Why, they’ll have to spy on them, of course, with a new internal spy agency created just to deal with “domestic terrorism.” And that is already in the works, in the form of a bill with over 100 co-sponsors in the House.

Leftists will love this new power as a way to go after “pro-Trump fanatics.” Every word uttered by every conservative white male in America (especially if he owns guns and a MAGA hat) will likely be monitored if this becomes law, and not just by Facebook and Twitter. It's like another Patriot Act for these times --- what could go wrong?


How Bad Have Things Gotten In NYC?

By Mike Huckabee

How bad have things gotten in New York City under Mayor Bill DeBlasio? Here is a chilling account of what it’s like by one of many New Yorkers who is getting out.

You may be shocked to hear him describe what people are enduring there, as they’re overrun with crime and threatening, mentally-disturbed homeless people. The writer himself is shocked at how quickly New York spiraled downward from a great, safe, successful city into the return of crime, garbage, homelessness and rat infestations. And while the coronavirus may have accelerated the decline, it didn’t have to be this way. The rot had already started to set in well before the pandemic because of what he calls New York’s “feckless leaders,” who release criminals, punish police and business owners, tolerate homelessness and fail to provide even the most basic city services, such as sanitation, all while they openly flout the rules they impose on the people.

But before New Yorkers all move out to successful red states and start voting to ruin them, I’d like to offer them two words of advice that are the ONLY path back to saving the New York City they claim to love. I offer these words with no expectation that they’ll heed them, but with the warning that if they don’t, New York will never come back. Those two words:


Who started this?

By Mike Huckabee

This week, you will no doubt be hearing a lot of balloon juice from the media about how Donald Trump is to blame for all the partisan vitriol infecting society, and how things will return to “normal” now that Biden is coming in. In response to that, Michael Goodwin at the New York Post has an excellent article, reminding us that it was, in fact, the left that started this with its all-out war on Trump, from “celebrities” holding up a replica of his bloody severed head, to riots and fires set during his Inauguration in 2017, to protesters storming in and “occupying” a Senate office building, to an attempted “Russia collusion” coup and two groundless impeachment votes.

If you really think that the divide between the elites in media, politics and big business and the working people of America for whom they show condescension and contempt but zero understanding was all caused by Trump, I’ll remind you that I wrote a book warning the elites about it (“God, Guns, Grits and Gravy”) that was published six months before Trump came down the Trump Tower escalator and announced he was running for President.



By Mike Huckabee

Sowing suspicion even of the National Guard troops who are at the Biden Inauguration to protect the peace makes me think that instead of playing “Hail to the Chief,” the band should strike up Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid.”

Pardon Day

By Mike Huckabee

President Trump is expected to issue up to 100 pardons and commutations today. I am still waiting for a list of things that should have been declassified long ago, but with quickly-fading hopes that justice will ever be done or that the American people will ever learn the full truth of the Russian Collusion attempted coup before its plotters plop right back into seats of power.

On Day 1, President Biden Will Gut President Trump's Legacy

By Mike Huckabee

Tomorrow, Joe Biden will become President, and he has promised to embark immediately on undoing every Trump policy that made America stronger, brought peace to the Middle East, protected religious freedom, stemmed illegal immigration, stood up for American workers, stopped China from robbing us blind, sparked record job creation and wage growth, brought fuel prices down and made America energy independent. I’m not going to describe all of his plans in detail because I’ve spent the past year trying to warn voters what was coming. So I’ll just refer you to this article that lists the coming calamities.

And don’t forget his plans to pander to the transgender lobby by reversing a Trump policy that protects the rights of women and girls. Hope all you women who voted for Biden enjoy a future of all-male women’s sports.

Speaking of Biden’s plans to restore unity, compassion and decency, Planned Parenthood is salivating at the idea of getting even more tax money and doing away with the Hyde Amendment so there will no longer even be any pretense that Americans aren’t having their forcibly-extracted tax money used to slaughter babies in the womb in violation of their beliefs.

I fail to see how this reflects compassion, decency or even unity, considering that a CBS poll in June found that 55% of Americans support either some restrictions on abortion or a complete ban. In fact, abortion is largely a Democrat obsession, with 79% of Republicans and 58% of Independents thinking it should be restricted or banned. A Marist poll from one year ago found that if the Supreme Court revisits Roe V. Wade, 62% of Americans think it should either turn the issue of abortion back to the states or ban it.

The only unity Biden is likely to create with these policies is an almost universal feeling of buyer’s remorse.




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