September 25, 2017

Prayers for the victims of a horrific shooting Sunday morning at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee, just south of Nashville. A man later identified as a Sudanese national and bodybuilder, Emanuel Kidega Samson, shot a woman in the parking lot then entered the church and opened fire. He killed one person and injured seven others before shooting himself, possibly accidentally. He survived and is facing charges of murder and multiple attempted murders. His motivation, if any, is as yet unknown.

Thankfully, there is an undisputed hero of this tragic event: 22-year-old church usher Caleb Engle attempted to tackle the hulking Samson (the Biblical reference is not lost on me) and was pistol-whipped. But he has a concealed carry permit, and he ran to the car, got his weapon and held Samson until police arrived. If he hadn’t been there with access to his gun, there might have been many more victims. I tell this part of the story because it’s the part that probably will be glossed over when most media outlets report it.



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  • Bill Worth

    09/27/2017 05:56 PM

    Since the massacre at Emanuel AME Church my team of experts has added the security of churches to our training offerings. I have implemented a security team at my church, consulted with other churches, produced a video designed to prepare churches to respond to an act of violence plus just filmed an in-depth presentation on how to prepare, prevent and respond to an act of violence for Carl Townsend of Inservice America.

  • Marti baird

    09/27/2017 05:55 PM

    Thank God we still have gun rights and people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save others.
    I am praying for the injured and the families of those who were killed. I am praying also for the soul of the shooter .

  • Lawrence B. Winters

    09/26/2017 04:14 PM

    Religion plays an important role in Sudan, with 97%[2] of the country's population adhering to Islam. The vast majority of Muslims in Sudan are Sunni belonging to the Maliki school of jurisprudence. >>>>from Wikipedia

  • Adam Zuehlke

    09/25/2017 11:02 PM

    Thank you for being pro-self-protection.

  • Connie L. Bickel

    09/25/2017 09:05 PM

    Thank you Lord, for gun rights for legal citizens.

  • Lilaine North

    09/25/2017 08:44 PM

    May God continue to bless you and watch over you, Mike Huckabee. The people who admire and respect you know where your heart's with the people. I want to thank you for addressing this incident and pointing out the bravery of Caleb Engle, the young man who prevented a total massacre in that church. Truly one of God's Angels here on earth. <3

  • Ernie Casey

    09/25/2017 08:13 PM

    So very true. Sad it has to be this way. Thankful our congregation has many who have their conceal and carry.