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October 14, 2022



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“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Kangaroo Kourt hops to it before election; Durham questions Dem operative

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Kangaroo Kourt met again for the cameras on Thursday, placing Trump front-and-center. Once again, it was like a Holy Inquisition, with painstakingly edited “evidence” and no defense allowed. I’m sure many viewers never even knew that this is not the way a real hearing is supposed to be conducted. But all the broadcast networks carried it, just like a real hearing.

Temporary Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney read garbage like this off a teleprompter: “We have left no doubt --- none --- that Donald Trump led an effort to upend American democracy that directly resulted in the violence of January 6.” No one who doesn’t already suffer from TDS would believe this lie.

So, why did they choose this particular day to put their garbage on display? Well, I can think of a number of possible reasons. The new economic report, which they knew would be shocking (and it was), would be coming out – the last one before the election -- and they desperately needed something to change that conversation. Meanwhile, in a federal courtroom not far away in Alexandria, Virginia, Special Counsel John Durham, in his prosecution of Igor Danchenko, was over the target about the FBI’s exploitation of a fake “dossier” –- more on that below –- and that news needed to be deflected, too. Plenty about Hunter Biden and his influence peddling is coming out as well, thanks to scores of whistleblowers and the return of Tony Bobulinski, with yet more evidence to support the view that the FBI’s suppression of the laptop story did affect the outcome of the 2020 election. So...good time for another drummed-up anti-Trump hearing.

But most importantly, the NEXT election is looming, in just three weeks. Early voting is underway in some places. The J6 Committee could have met sooner than this –- or later –- but such timing would have diluted the impact of their anti-Trump hysteria on the election. Understand: EVERYTHING turns on this election, and they know it. (It’s so important, President Biden even begged the Saudis, unsuccessfully, to temporarily supply us with more oil to lower the price at the pump --- just through November! Not a good look. In fact, it looks highly impeachable to me.)

Remember when, many weeks ago, Pelosi and committee chair Bennie Thompson opened their J6 hearings with a big scripted presentation announcing what they were going to show? Trump was at the heart of a “seven-point plan,” if memory serves, to cause an insurrection and overturn the election, which, of course, was the most accurate and secure election in the history of the United States. (We know this must be true because if we even question it, social media will ban us.) Where is it?

One thing the committee did do was vote unanimously to subpoena President Trump to come and testify. Well, of course they did! But if he actually came, it would likely be a case of “be careful what you wish for.” They no doubt assume he’ll move heaven and earth to avoid having to show up. But Trump has already said he would LOVE to testify.

Of course, these committee members would never allow Trump to tell his own story from his own point of view. No, they would make him sit there while they made wild accusations about his “state of mind” and played selectively-edited video of the melee at the Capitol building. Their questions would be along the lines of, “Tell us, Mr. Trump, when do you plan to stop trying to overthrow the United States government?”

We like what Bonchie had to say.

On Sean Hannity’s Thursday TV show, Sean asked former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus if he thought the committee plans to indict Trump, as that's the only thing they have to really try to knock him out for 2024. “Well, they don’t have the power to indict anybody,” Priebus said. There’s no doubt they want to stop Donald Trump, he said, and no doubt about how far they’d take it. But we can see now that all the other investigation of him was “a sham from the beginning.” (We would add that Attorney General Merrick Garland DOES have the power to indict, though. But given that Merrick’s boss is the current President and the head of the Democrat Party, for him to indict this likely Republican nominee would put our country even deeper inside banana republic territory.)

The J6 committee is no doubt also trying to distract from the trial of Danchenko, who might or might not be convicted but is serving as a handy vehicle for the real story nonetheless. George Papadopoulos, speaking to FOX NEWS Digital, said these trials are giving people important insight into how the FBI works. Papadopoulos called it “peeling the onion of corruption.” Good analogy --- both do make us cry.

Papadopoulos nailed it when he said Durham is “basically showing that the FBI had Danchenko on the payroll, and basically was allowing an FBI informant to lie to them in order to continue to frame Trump.” That is just what they did. They KNEW he was lying –- they were not duped –- and yet they played along as if they had been duped. Just so Durham also gets the Hillary connection in there, once again big and clear, on the record.

“The FBI went to any extent possible to trample on people’s rights,” Papadopoulos said, “in order to frame Trump and his campaign and then eventually cripple his presidency, and that’s really what this was all about, and what I think Durham is going to showcase in this trial.”

Hope and pray that he will. In the meaning, Ted Cruz, appearing on Wednesday’s “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” articulated how the Biden and Obama administrations succeeded in turning the intel agencies into political weapons. “What Nixon tried to do,” Cruz said, “Barack Obama and Joe Biden succeeded in doing. Barack Obama pushed hard partisans into career positions at DOJ, the FBI the intelligence agencies, and the IRS, and targeted his political enemies. It has now metastasized under Joe Biden.”

FOX NEWS has an excellent, must-read summary of Wednesday’s testimony by Democrat/Hillary operative Charles Dolan in the Danchenko trial. Durham has the evidence that shows how Danchenko and Dolan got together for the dossier: Danchenko emailed Dolan on August 19, 2016, asking for any information on Manafort’s departure as Trump’s campaign chairman. (Note: as I’ve said before, it would be great to see more information on how Manafort GOT to be Trump’s campaign chairman. What a point of vulnerability for Trump as a candidate. I digress.)

But Danchenko went on to bring up something else. “I am working on a related project against Trump,” he told Dolan, apparently referring to the material for Steele. “It is an important project for me...Our goals clearly coincide.”

In this piece written before testimony started, John Solomon explains why this trial is really much more about what happens outside the courtroom. For when you have time, his detailed report offers a lot of good background information.

Sending prayers

Our prayers today for the victims of a shooting Thursday afternoon in Raleigh, North Carolina. Five people are dead, including a Raleigh police officer, and another officer is one of two people wounded. A juvenile suspect was taken into custody. At this writing, we’re still awaiting details from Raleigh officials, so watch the news for more information as it becomes available.

Let’s also set politics aside to send prayers and good wishes to Vermont Democratic Sen. Patricy Leahy. He wasn’t feeling well last night and was taken to a hospital for tests and “as a precaution.” Leahy is 82 and the longest-serving Senator, and he plans to retire at the end of this term.

State election news roundup

It’s no wonder so many Democrats are dodging debates. They are not going well for them. Probably the funniest and most telling moment came in the debate between Minnesota Democratic Rep. Angie Craig and Republican Tyler Kistner. Proving once again that in politics, a “gaffe” is when someone slips up and accidentally tells the truth, Craig declared, “I will never stop standing up for Big Pharma and standing against my constituents!”

In Michigan, the Daily Caller obtained a recording of Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin chewing out her hand-picked debate moderator for not hammering her Republican opponent, state Sen. Tom Barrett, hard enough on abortion. Yeah, who do these debate moderators think they’re working for, anyway?!

And in one of the most surprising “October surprises” ever, Breitbart News got an exclusive interview with a Colorado man who claims he blackmailed Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Democratic opponent Adam Frisch to change his vote when he was on the Aspen City Council.

The man owns a taxi company and storage facility in Aspen. He claims he caught Frisch having an affair with a woman in his storage unit on surveillance video and used it to blackmail Frisch into changing his vote on a multi-million-dollar transportation project.

Is it just me, or are “October surprises” getting even sleazier than they used to be? I don’t know if this is true, but as Bonchie at points out, it’s the kind of accusation you assume a media outlet nailed down before going public. And why would the accuser risk being prosecuted by falsely admitting to blackmail?

I don’t know, but I will say that with wild stories like these flying every day, it’s a great argument for NEVER voting early until you know everything that’s going to come out before the election. No wonder Democrats are pushing to start voting earlier than some stores put up their Christmas merchandise while trying to delay debates until around 6 p.m. on Election Day.


Kangaroo Court goes out with a whimper

After trumpeting like a wounded elephant and wasting our time and tax money for fifteen months, the House January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee finally wheezed to an end Thursday, not with a bang but with a whimper. The media are trying to paint it as a big bang ending, with the political theater of the “1776”-style roll call vote to subpoena former President Trump. I saw at least one commentator declare it a “bombshell.”

But it wasn’t. It was a dud shell. A “Hail Mary” pass thrown in the last seconds of a game they know they’ve lost. The real goal was to destroy Trump’s political ambitions and help Democrats keep the House. It accomplished neither. The final day was like a season finale cliffhanger for a show that’s already been canceled because nobody was watching it.

For months, we’ve been promised shocking, incontrovertible evidence that Trump had a “seven-point” plan to overthrow the government. And they kept kicking that can down the road until they got to their last meeting, where they were still bringing in Trump hating hearsay witnesses to play armchair psychiatrist and amateur psychic about Trump’s “state of mind.”

We never got even one point of solid evidence of this alleged seven-point plot. Instead, we got months of innuendo while they waited until literally the very last minute before voting to actually talk to Trump.

Here’s the bottom line: There is virtually zero chance that Trump will ever testify to this Kommittee, even though he has said he wants to testify, so that someone from his side would finally be able to speak. He claims he would demand to know why they never investigated the claims of election fraud that sparked the January 6th protest, and why they never investigated Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of DC for rejecting his offer of the National Guard to provide security for what he warned them would be a very large crowd.

(Pelosi has tried to deflect that by claiming she has almost no say-so about Capitol security, but documentary footage from 1/6 shot by her own daughter and that was shown by the Kommittee revealed Pelosi meeting in a secure basement to discuss the police and military response to the riots, like someone who was…in charge of Capitol security.)

But here’s why Trump will likely never testify. First, it’s doubtful that even a legitimately-formed House Committee has the power to compel a former President to testify, due to executive privilege. If he didn’t want to, Trump could tell them, “See you in court,” and just drag it out until after the Kommittee expires. And for all intents and purposes, it’s already expired. This was the last meeting of this Kommittee in this term of Congress. It’s very likely that the GOP will take back the House, and then this Kommittee will be dead, Jim. It might be replaced with one that’s more interested in exposing the truth of what really happened than in spinning conspiracy theories, preening for the cameras, smearing Trump and arresting his aides and supporters. But of course, the Democrats don’t want Trump testifying in front of a Committee like that.

So after all this bloviating, after all the dark promises of solid proof of nefarious insurrection, and after Liz Cheney self-immolating her political career, they concluded by finally doing the thing they should have done on Day One if they wanted to know what Trump was thinking: ask Trump. Now, it's time to slink home and face the voters (not you, Liz.) I hope the voters will let them know what they think about these House members leaving them to suffer all the problems created by terrible Democrat policies, from rampaging inflation to open borders to rampant crime to shrunken 401Ks to the threat of “nuclear Armageddon,” while they focused single-mindedly on a riot that happened over a year and a half ago. And while they ignored the hundreds of riots by their own supporters that burned down our cities, destroyed homes and businesses and injured over 1,000 police officers.

Their utter lack of concern about all those riots while they obsess over the one in their workplace, dubbing it worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor combined, reminds me of Mel Brooks’ definition of the difference between tragedy and comedy:

“Tragedy is when I get a paper cut. Comedy is when you fall down a manhole and die.”

This whole proceeding has been a farce comedy about a tragedy. Let it fall down a manhole and die.

Related: If Trump does go to Congress, will Nancy Pelosi “punch him” and then “happily go to jail”? Trump might think that would make it worth it to take what I doubt would be a very hard punch.

California Mom fights back

San Diego mom Brittany Meyer has become an Internet sensation thanks to the video of her fierce takedown of the local school board for trying to “hyper-sexualize children” by including an allegedly “family-friendly” drag queen show as part of the school’s annual “Boo Bash” Halloween celebration.

I’m sure the DOJ will call her a “domestic terrorist,” but I think these people deserve to be booed and bashed.

I hope that next month’s elections nationwide reflect this rising movement of fed-up parents taking back their children from radical school officials indoctrinating them with leftist, anti-American, gender and CRT propaganda

A group of thirteen GOP state attorneys general are warning the hopefully-soon-to-be-impeached US Attorney General Merrick Garland not to go along with medical organizations like the AMA pushing to investigate and prosecute parents who oppose their “gender-affirming” chemicals and surgery on children.

(Incidentally, if this happens, then these doctors should be investigated for criticizing their own practices.)

But as a further warning to parents: the leftwing extremists haven’t worked so hard and long to take over schools and warp the minds and genitals of the next generation only to give up that easily. Meet Virginia Democratic Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, who says she plans to introduce a bill to prosecute parents for child abuse and neglect for NOT “affirming” their children’s professed sexual orientation or gender identity (whatever that means.)

Yes, she not only wants to take away a parent’s right to prevent minor children from getting life-altering medical butchery when they don’t fully grasp the longterm consequences, but also make it illegal for parents even to protest it. “You vill be MADE to comply!!”

And they call us “fascists?” Read that article and realize that there are other liberals nationwide who will either resort to something this overt or to hiding similar language in other bills if you try to stop their grooming of our children. And for Heaven’s sake, vote accordingly.


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Comments 1-10 of 12

  • Jerry

    10/15/2022 10:49 AM

    Seeing the photo of the Kangaroo court members the look of low self esteem and defeat is not delusional these are people harmed by TDS I was hopeful to have never met or engaged with a person with the illness however that is not the case. It is with regret the cure has not been successful I do know people with the syndrome and it is painful to endure while the illness attacks the person one cannot sit a watch or listen. The people with TDS can live normally however the illness is always with them and to keep the symptoms from exploding is a feat in itself as some of these people were good people before Trump. Like mental anxiety when it erupts one just needs to get away for TDS is unexplainable or in most cases curable. I do not wish this illness on anyone as it is self destructive

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/15/2022 10:42 AM

    Why does Thompson always remind me of Uncle Peter being trapped and nagged by Aunt pittypat and Ms Melanie?

  • Sandra Malone

    10/14/2022 06:39 PM

    Re: Kangaroo Court. You mentioned Manafort leaving Trump's campaign. I haven't finished reading Kelly Ann Conway's book yet but she does mention a little about Manafort not taking much interest in running the campaign. He always had other things to do.

  • Richard B Locke

    10/14/2022 05:28 PM

    Not sure why you still think I'm a robot. I know Huck personally. I directed a pilot of a show called: "To Save God's Houses" with him when he was out here in California. I picked Huck up from LAX and drove him to his hotel in Thousand Oaks. I'M NOT A ROBOT.

  • Patrick Canan

    10/14/2022 04:16 PM

    Indeed, that J6 was a slick presentation with good political timing. However, it's not THAT different from any public House or Senate committee inquiry - the witnesses are always pre-questioned and pre-groomed and timed for impact. It's always been that way.
    Why, when in 2021 and the D's agreed to equal D's and R's on both Senate and House investigations, and a firm deadline of Dec 31 2021 so as not to spill over into an election year....why did McConnell & McCarthy reject it?
    Even now there is nothing to prevent President Trump from, on his own, going point-by-point and explaining his answers to some troubling questions that were raised.
    The most important would be why he did not act quickly to call off the violence before people were hurt and damage done to the Capitol. If you have insight into that it would make a good article in this newsletter.

  • Paul Kern

    10/14/2022 04:13 PM

    Besides retaking and rebuilding the government it appears that the hostile school districts also need a thorough house cleaning while goose stepping those responsible to the nearest prison where they can work the restored prison farms to pay for their keep!

  • Paul Schaber

    10/14/2022 03:53 PM

    6 January Kangaroo Court already knows they can talk the talk, but when TRUMP finally does sit down in front of them. CHANEY and Pelosi and Bowser and the Capital Police and GARLAND and his Brown Shirt Squad that invaded his home in Florida will be in for a real surprise when the the screen shows the movie and pictures and names of the Brownshirts for all America to see.

  • Rick Locke

    10/14/2022 02:34 PM

    I wonder why we haven't seen a J5 hearing that would investigate why Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of DC rejected President Trump's offer of the National Guard to provide security for what he warned them would be a very large crowd.

  • Louise Harsha

    10/14/2022 02:11 PM

    I had to turn off that kangaroo court! Made me sick to my stomach!! I can't believe those people are Americans!!!!
    What has happened to my County??? I am 88+ yrs. old and wonder what is going on??? ??

  • Anne Turner

    10/14/2022 02:10 PM

    At a bridge game yesterday if of my left friends if we were watching the hearing, then proceeded to say that it’s now become acceptable to lie because .Trump started it and now the Supreme Court lies. Please let me know when the Supremes lied. He does not understand that onions are not lies just because you disagree with them. His implications was that before Trump lying was not acceptable. Do the names Clinton, Roosevelt, Nixon, Obama ring a bell? Of corse, I Sat there mute as there is no point in causing a social upheaval at a bridge game that woukd not change any of these TDS minds anyway.

    This giving of drugs and doing surgery on young people for gender change IS CHILD ABUSE. I am experienced with working with cases involving child abuse. I would not be able to take a case like that. There will be a lot of regret within the next fifteen years when these children are adults and find they are not fully functional.