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July 9, 2022

Biden press secretary Karine Jean Pierre is yet again under fire for saying something so ludicrous, reporters had to go to their optometrists to make their eyes stop rolling. Asked about new polls showing 85% of Americans think the nation is going in the wrong direction, she again blamed all the problems on Putin and the pandemic, and insisted that “we are stronger economically than we have been in history.”

You can imagine the reaction to that, or just click the link to read it. However, I will repeat something I said early on in her tenure. She gets a lot of criticism for seeming unprepared, having no answers or just blurting out things that are nonsensical. But I have some sympathy for her. Think about it: if your job was defending the policies of this Administration, what could you possibly say?

Nick Arama at has some amusing thoughts on this latest whopper, as well as her claim that Biden has a secret plan to fight inflation (that I guess hasn’t gone into effect yet), and the observation that polls show Americans were more optimistic during the pandemic, proving that they think a global plague was better than this Administration.

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Comments 1-9 of 9

  • Ed Thompson

    07/12/2022 09:57 AM

    I have worked almost all my life, starting with my late Father’s garage when I was just a little guy and during my working lifetime I have never read a help wanted add that said “must be delusional and able to lie about anything and have no moral obligation about what you say “! This add has to be somewhere in Washington DC to have the types of people we see and hear from every day now. If my tax dollars are paying these people why can’t I fire them? If any of my jobs would have been done as bad as these people do theirs I would probably never would have had a job longer than a day or so. The problem is once they get in, they do exactly what they have been told to do regardless of how ridiculous it is and they smile all the way to the bank with their paychecks and we get stuck for it. So unfair that everyone has to suffer for their arrogance towards our intelligence. I can’t believe we have sunk so low. Pray that God helps us. And if you know any Democrats that actually listens to common sense get them to vote Republican please. This nation’s survival is definitely being challenged by these people who don’t think or have any common sense.

  • Tom Atkinson

    07/11/2022 02:30 PM

    Dear Governor,

    Based on your recommendation, I ordered "Relaxium". Not only did it not work, but cancelling it was impossible. We finally changed our credit card so we would not get charged again. I'm surprised you would sponsor such a company.

    Tom Atkinson

  • Charles P. Felix

    07/10/2022 10:10 PM

    She is just so full of crap I can't believe they let her speak!!!!

  • Dawn Smith

    07/10/2022 07:35 PM

    Looking at things through the eyes of Christ, whose spirit lives in me and other fellow followers of the real Biblical Jesus, not the one who some claim is a created being, not the Jesus some believe is the brother of Satan and washed our sins by sweating and crying blood while He prayed to God before he was crucified, not the Jesus who some say a great prophet or the Jesus who was a great wise teacher and good man. NO, the real Jesus who is the carnate manifestation of God Himself, who created the universe, the earth and everything. The eternal Jesus who loves the people he creates and wants a personal loving familial relationship with those who believe in this one and only Jesus who took the place of all of us in His Righteousness paid for it with His life and died the final death punishment for all evil, all wrong, all sin and made Himself unrighteous to place His perfect righteousness upon anyone who believes He did this for them. He took all the worlds sins to Hell and resurrected Himself with the same creation divine power He always has had to rise from the dead to Heaven and resurrect all who are washed cleaned by His blood and believes in their heart and loves Him, right up to the eternal life of forever and ever with HIm in Heaven, completely faultless of any wrong doing. This is the real Jesus Christ, the Jesus that demands us to love and believe in HIm and He will direct our paths, His spirit will transform us, guide us, and cause us to want to do things with joy, not to empress HIm, or be in HIs good graces, because He does all the work, Nothing we can do will ever be needed by Him. But everything we do should glorify HIm, speak to others of His love and salvation, and love others as He loves us, only the Holy Spirit can transform that kind of Heart and Mind, can heal and relieve us from our guilt, our brokenness, our loneliness, our blindness to the lies of the world and of evil. The press secretary for Biden and other political power mongers and talking Heads spew lies and deceptions that are meant to divide, not unite; hate not love, control, and overpower the masses with more evil, and induce fear tactics that are contrary to scientific and commonsense facts. The followers of the true Biblical Jesus all see right through these political tactics of lies, deceits, fear, and double-speak that confuses, contradicts themselves, and creates chaos and wars just to gain more riches, control and power for themselves. But God speaks clearly to His followers... they are going down and they will be judged a righteous justice and all this is part of God's great plan to filter and separate the truly righteous people from those who harbor evil and follow the ways of Satan, the prince of lies, to steal, kill and destroy everything God has created, including family, self-identity, marriage. Speakers like the press secretary and other anti-God anti-Jesus Christ, anti-love for others, believers of other gods, other twisted and manipulated versions of the true Bible, those will be served a death sentence and eternal suffering promised. I am just grateful that I am like other fellow followers can see truth and know truth and not be moved or disrupted by the false rhetoric and false narratives these evil talking heads everywhere are pushing as what is right and wrong and how to think, which is so evil and confusing, that mental sickness, suicides, murders and all kinds of other hanoius crimes are happening and being cheered on, not punished now. I don't worry, it's okay, eventually they will have to answer to the real Jesus and meet Him and will be tossed into a death that just keeps taking and taking, that death is known as the Lake of Fire, Hell of Hells, separation forever from God, love, friends, family, an eternity of unheard cries for mercy, worms eating flesh, fire burning flesh constantly never to fully consume them but just suffer the worst death beyond comprehension for all eternity. While the followers of Christ live eternally with Him, inherit everything He has ever created, all God's riches will live in Heaven with Christ, with all His good creations, and will be reunited with everyone they love who also believes.

  • Gail Hobson

    07/10/2022 06:52 PM

    Dear Governor: As you alluded to Biden's staff have become mindless verbal puppets because when you tell enough lies they overlap and you forget anything sane or rational. We all (anyone with half a brain) know Biden is nothing more than a puppet for the people in the shadows who are running the country. How about the news outlets stop talking about Biden and start putting the pressure on those in the background. Let's take away their anonymity and expose them. Just a thought.

  • Joann Keatts

    07/10/2022 06:39 PM

    And...this is press secretary # how many? She is like Biden and the entire admin. Says what she is told to say!

  • Mike Manoogian

    07/10/2022 06:12 PM

    She reminds me of Baghdad Bob.

  • Chris Campbell

    07/10/2022 05:24 PM

    The Biden administration claims that this economy is “roaring back”, “prosperous”, or even by any description “healthy” is ridiculous. People are, because of the COVID lockdowns, spending more than they did in 2020. BUT, 1. That spending is to get things we could not get when we were all locked down; and, 2. We are getting a LOT less for our dollars than we did when President Trump was in office. I pay 2 1/2 times as much for gas than I did in early January 2021, and everything that is delivered by a motorized vehicle is at least 50% more expensive. They might claim we are buying more, but we are buying fewer needs and drastically fewer luxuries.

  • John E. Truitt

    07/10/2022 04:14 PM

    Can you imagine if the press secretary of Pres. Jimmy Carter had come out and said we have the strongest economy ever in 1980? "While it is true we have double-digit inflation, double-digit interest rates, and double digit unemployment, look how the economy is able to 'sustain' this and the higher gas prices and still be strong enough to show a slight growth in the GDP (less than 2%). At the same time, we are vastly improving our international relations in the world. While we have had a slight setback in Iran, we have a negotiated a more permanent peace between Egypt and Israel and cemented our relations with Panama by letting them become the owners of the Panama Canal." Sigh. Yeah, about as well as the current excuse of the press secretary did in saying the economy is the strongest ever while Biden just sold half AMERICA`S oil reserves through his son`s co, to China and calling it a GOOD deal.