July 24, 2017

If you look at only one article in the news today - or even this week - please let it be this one. Here in America, news and entertainment figures go into quivering fits over “outrages” that amount to nothing, or when put into context as part of the larger scheme of things, less than nothing. We’re told that every non-PC comment is tantamount to violent assault, that every cut of taxpayer subsidies for someone’s pet cause is an assault on human rights, and that every proposed change to some bureaucratic regulation will result in thousands if not millions of Americans dying. The media harangue us that if our diets don’t kill us all, the climate will; but never warn about the dangers to our health of swallowing a daily diet of hysterical hype.

Well, maybe this will put all that outrage and fear-mongering about life in America into perspective. These are 14 photos taken by a Navy SEAL who was on the front lines of fighting ISIS in Mosul, Iraq, along with the stories behind them. I warn you, some of these photos are graphic and very hard to look at. They’re not for innocent young eyes, even though, sadly, some of them include very young children. But if you are an adult, you need to see this article. This is what brutality, fear, injustice, horror and chaos really look like. But it also shows that even under the most hellish conditions, some people never surrender their hopes for a better tomorrow.

I also warn you that after you see this, you might never again be able to take seriously the whining of pampered media millionaires about how horrible life is in “Trump’s America.” That is, if you were ever able to take it seriously in the first place.


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