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August 4, 2021

Good morning! 

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 6:14
  • DOJ gets temporary restraining order against Texas governor
  • Just For Fun: Say This To A Liberal And Watch Their Head Explode
  • The Politicization Of Medicine Continues
  • Prayers For Senator Graham
  • America The Beautiful
  • "No Surprises" From Israel


Mike Huckabee


14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

Matthew 6:14

DOJ gets temporary restraining order against Texas governor

By Mike Huckabee

For the last couple of days, we’ve been following Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s attempt to stop contractors hired by the federal government from transporting “noncitizens” (illegals) from the border to other parts of Texas, where those infected with COVID-19 can spread it throughout the state and beyond. The case was presented on Monday before the U.S. District Court in El Paso, and the feds won this round, obtaining a temporary restraining order against Abbott. LEGAL INSURRECTION has a very good analysis of what took place, by William A. Jacobson.

Gov. Abbott had signed Executive Order GA-37 to minimize the “potentially catastrophic effect on public health in Texas” caused by the confluence of the migrant crisis and the pandemic. Texas was facing two surges at the same time: a COVID-19 surge and an illegal immigration surge, and he had to do something to protect the citizens of his state. There is precedent for his standing up to the federal government in such a situation, in the case of Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts: “Upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity, a community has the right to protect itself against an epidemic of disease which threatens the safety of its members.”

But the DOJ sued, claiming the Texas order infringed on federal control of immigration. Here are the details, also from William Jacobson, including the full texts of the order from Gov. Abbott, AG Garland’s complaint, and a letter sent by Abbott in response, helpfully suggesting some actions the Biden administration could take to avoid a “constitutional showdown.” But such a showdown seems to be exactly what they want.

One of those suggestions was to “simply enforce the existing federal immigration laws and stop admitting migrants who are not authorized by Congress to be admitted. That would substantially reduce the importation of COVID-19 while also fulfilling the government’s role to faithfully execute the laws of the United States.” Seems simple enough. Of course, we know that this is not President Biden’s goal at all, or he would do it.

“How much does the Biden administration love the illegal migration taking place at the southern border?” Jacobson asks. “Biden has encouraged people to come here illegally, and to send their children here illegally in dangerous conditions, by offering a de facto sanctuary nation. So important is protecting this migration to the Biden administration that it trumps the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.”

With that last sentence, Jacobson nails the reason for this whole mess: twisted, toxic politics. We see quite clearly what this administration's actual priorities are, and it’s infuriating. We’ve done our part for a year and a half with the masks and distancing and social isolation and kids at home and business-crushing lockdowns and now shots, only to see that those in charge, in the end, care nothing for our safety. That’s a strong statement, I know, but it’s obviously much more important to them to bus in illegal immigrants by the hundreds of thousands from a part of the world where the virus is rampant. Come on in, healthy or sick, the Biden administration tells its new “noncitizens”; Biden and his Justice Department want you here so much that they’re willing to let you spread the virus from sea to shining sea if you happen to be infected. They just know you’ll vote Democrat, and they want you to keep pouring in till the country is solid blue.

Jacobson finds the federal government’s argument presented Monday to be without merit. The U.S. government, he says, “seeks to judicially nullify GA-37 through a blunderbuss and sweeping application of preemption and intergovernmental immunity.”

[From Oxford Dictionaries –- blun-der-buss (noun) an action or way of doing something regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision: “economists resort too quickly to the blunderbuss of regulation”]

So Attorney General Merrick Garland is using a big ol' blunderbuss to keep Gov. Abbott from protecting the people of his state from the rampant spread of COVID-19. And so far, it’s working. A DOJ lawyer argued that Abbott’s order would disrupt a network of government-paid contractors transporting migrants and cause a backup --- “chaos.” You know what’s already causing chaos? Biden’s border policy.

The next step now is for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to file responsive papers, in which he’ll acknowledge that, yes, the feds control immigration but will then argue that their non-enforcement of federal law is creating a health crisis in Texas. This is not an attempt to regulate immigration but to regulate public health during a pandemic. Also, the reasoning goes, there is no infringement on federal immigration because Texas isn’t deporting people. To put it another way, they’re just “stopping the spread,” as we can’t stop the spread of COVID without stopping the spread of migrants who carry it.

In a statement on July 30, Paxton accused the Biden administration of abandoning its duty to safeguard the border and vowed to protect Gov. Abbott’s executive order in court. He says he and the governor “will work together to keep President Biden out of Texas’ business.” We should all count ourselves as Texans in spirit today.

The temporary restraining order goes until 8AM on August 13, “or until such later date as may be extended by the Court or agreed upon by the parties.” That's the specific date and time set for the hearing on the request for a preliminary injunction against Gov. Abbott’s order. In the meantime, presumably the buses will continue to run.

Jacobson agrees that Biden’s malfeasance is “outrageous,” but he says Texas still has “an uphill fight.”


Just For Fun: Say This To A Liberal And Watch Their Head Explode

By Mike Huckabee

Tired of being nagged by liberals to wear a mask everywhere? Want to make their heads explode from cognitive dissonance? Andrea Widburg at American Thinker has a suggestion. Tell them that if they thought plastic straws were destroying the environment and killing the oceans, those are nothing compared to the 1.6 billion disposable face masks that ended up in the oceans in 2020, accounting for up to 6,240 metric tons of marine plastic pollution.

The Politicization Of Medicine Continues

By Mike Huckabee

The American Medical Association is deservedly getting blasted over a proposal approved by its board of trustees that calls for ending the designation of sex on birth certificates.

The AMA’s LGBTQ Advisory Committee claims that putting sex on a birth certificate can result in “confusion, possible discrimination, harassment and violence” against those whose chosen gender identity or self-expression is different to their assigned sex at birth, when they have to show their birth certificates:

“Assigning sex using a binary variable and placing it on the public portion of the birth certificate perpetuates a view that it is immutable and fails to recognize the medical spectrum of gender identity. Imposing such a categorization system risks stifling self-expression and self-identification and contributes to marginalization and minoritization.”

To put that into shorter words that make sense, the AMA has been terrified by LGBTQ activists into denying that basic biology exists. If “self-identification” had any effect on biology, why not just identify as healthy, and then you’d never have to see a doctor at all? But in a premium story, the Epoch Times reports that people who aren’t so cowed are blasting the AMA from across the political spectrum.

A New York Post editor compared it to Soviet-era medical propaganda. Ted Cruz’s national security adviser Omri Ceren called it “the near-total politicization of science on behalf of fringe progressive fantasticism.” And feminist activist Rachel Moran said the erasure of biological reality from birth certificates is “the most serious assault on women’s dignity and autonomy I have ever seen in my life.” But then, if you’ve been watching sports lately, you know that women’s rights were already being completely erased in favor of trans rights.

Putting aside the issue of which group’s “rights” are supreme, what about the right of all of us not to be subjected to medical quackery? The AMA is advocating for codifying people’s fantasies about their biology into law and teaching that to medical students who will one day be making life or death decisions about our health. And they’re actually behind the curve because professors are already teaching this to medical students, even though they know it’s nonsense, because they’re so terrified of the students reporting them to the faculty as transphobes.

Here’s an article that describes what’s going on in medical school classes right now, including a quote from a professor who felt the need to grovel to his students for using the phrase “a pregnant woman,” because that “implies that only women can get pregnant, and I most sincerely apologize to all of you.”

I’m not a doctor – I don’t even play one on TV – but I can say this with some certainty: “ONLY WOMEN CAN GET PREGNANT!!!” But medical professors feel that they can’t say that!

This politicization of medicine is doing their students’ future patients no favors, and that includes trans patients. That article recounts the story of a “transgender man” who went to an ER complaining of abdominal pains. Since the patient’s medical records had been scrubbed of any “confusing, discriminatory” references to him being born female, the nurse assumed the patient was an obese man and the pain wasn’t serious. By the time they figured out that “he” was pregnant and in labor, it was too late: the baby died.

Do you remember the popular TV show “House MD,” and House’s mantra: “Everybody lies”? Every week, the bluntly cynical Dr. House had to diagnose people by figuring out what they were trying to hide before their lies killed them. Now, imagine if medical records and even birth certificates lied like that.

We don’t need more political correctness in medicine. We need more medical professors like Dr. House.

Prayers For Senator Graham

By Mike Huckabee

Prayers today for Sen. Lindsay Graham, who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, even though he’s been vaccinated since December and is an advocate of vaccination. He said he has flu-like symptoms, but they’re mild (that’s how we’re told the vaccination helps, even if it doesn’t always prevent you from catching the disease), and he’s quarantining for 10 days.

Meanwhile, the chief strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic Party gave us all a reminder of how leftists always keep it classy when the time is appropriate to put politics aside and act like a decent human being.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Mount Rainier National Park, visit its website here.

"No Surprises" From Israel

By Mike Huckabee

Israel’s former (and possibly future) prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the current government for making what he believes to be a serious error in agreeing to a “no surprises” policy with the Biden Administration. That means that Israel will inform the White House of any actions it takes against Iran.

Netanyahu warned that such information could be leaked to the media and thwart vital defense initiatives. He said, “That is why, for the last decade, I have refused the requests of American presidents to always inform them of our actions.” He called this an “existential issue” for Israel because “sometimes, surprises are needed.”

One Israeli official said Netanyahu’s comments were an attempt “to sabotage Israel-U.S. relations for his political interests,” which might take the prize for dumbest comment of the year if there weren’t so much competition. It’s unfathomable to me that Benjamin Netanyahu would ever prioritize his political fortunes over the safety of Israel. If he says that a policy is wrong-headed and could endanger Israel’s very existence, Israelis should listen to him.

Or maybe they should gamble their future existence on the competence of the Biden Administration, the seriousness of its professed support for Israel, and the American media’s sterling reputation for discretion, responsibility and professionalism.

Possible Silver Lining

By Mike Huckabee

There may be a silver lining to the resurgence of COVID-19: it could stop the massive influx of illegal immigrants. Who needs to finish building the wall or force asylum seekers to wait in Mexico when we have the all-powerful CDC to tell migrants that now is not the time to enter the US illegally (but check back in 60 days)?

For more news, visit my website here.

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Comments 1-10 of 27

  • Linda Olds

    08/10/2021 01:31 AM

    I am praying for Senator Lindsey Graham's full recovery from covid.
    But I hope that he and his doctors are open to the treatments that are available (vitamins D and C, HCQ, ivermectin, zinc, etc.). If treatments are given within a few days of onset of symptoms, the severity of the illness is decreased, and most people don't need hospitalization.

  • Robert E. Carter

    08/07/2021 07:32 PM

    Regarding military security, maybe we should ask the heads of the branches to tell Biden whether they would share our private battle plans with our allies in the interest of foreign relations vs having the ability to "surprise our adversaries" (for exactly the same reason as Netanyahu stated).

  • Sharon Faulkner

    08/05/2021 12:19 PM

    Stephen K Lentz : GOOD POINT my Brother.

  • Joyce Rutherford

    08/05/2021 08:50 AM

    A thought I have not seen in any articles over "gender confusion" ---
    I thought our DNA, the blueprint of who we are, shows either male of female. No amount of surgery or hormones or other "treatments" can change our DNA.
    God signed our birth certificates with His choice for our gender by our DNA. Trying to change that is the real "gender confusion."

  • Dorene Roed

    08/05/2021 06:25 AM

    Who do we contact in the GOP to show our support for Oklahoma’s GOP leader John Bennett? Out party is not standing behind him because of his statement referring to the covid vaccinations and the Jewish Holocaust. It is the same thing, the Biden regime i is trying to force us to vaccinate or lose our jobs. They’ve tossed our constitution and we are sick of this. Republicans in OK need to stand up and stand together !
    Thank you !

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/04/2021 11:57 PM

    Prayers going up for Senator Lindsey Graham!!! Hope he is better soon and back to fighting the hard-core fight for freedom in this beloved nation. He is one of my favorites!!!!

    Also praying that the senseless people gloating over his illness do not reap what they have sown. The reaping is far greater than the sowing!!!

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/04/2021 11:51 PM

    As I have stated before, ship all of the illegals to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let the "elite" take care of the illegals themselves. They are the ones with their own money to support them. But, then again, the "elite" prefers to spend the taxpayers' money rather than their own.

  • Tommy Wienke

    08/04/2021 08:58 PM

    I keep hearing that the vaccine helps reduce the effects of COVID and see even you stated it in this newsletter. Being as we’ve been lied to over and over, I’d love it if someone would actually show evidence to back up their statements instead of just repeating the talking points.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the point of a vaccine to KEEP you from catching said virus, not weakening it? We won’t even discuss the fact that the definition of vaccine was changed in the dictionary this year in order to fit this gene therapy into something it clearly is not.
    A few simple questions I’d love to see answered:
    1. Show me a sample of the COVID-19 virus. This far I’ve only seen drawings or animations. Let’s see the actual virus under a microscope and have it explained how it’s different from the flu and cold viruses.
    2. Show me the studies and how they were conducted that prove that the mRNA gene therapy helps reduce symptoms of COVID when it’s original promise of protecting against said virus fails completely.
    3. Why does it seem that countries with the greatest percentage of vaccinations are the ones experiencing the greatest outbreaks of new infections.
    4. How does the PCR test prove that someone has COVID-19? The inventor of the PCR test said himself that it can not do this, so was he lying?
    Seriously, please find me answers to these questions. I am earnestly seeking out truth, but it seems the deeper I search, the more this entire thing seems like a conspiracy. Please show me I’m wrong and find me answers to my questions. Preferably with sources more reliable than the CDC who change their ‘facts’ on a daily basis to please their political overlords.

  • Don Odam

    08/04/2021 08:33 PM

    I like to listen to Dennis Prager occasionally. He reported earlier in the week that school age kids in America were more likely to die in a school bus accident that by Covid-19. School age kids in the UK were five times more likely to commit suicide than to die of Covi-19. Have you seen these statistics? Don't expect to hear this on main steam news.

  • Judy Radley

    08/04/2021 06:30 PM

    The whole purpose of the Democrat party and their far-left agendas, and the LGBQT or whatever they are calling themselves now, BLM, Antifa, et al, is to go against God in everything they do.

    They are all controlled by Satan and evil-doing is their main reason for their existence. They put animal rights above human rights, they are horrified to see and hear of any animal killed or going extinct, but it is okay and they make sure it happens to human beings, i.e. abortions, killing children for their adrenal glands to keep them youthful looking, torturing any one who goes against their agenda, i.e. holding innocent victims captive for something they, the Dems. orchestrated to happen, Jan. 6 was indeed an insurrection by the Democrats making Conservatives and Christians look bad, because we know that God would NOT sanction all the evil they are doing to innocent people, and people who are faithful to God and not to the government. It is like Hitler-evilness of the 21st century. The Bible says Christians will be persecuted for their faithfulness in God, and not in man. Only an act of God will stop this abyss from growing bigger and deeper. But what kind of act of God will it be? Only God knows what the plan is for our country, as He has created the plan Himself. It will happen in God's time, and not in Man's time. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe 50 years from now? Maybe in a few months? We don't know, but as hard as it is to be patient, we still must be patient as God always takes care of His children, the faithful believers.