July 5, 2018

New study proves Washington, DC, is the psychopath capital of the world. We really didn’t need a study to prove that when we have Maxine Waters.

Think that’s catty?  From the article: the psychological definition of a psychopath is “a person with a particular collection of antisocial traits, including a powerful sense of spite and an inability to consider the welfare of others.”



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Excellent piece by Roger L. Simon on why the left is having a nervous breakdown in public.  Hint: the fault lies not in Donald Trump, but in themselves. 


Simon’s observation that they are going insane at the realization of their dwindling influence is born out in several recent news stories.  We’ve read of Hispanics and African-Americans who are waking up to the fact that despite the left’s constant howls of “RACIST,” Trump’s tenure has resulted in the lowest unemployment numbers both groups have enjoyed…ever.  


Meanwhile, Asian-Americans are also starting to rebel against discrimination in liberal institutions such as Ivy League colleges.  At the link, UC-Berkeley law Prof. John Yoo calls on fellow Asian-Americans to reassess their allegiance to the Democratic Party, pointing out that they own many of the small businesses being helped by Trump’s tax cut, while liberal Harvard is using the same tactics against Asian-Americans that were once used to keep Jews out.


 Even the New York Times recently admitted that it had no words to describe how great the economy is doing.  More recently, the Times lamented that the increasingly strident attacks on President Trump not only aren’t repelling his supporters, they’re making them distrust the media and support him all the more.  (I’d rather link to Don Surber’s entertaining article on that story, but you can find the link to the Times piece in it, if you really want to torture yourself.)



As I watch the remaining leftists rant and scream, and attempt to foment hatred and violence against people who are just trying to dine quietly at restaurants, and yelling the F-word at the Tony Awards and somehow being stunned that this is making them less and less popular with most Americans, I keep thinking of a scene in the movie, “Mars Attacks.”  A belligerent general is struck with a Martian shrink ray, and the tinier he gets, the louder and angrier his threats become, until he’s finally squashed like a bug.  If the rapidly-shrinking left in America doesn’t want to end up with the same fate, they’d better start growing up fast.


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At this link, a terrific piece by Ed Driscoll, explaining why it’s embarrassing, insulting and self-aggrandizing for the consequence-free anti-Trump loudmouths to name themselves after the French Resistance and compare Trump to Hitler.  He reminds us of what the genuine Resistance risked and the price they paid for standing up to real Nazis. 




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  • Jana Kohl

    07/06/2018 02:11 AM

    This ex-lib wants you to know I’m thrilled to follow people like you, whose wisdom, wit and faith-based POV are a welcome respite from all the vitriol. I made the right choice on 11/8/16 to #WalkAway. As a psychologist, I agree DC is the ultimate psychopathic city - tied for first place with Hollywood. God bless our President for undertaking the Herculean task of draining that Swamp and God bless all supporting him.

  • Lois Dye

    07/06/2018 12:30 AM

    I wonder that the Left doesn't realize the permanent changes their vulgar, shocking, and even criminal behavior has brought.
    I would be extremely hesitant to vote for a minority or female candidate. The Left immediately thinks racist, but I voted for Obama in 2008 and I'm a woman who had to train many male supervisors while I remained "clerical" I was ecstatic for our first Black President, & thought it was a great moment for us all. Obama's snobbish and vengeful administration smashed that idealistic view early on. Obama at first seemed incompetent, inexperienced but it became clear he was dangerous and deceitful, divisive and full of hubris. Yet, he was completely protected in his tyrannical governance of America - by the Left's constant "racist" accusations. He was able to chopse to not obey laws, lie about Obamacare, spy on millions, treat enemies as friends (more like co-conspirators), He insulted Veterans, closing monuments with his Government shutdown, and his "understanding" of violent rioters was the last straw. All because of the color of his skin, he was untouchable. I do not want to repeat that situation.
    Hillary's complaint of "misogyny", and demanding the entire female vote was another Protected Identity disaster waiting to happen
    I do not trust electing anyone the Left considers disadvantaged. DEMS made it this way themselves, and I hate that they did.

  • Doug Graves-Chaffin

    07/05/2018 09:26 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,

    Thank you for telling like it is about the lunatic left in Our Country.

    Thank You for being a voice of reason, sanity, & decency for all of us!

    Warm Wishes,

  • Brenda Betts DeShields

    07/05/2018 09:31 AM

    Hi Cuz....Love your articles. Your humor in the truth is refreshing. It runs in our family.