July 30, 2019

Keeping track of openly anti-Semitic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s convoluted marital history is almost as hard as keeping up with the players in the “Trump/Russia” investigation. And now, in what appears to be a case of marriage/immigration/loan fraud and perjury, it’s gotten even more complicated, just as critics zero in on the question of whether or not she married her own biological brother.

Rep. Omar has reportedly just split from her on-again, off-again husband (and non-brother) Ahmed Hirsi, whom she first married in a religious ceremony in 2002 and divorced in 2008, and she now lives husband-free in a penthouse apartment in one of Minneapolis’ trendiest neighborhoods. (What a coincidence: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is living in one of the trendiest areas of Washington, DC; funny how those high-minded and non-materialistic socialists gravitate to trendy digs and expensive designer clothes. I digress.)

The DailyMail caught up with Hirsi and asked him about their relationship, but he shed no light on the story. In fact, he said, “Wow, I can’t comment on that. I’m sorry, I just can’t say anything.”

BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Splits From Second Husband As Questions About Marital History Heats Up, Report Says

Judicial Watch has announced that it hand-delivered an ethics complaint to David Skaggs, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics, calling for a full investigation by the House into potential crimes associated with the alleged marriage to her brother. “The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law and House rules,” it said. It also urged Americans to share their views on Omar’s apparent misconduct with their own congressional representatives. That sounds like a good idea to me, but as long as Democrats –- “the Squad” in particular –- are running the show in the House, we know exactly where any internal investigation of Omar is going to go: NOWHERE. It’ll take either a federal investigation (including an IRS audit) or a transfer of power in 2020 to get any traction on this.

The full complaint from Judicial Watch states that “substantial, compelling, and, to date, unrefuted evidence has been uncovered that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have committed the following crimes in violation of both federal law and Minnesota state law: perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud.” It also points out that all federal officeholders are subject to the Code of Ethics for Government Service, meaning essentially that officeholders are required to follow the Constitution and the law.

This is serious business, with serious criminal penalties. According to investigative reporter David Steinberg, who has spent the past three years meticulously looking into this case, “The facts describe perhaps the most extensive spree of illegal misconduct committed by a House member in American history.”

It’s also got to be the most complicated. Here’s one example of alleged perjury associated with Omar’s marriage and divorce, as pieced together by Steinberg:

“Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, a citizen of the United States, married her biological brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a citizen of the United Kingdom, in 2009, presumably as part of an immigration fraud scheme. The couple legally divorced in 2017. In the course of that divorce, Ms. Omar submitted an ‘Application for an Order for Service by Alternate Means’ to the State of Minnesota on August 2, 2017, and claimed, among other things, that she had had no contact with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi after June 2011. She also claimed that she did not know where to find him. The evidence developed by Mr. Steinberg and his colleagues demonstrates with a high degree of certainty that Ms. Omar not only had contact with Mr. Elmi, but actually met up with him in London in 2015, which is supported by photographic evidence. Ms. Omar signed the ‘Application for an Order for Service by Alternate Means’ under penalty of perjury. The very document that Ilhan Omar signed on August 2, 2017, bears the following notation directly above her signature: “I declare under penalty of perjury that everything I have stated in this document is true and correct. Minn. Stat. § 358.116.’”

There is documentary evidence that Omar lied under oath about having contact with Elmi –- photographs taken with him during a trip to London in 2015. Omar has not been forthcoming with information about Elmi; she has even refused to provide a list of her siblings, which seems like a pretty simple task to me. And you may have seen the video of Omar walking down the hall to her office as a reporter asks her about the matter; she looks straight ahead, expressionless, saying nothing.

Actually, the allegation that Omar married her brother and committed perjury to divorce him is just one aspect of the potential fraud. It’s immigration fraud if their phony marriage helped him emigrate to the United States from Britain. And it’s loan fraud if their phony marriage helped him obtain federally-backed student loans to attend North Dakota State University. Both Elmi and Omar attended NDSU; in fact, their attendance at the school overlapped during the time she has sworn they had no contact.

Oh, wait, there’s more. It has already been determined that Omar broke campaign finance laws with her improper use of campaign funds; she had to reimburse her campaign thousands of dollars. She also, in 2014 and 2015, filed joint federal tax returns with a man who was not then her legal husband, while she was actually married to Ahmed Elmi.

With Omar’s condescending attitude towards America –- the country that took her in and raised her to the position of U.S. Congresswoman –- it’s not surprising that she wouldn’t care one bit whether or not she followed our laws. Now that she’s in a position of power, she’d much rather look down from her ivory tower and serenely inform us of what WE must do to stay in line with her ideology. (And anyone who criticizes her or anyone “of color” is a racist.) Sorry, but it is she who has a lesson to learn about justice, and if the evidence against her is consistent with the reports we’ve seen, the place for her to learn it is most certainly an American court of law.

Judicial Watch Demands House Ethics Investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar - Judicial Watch

As long as you’re visiting the Judicial Watch website, check out what they’re doing to expedite the release of more Strzok-Page documents. Yes, there are MORE, and there’s no telling what they will reveal about the FBI investigation into Trump, so thanks to Judicial Watch for staying with it. Unbelievably, only 6,000 of the almost 20,000 emails, texts and other communications between Strzok and Page have been processed since May of 2018. But now, a U.S. district court judge has scheduled a hearing for Tuesday to find out why this has been like waiting for the Heinz ketchup to come out of the bottle.


Judicial Watch: Federal Court Orders Hearing About Whether To Speed Up Strzok-Page Docs Release - Judicial Watch


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Comments 1-25 of 59

  • Gerald Rappe

    04/22/2020 04:29 AM

    It is pretty clear that Rep Omar is lying with no adverse actions..
    Roger Stone has been persecuted and prosecuted unfairly!!!

  • Mary Kate Brittian

    12/14/2019 01:16 PM

    Unbelievable and every time someone says, they can't do that but yet they do it and get away with it, i cringe. T.y, MIKE.

  • Jimmy L Humphrey

    09/10/2019 12:34 PM

    All these daily briefs about the left committing crimes is boring. Why expose the lefts guilt when NOTHING GETS DONE NOR IS ANYONE INDICTED. COMEY, Clinton’s, Brennan, Clappers and most all Obama’s administration will never see inside a jail cell. To much money and above the law. Totally Crap

  • Sharon oliver

    08/02/2019 03:36 PM

    Thank God for Mike Huckabee and judical watch!!!

  • David Fuentes

    08/01/2019 09:08 AM

    Politicians seem to get away with criminality. Did the war on opiates mean that people ,like my wife with severe chronic pain, should have their doses dropped 3/4 . Work over the addicts not the needful.

  • Betsy Maloney

    07/31/2019 03:00 PM

    OMG! You're pathetic! Keep going - on and on with ONE Democratic person who has possibly committed a crime, while the GOP has so many crimes from so many people, it's difficult to keep track of them anymore! You're DESPARATE to stay complicit with the Trump corruption sins & illegalities! You're supposed to be a Christian who lifts people up, not find probable crap just to "get back" & feel good about yourself!

    Grow up, Mike!

  • Dot Whitley

    07/31/2019 12:22 PM

    Being called a racist shouldn't change our opinions about anything. All we are required to do is to keep our concentration on the job we have, and to do it well. I believe those who seem to be overly sensitive about their color have a problem with being the color God chose to give them. I see absolutely no difference in our color when the person is an honest and upright citizen, and doesn't dwell on the color themselves. There are many wonderful folks of color, but the complaining ones follow those who are like them just as bad white's follow other bad white folks.

  • Jim Evers

    07/31/2019 11:59 AM

    She will never pay the price for her fraud, cheating and lying, etc. the same as Hillary. No one is going to jail as they should. Washington protects their own.

  • Sharon Van Dyck

    07/31/2019 10:49 AM

    Isn't it strange that we never hear anything about this in the TV news or the newspapers, etc. I have lived in this world almost 77 years and I have never seen such pathetic treatment of our President Donald Trump; the police who take their lives in danger every single day they are on the job; the school teachers that take constant abuse from the kids they are trying to teach and of course the fear of being gunned down while at school. We need to go back to the old days when you got a good spanking at home and kids were taught to obey authority. We need Jesus Christ in our homes and lives and our hearts. That is what is wrong with America and only the Lord Jesus can change it. The Bible clearly states "God is not mocked; whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap". We have thrown God out of schools; places of worship; courthouses, and especially our families and we are going to pay a very high price for it. We have been so blessed to live in the great USA but turning against God can change all that in a second. Thank you Mike Huckabee for your programs on TV and other ways trying to make people see what is happening.

  • Lynn Taylor

    07/31/2019 07:51 AM

    This makes my blood boil!
    I’d love to see Miss Ilhan go to court on all suspected charges and have her knocked off that throne she thinks she’s so deserving of.
    I’m 68 y.o. And wouldn’t think of talking trash about my country.
    Has anyone heard her say” I LOVE the US of A? No, never! Get her out of Congress and take away her citizenship!

  • Tom Johns

    07/31/2019 02:38 AM

    It's so disgusting that our system allows the people in power to get away with horrible crimes. Seems like something needs to change. This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It seems a person with some real evidence against a politician should be able to bring charges. Or maybe the military who fight, bleed, and die for our constitution should be able to prosecute people in power who betray our constitution and our laws. I don't know, but if Omar and others get away with crimes, this is so unjust and the system needs to change.

  • Margaret Burdick

    07/30/2019 11:47 PM

    Throw the book at her and then just throw her out.

  • Lacey A Thompson

    07/30/2019 11:28 PM

    Please tell me she will not get away with breaking the law as Hillary seems to be doing??!!

  • Doug Johnson

    07/30/2019 10:57 PM

    Investigations after investigations is all that seems to be happening. All I’ve read about the fbi doj and Congress people like Pelosi free tax payer trips, Omar, Clinton (hrc) when are they going to be prosecuted for their crimes? I bet they never will. When will all this end, I hope very soon when the Lord Jesus comes back for us. I am very confused how it just keeps go on and on. Thank you

  • Joe e Buns

    07/30/2019 08:49 PM

    Yes this is all true. But nothing will come of it. It's like Hillary's emails. Nothing will happen.
    The Dems have a free reign to do whatever they want and nothing ever happens. It's disgusting!!!

  • Waylon Bush

    07/30/2019 07:32 PM

    You know what? Nothing will come of this. Just like nothing has come of those who perpetrated the Russian hoax coup. Strangely enough, the laws of the United States of America generally don't apply to those who identify as democrats. Ever so often, but rarely, one may be sacrificed. America's double standard in regard to justice marches on. We are moving at warp speed into a dark hole in U. S. History.

  • Firewagon

    07/30/2019 07:15 PM

    No interest in this whack, other than seeing her driven from the bowels of any part of our "Government (not) of The People!"

  • Mary Jo Wilson

    07/30/2019 07:10 PM

    Governor Huckabee, Thank you once again for telling the facts about this and other issues. I honestly have no faith in any news media. I just want to know when something is going to happen with all the evidence on so many people. It's ridiculous that no charges are ever filed when there is so much evidence of crimes being committed. I am just in awe of the depth of corruption and deception. It sickens me, it really does. Once again thank you. BTW I love your show!

  • Timothy G Glidewell

    07/30/2019 07:08 PM

    Why can't the FBI do an early morning raid of Omar's offices and residents and gather up the evidence that apparently JW was able to obtain. Face it this is the only way as Dems will not be doing any ethics investigation.

  • Carl Smith

    07/30/2019 07:08 PM

    Waiting for the ketchup to come out of the bottle REQUIRES removing the Lid FIRST. With the Two tiered Justice System we have witnessed since 2016 I have ZERO Faith that anyone will be jailed even if charges are ever filed. Trump was Warned about messing with the Security folks but messing with the DEEP STATE can put you on Hillaries VERY Short List, you know the ones with headstones for identification.

  • Elaine Liming

    07/30/2019 06:50 PM

    It is time to write to our DOJ leader Mr. Barr and tell him, we have had enough and it is time to clean the SWAMP in Washington. These people need to see jail time and we need to clean House.
    Judicial Watch, ACLJ are doing their part and we need to support their efforts.

  • timothy holderness

    07/30/2019 06:43 PM

    I sure would like to see some action regarding Omar , like court and prison , but these days it seems we only get words . Hilary , Epstein , Obama , and on and on all of them I doubt will ever be held accountable . The Squat Squad are enemies of our country openly trashing everything the country is . Wouldn't it be nice to see them at least voted out ? Wishful thinking ?

  • Deborah Hafer

    07/30/2019 06:22 PM

    Rid congress of her presence as well as the rest of the fab 4 - NOT! Tired hearing women of color. Dont know bout u but my crayola box has a white crayon which is a color! I 2 am a woman of color. Enough already.

  • Jerry

    07/30/2019 05:49 PM

    After the election I warned and apologized from Minnesota that Omar if thats her real name was going to be a mess and a huge problem and she did not disappoint our attorney general Keith Ellison doesn't care about laws and general American value. Have you still have questions as to why our country needs to vett and know who comes into our country our government hand held Omar from Somolia and look what we got she may be the best Somolia has to offer. We treat as a nation our migrants real well like I mentioned before our prison life is better than where our migrants came from to call us Racist is just political nonsense and should just be disregarded just as the Democratic Socialists. To argue with fools is foolish DEM./Socialists should be disregarded the media uses them against Conservatives just so they can BLA Bla all day long and into the nite nothing will be resolved. FOOLS Most of them are FOOLS

  • Sherrel Morelan

    07/30/2019 05:12 PM

    So it seems that Democrats ARE "above the law". Omar gets away with fraud and Pelosi gets away with insider trading. Yet, they keep saying that "no one is above the law".