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September 15, 2023



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Mike Huckabee

Cases Severed

The judge in the Georgia RICO case against Donald Trump and everyone he's met in the past three years ruled against DA Fani Willis and severed the cases of Sidney Powell and Ken Chesebro from the other defendants'.

The two had requested a speedy trial, and the judge ruled there was no way to provide due process by making all 19 defendants go to trial together in October. The judge also said that “additional divisions” may be required. Five defendants have requested that their cases be moved to federal court, including Mark Meadows, whose rejected request is under appeal.

The judge also noted the logistical nightmare of trying 19 people at once, such as that the Fulton County Courthouse “simply contains no courtroom adequately large enough to hold all 19 defendants, their multiple attorneys and support staff, the sheriff’s deputies, court personnel, and the State’s prosecutorial team.”

This is what happens when TDS-afflicted Democrats collide with reality.

This all bodes badly for Willis, since only by baffling a jury with a giant ball of confusion can she convince anyone that this case is anything more than a tale told by an idiot, full of conspiratorial sounds and partisan fury, signifying nothing.

A UAW Strike

The United Auto Workers failed to reach a new contract agreement with GM, Ford and Stellantis (maker of 16 brands, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Peugeot and Fiat), so the union will go on strike against all three big US car makers for the first time in history.

Ironically, when you consider the union bosses’ tied-at-the-hip relationship with the Democratic Party, most of the workers’ woes are due to Democrat policies. Here’s a good history lesson that explains it:

Obama wanted credit for saving the auto industry from the Great Recession, so he pressured the union to accept a deal that didn’t adjust wages for inflation. Now, the workers are getting killed by Bidenflation and his mass immigration policies that depress American wages, making new cars unaffordable for many Americans. On top of that, Biden’s wrongheaded and bullheaded crusade to force everyone to buy not-ready-for-prime-time electric cars is enriching auto CEOs with huge government subsidies while costing auto workers their jobs (it takes fewer workers to build an EV.) The UAW accuses Biden of giving billion dollar loans for clean energy to auto makers “with no consideration for wages, working conditions, union rights or retirement security.”

It's a perfect storm of horrible Democrat policies by the very people the union bosses helped put in office. They’ll order their workers to go on strike and lose their paychecks entirely to protest the results, but will they consider changing their political affiliations? Fat chance!

The best hope for union workers is the rising public resistance to being forced into battery-powered cars, which are starting to gather dust on dealer lots. Most of the early tech adopters, trend chasers and green activists have bought them already, and car makers are pulling back on EV production to focus on hybrids. Word is finally getting around that EV’s are not better for the environment, cost more than we were led to believe, take forever to energize and poop out quickly, have all sorts of issues that make going a long distance an ordeal, and they have this little quirk of self-immolating while belching toxic gas. As I previously observed, they’re the Joe Biden of cars.

Political opposition to EV mandates is also rising, with the House passing the Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act by 222-190. It would block the EPA from allowing states like California to impose stricter emissions standards than the federal government to force residents to buy EVs. Eight Democrats joined 214 Republicans in voting that Americans should have the right to buy whatever vehicle they want. Eight Democrats doesn’t sound like much support, but it could be the first crack in the dam that's holding back the flood of reality.

Here's the latest of many Scotty Kilmer videos about the problems with EVs, this one focusing on battery fires (yes, EVs are less likely than other cars to catch on fire, but Heaven help you and the firefighters if they do – and what happens when we have to start disposing of all those old batteries?)

John Stossel has also debunked EV propaganda. In this video, a physicist sums it up well in a point I made recently about having politicians make tech decisions that they know nothing about:

“What we’ve done now is had our energy systems designed by bureaucrats instead of by engineers. And what we’re getting is worse energy, more expensive energy and higher environmental impacts.”

He’s right: we’re having the future of automotive technology dictated to us by a President who I’m sure was once amazed by the invention of the TV remote.

Ironically, the best news for EV owners who are being told the grid can’t handle their needs is that some states are finally recognizing reality and dropping unreliable wind turbines that might last 15 years at most for reliable nuclear power plants that can last over half a century. Georgia has launched America’s first new scratch-built nuclear power plant in decades (don’t be put off by the cost overruns; how much of that was due to having to fight green activists and their lawyers for years just to build it?)…

…And Michigan is trying to reopen a nuke plant that was shut down.

Please don’t tell me you’re terrified of a nuclear meltdown if you’re willing to drive 70 mph while sitting on top of a thousand-pound lithium-ion battery.

Baffling assertions on the Left

Many leftist pundits claim President Biden should be reelected based on his amazing accomplishments. I admit, I’m baffled as to what those might be. But politicians often say, “Let’s look at the record,” so author Michael Snyder compiled a list of some of the many crazy things that have set records just this year. Unfortunately for the Democrats, from school shootings to public debt to credit card debt to interest payments to abortions to car insurance premium increases, they aren’t exactly things you want to see setting new records.

In fairness, he did leave out all the astounding new records that are being set in women’s sports, possibly because they’re being set by men.

Related: Breitbart Business Digest also compiled a lot of grim numbers about the economic plight of working Americans from the Census Bureau and discovered that we haven’t seen this big a decline in real median household income since 2010. Coincidentally, do you remember who was in the White House in 2010? That would be Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The opposite of the truth

The Democrats, with the help of their monolithic media, have been tragically successful in convincing single women that Democrats protect women’s rights while Republicans want to take them away. This is actually the opposite of the truth. Pro-life Republicans (I would include pro-life Democrats, but the Party has deliberately driven them all out) are motivated not by taking away women’s rights, but by protecting the life of the unborn child, which they believe to be a separate, innocent person from the mother, deserving of the “right to life” guaranteed to everyone in the Declaration of Independence. Democrats have managed to convince their female voters that caring about the lives of preborn children is an assault on the mother’s rights, and to redefine “women’s rights” solely as “the right to kill your own child at any stage of pregnancy.”

But when it comes to any other women’s rights, those are facing extinction under Democrat rule. Want the right to privacy in women’s lockers and bathrooms? Too bad. The same “exposing your male genitals” sex crime that got Harvey Weinstein jailed and Louis CK canceled is now a right, and women who dare complain about it are canceled. Want the right to earn trophies and scholarships and set records in women’s sports? Sorry, men who couldn’t cut it competing against other men now have the right to grow their hair out and take all that away from you. Want the right to be safe from predators in your own home, city or even women’s prison? Tough noogies: “progressive” DAs, politicians and “legal reformers” have ensured that no matter where you turn, you could come face to face with a violent criminal or sexual predator who should have been in prison, and not a women’s prison.

All of these things that are crushing women’s rights and making their lives riskier and scarier are brought to you by the Democratic Party, whose one and only concern regarding women’s rights is to preserve the right to kill babies up until the moment of birth.

Before you fall for this scam and vote for Democrats again, undermining your own rights and making your life more dangerous and difficult, ask yourself this: “Which should really be a bigger concern to me? The virtually nonexistent need to get a late-term abortion, or the freedom to step outside my house without being robbed, raped or killed?” If the latter is your answer, you’d better start voting Republican.

By the way, this is nothing new. Women can thank Republicans for having the right to vote. It was Republicans who championed the 19th Amendment, just as it was Republicans who forced Democrats to give up slavery. A Senate Republican introduced the 19th Amendment way back in 1878. It was voted down four times by Democrat Senates until Republicans finally won control of Congress in 1919 and passed it.

The modern Democratic Party’s attitude toward babies

In a subscriber-only article at, Sarah Arnold points out that former Biden press secretary-turned-MSNBC host (naturally) Jen Psaki revealed something genuinely disturbing about the modern Democratic Party’s attitude toward babies.

Psaki was commenting on an NBC report that the Democrats and their media sock monkeys have poisoned the public’s perception of the term “pro-life” so much that it’s harming Republicans’ electoral chances (imagine being repelled by the idea of protecting babies’ lives.) Some political consultants want to start saying “pro-baby” instead. But top Democrats claim that won’t help because what’s hurting Republicans is moves to restrict abortion, which the Democrats have successfully misrepresented as an attack on women’s rights (including false claims that Republicans want to ban contraceptives) and not as a defense of innocent life in the womb.

Here’s Psaki’s shockingly cynical comment: “Pro-baby. I hate to break it to you, but if you call broccoli candy, it's still just broccoli. If you tie a really nice bow around a lump of coal, it is still coal under there…The branding isn't the problem here. The policy is the problem. It is hard to roll out an effective rebrand for a product that customers hate."

So Democrats now have so little regard for the lives of babies in the womb that they compare them to broccoli and lumps of coal and dismiss the opposition to murdering babies in the womb as something that Americans “hate.” For the record, polls still show that while there is widespread support for allowing early term abortion, the majority of Americans oppose the kind of unrestricted abortion that Democrats now champion.

I’ve asked this before, and, sadly, I have to keep asking it: How do these people look at themselves in the mirror without feeling disgusted and ashamed?


It’s long, but it deserves to be quoted in full. This is Greg Gutfeld on “The Five,” reacting to the news that murderous illegal alien and prison escapee Danelo Cavalcante had been captured:

In case you can’t play that video, here’s a transcript:

“…I do not get the outcry over this at all. True, he’s illegal, but America is a melting pot, and that includes killers, right? It’s not like he voted for Trump…And I get it, he’s a violent reoffender. But since when in the last three years did that really matter? Every major city has released a slew of violent reoffenders who went on to beat, to rape and kill under the Trojan Horse of ‘prison and bail reform.’ We were promised that that would only affect non-violent offenders, and we were lied to. And I’m disgusted…DISGUSTED, Dana!...that they sent the evil police after this guy when, clearly, social workers could have handled this. And remember, according to The Squad, prison is cruel and inhumane punishment. So in a way, that escape was just an accelerated version of early release. He took the initiative and beat the Soros D.A.’s to the punch, and we’re punishing him?”

“So to summarize: he escaped, so what? He’s not the criminal. He’s not the oppressor. The prison is, the police is, society is. He was clearly oppressed by the system. I only hope, in the next few months, when he declares his new identity as a woman, they’d better put him in the prison of his chosen gender. And if the female inmates complain about the assaults and the rapes, they’re just being transphobic.”

If he ever gets tired of hosting a TV show, he could get a job as a Democratic speech writer.

Sydney Powell 2, Fani Willis 0

Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis had wanted to try all 19 co-defendants in her monster “RICO” election interference case in the same courtroom at the same time, starting on October 23 (yes, of THIS YEAR).  Sydney Powell and Ken Chesebro had asked the court to sever their cases from the larger group, and Judge Scott McAfee did that on Thursday, saying this was “a procedural and logistical inevitability.”

He said “additional divisions” may be required.  After all, how can 17 co-defendants, plus all their attorneys, the court officials, a jury and (for Trump) Secret Service even FIT in one courtroom?  Imagine how it would’ve been if she’d tried all 39 on her grand jury’s list.  They’d have to rent Mercedes-Benz Stadium!

And score another point for Sydney Powell, whose attorneys accused prosecutors Thursday of withholding exculpatory evidence in violation of law.

DA Willis accuses Powell of breaking the law by breaching voting machines used in Coffee County while seeking evidence that the machines had been manipulated.  But Coffee County officials had invited her to examine them, and her attorney was able to confirm there had been a letter of invitation for her, sent not to Powell but to another attorney.  He has reason to believe Willis’ office has this letter, which would exonerate Powell, and Willis has not turned it over.  (This is the second such accusation of illegally withholding exculpatory evidence so far.)  Not a good look for the DA.

Weiss gets around to indicting Hunter Biden, on gun charges ONLY

In the most predictable story of the day, Hunter Biden was finally indicted by U.S. Attorney/Special Counsel David Weiss, but only on gun charges, which should be called the “safe” charges because they have nothing to do with the financial case against Hunter that can be tied to the rest of his family, including dad.  This tactic is pretty easy to see through…

Of course, there has to be some sympathy for dad…

Specifically, here are the charges:

There are three counts.  Counts I and II allege that Hunter knowingly made and certified a false statement when he indicated he was not an unlawful user of or addicted to any stimulant, narcotic drug, or controlled substance in the process of obtaining a gun.  Count III alleges that he knowingly possessed the gun (a Colt Cobra revolver), knowing he was an unlawful user or addicted to a stimulant, narcotic drug or controlled substance.  These actions date from October 2018.

REDSTATE released an overview of the case yesterday.  An update last night included the unsealed indictment from Delaware state court.

The headline at AMERICAN GREATNESS reads, “Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Gun Charges, Faces 25 Years in Prison.”  It really should read, “Hunter Biden Indicted on Federal Gun Charges, Technically Faces the Nonexistent Possibility of 25 Years In Prison.”  Hunter Biden, now 53, is not going to prison for 25 years.  He’s probably not going to prison for 25 minutes, at least not for this.

Though Hunter lied on Form 4473 to get the gun, he was much more forthcoming in his memoir, stating that he was “smoking crack every 15 minutes.”

Hunter’s attorneys are insisting that their “sweetheart” deal for Hunter, which not only kept him out of jail but also protected him from future charges stemming from more investigation of his past actions, is still in force.  As the NEW YORK POST reports, Cornell law professor Randy Zelin, who specializes in white-collar criminal defense, said he expects them to file a “Santebello motion,” arguing this.

One really has to wonder, with all the Democrats’ talk of “privilege,” especially “white privilege,” how they can stomach this.  The NY POST quotes an attorney for rapper Kodak Black, who was sentenced in 2019 to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty for giving a false Social Security number on a federal gun purchase form in order to buy three guns from a Miami-area shop.  “2 tiers of justice:’ the attorney wrote.  “Kodak was charged for the same crime.  Got over 3 years.  Mr. Biden will not serve a day.  Feels right?”

Kodak is just fortunate that he wasn’t wearing a MAGA hat when he was buying those guns.  He might  have gotten 20 years for domestic terrorism.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, told reporters outside the Capitol, “That’s one of about a dozen crimes that Hunter Biden’s committed, and ironically that’s the one crime that he committed that you cannot tie Joe Biden into.”

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz said that “getting Hunter on the gun charge is like getting Jeffrey Dahmer on littering.”  (Okay, slight exaggeration, but one does have to wonder what any member of the First Family, with a supportive-enough media and ‘justice’ system, might be able to get away with.)

For those Democrats who keep repeating the mantra “there’s no evidence there’s no evidence,” here’s a compilation of the evidence.  You might want to save this for when you have time, as it’s long.

The charges against Hunter come one month after Attorney General Merrick Garland “promoted” Weiss to special counsel and gave him full authority --- which he may or may not have already had, depending on whom you talk to --- to charge Hunter.  You’ve no doubt heard the argument that since Weiss was a Trump appointee, Republicans shouldn’t complain about his possible bias.  As far as we know, Trump didn’t know him from Adam, and he was recommended for the job of U.S. attorney by Delaware’s two Democrat senators, both of them close Biden allies, and previously was acting U.S. attorney under President Obama.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene tweeted (X’d?), “BREAKING:  Hunter Biden has been indicted for three counts of federal gun charges.  But where are the indictments for tax fraud, FARA abuse, money laundering, and sex trafficking???”

Of course, absent incontrovertible, “without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt” proof --- and likely even then --- those charges are not going to come from the DOJ, because they can’t take the chance that any of them involving money will end up being tied to the enrichment of his family, including his dad.  Even so, Rep. Comer happened to answer her question yesterday, saying these charges would “absolutely not” cause House Republicans to change course on their impeachment inquiry.  He did urge Weiss to bring indictments for “money laundering, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act [FARA], tax evasion, the list goes on and on.”

In case you think Republicans in Congress are slacking off, the Judiciary Committee has been holding behind-closed-doors hearings, and on Monday, a second FBI official from the Baltimore field office testified that Weiss’ authority to charge Hunter was indeed blocked, by U.S. attorneys in California and DC who refused to let him bring charges against Hunter in their districts last year.

She told the committee that Weiss had to pursue other Department of Justice “processes” after those offices refused to “partner” with his investigation.  Her testimony was in line with that of Thomas Sobocinski last week.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio wrote on Thursday, “It’s obvious DOJ hasn’t been square with us.”

Hunter’s highly aggressive DC attorneys are still on the offensive, not just trying to force that outrageous “sweetheart” deal but also suing Garrett Zieglar, a former assistant to Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro, alleging that Zieglar violated laws against fraud and hacking with the material on the laptop and that his team “manipulated and altered some of the data,” as BUSINESS INSIDER reports.  (Translation:  they pixilated some of the images in which Hunter appears nude. Did he really want those unpixilated? I sure don’t!)

The suit seeks relief for alleged violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the California Data Access and Fraud Act, and demands a jury trial.

And, of course, it labels him a right-wing “extremist” (which seems to be the only real crime these days): “While Defendant Zieglar is entitled to his extremist and counterfactual opinions, he has no right to engage in illegal activities to advance his right-wing agenda...”

Note that Hunter, with essentially unlimited funds provided by friends, can use the system to bankrupt various “little people” caught up in this story.  His team has already sued John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the computer shop where Hunter abandoned his laptop.  Never mind that for a long time, Hunter would not even claim the laptop or the material on it as his.  So now it belongs to him after all?  Well, legally, it doesn’t.

Zieglar said no hacking had occurred and also denied manipulating the images except for modifying their explicitness.  He told BUSINESS INSIDER that the lawsuit is “not worth the paper it’s printed on.”

RELATED COMMENTARY from Huckabee staff writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth:

Longtime readers of this newsletter will remember that over two years ago, I predicted that Biden and Harris would both be edged aside by the DNC --- that they definitely would not be the candidates in ‘24.  My prediction then was that Michelle Obama would be the late-in-the-game nominee, to continue the Obama Machine (which never really went away), and I still believe that’s what is being orchestrated now.  (Hope I’m wrong.)

Joe’s rapid decline, both in approval ratings and cognitive ability, now makes it a virtual certainty he won’t run again, whether he knows it or not.  This is why we’re suddenly seeing, in mainstream media, discussions of Biden’s age and even (within careful bounds) the Biden family business.  CNN even points out things Biden says that aren’t true.  Certain media influencers got the memo, it seems.  Nothing is accidental; it’s all deliberate.

In a way, everyone who circulates these newly unflattering stories about President Biden that we’re suddenly seeing is playing along with their master plan.  Not that we wouldn’t report them, of course, but keep this context in mind.  And to the Trump campaign:  you’d better be ready to run against a candidate who ISN’T Joe Biden and who will be immediately coronated by the media.

The Trump Interview

On Thursday, former President Trump sat down for a lengthy interview for Megyn Kelly’s podcast. You can see the entire interview here:

The subjects ranged from Trump’s famous response to a “nasty” question Kelly asked him during a 2016 debate to the classified documents case against him to his opinion of Biden’s mental capabilities (he wouldn’t say Biden is too old for the job because some people are very sharp in their 80s while some people lose acuity in their 40s, but he did say that Biden is incompetent. That seems like an uncontroversial choice of words.)

While Democrats are ripping Trump's answers, as expected, he’s also getting some criticism from the right for his response to Kelly’s questions about his handling of COVID and whether he regrets some of those decisions, like putting Dr. Fauci in charge and letting him have too much power. His denials suggested that he still doesn’t grasp the problem. It has some conservatives expressing concerns that he might make the same mistakes again if he gets back into office. Paula Bolyard at PJ Media sums up those concerns well.

I’m not as inclined as some to blame Trump for the wrongheaded, heavy-handed and freedom-crushing power grabs that the pandemic inspired, or for overreacting to the threat and making bad decisions early on. From the start, I understood that this was a new, potentially deadly disease, we didn’t know much about it, and I’m sure most medical experts were acting in good faith and trying to protect the public with very limited knowledge (remember when we were told to disinfect our groceries? I miss disinfectant-flavored oatmeal.)

But it soon became apparent that much of what we were being told was nonsense (churches shut down while liquor stores stayed open, people arrested for walking alone on the beach without a face mask, the government pressuring social media to silence any doctors who questioned their extremely questionable dictates.) Once it became obvious that people were exploiting pandemic fear to increase government power, then common sense criticism was fair game (even though it got a lot of our newsletter articles banned by Internet gatekeepers – and I stand by all of them.)

In short, it’s not a sin to say you did your best, but you got some things wrong. Mistakes can be positive, if you learn from them. But first, you have to admit they were mistakes. I think admitting he got some things wrong then, knows better now and will never let it happen again would help Trump much more than denial and braggadocio. And I think we’d all like to hear him say he’s very sorry he never said, “You’re fired” to Dr. Fauci.


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    09/15/2023 08:13 PM

    It makes me sad and angry to see what is happening. Out here in SW Washington there are some churches standing strong but little in my town of Vancouver! Most rulers are Marxists including the DNC senator. The House needs to stand. Too many RINOS! As far as Trump I see he allowed himself to be played! Unfortunately the RNC has no one to put out there who can can stand against the Nations ready to pounce! I keep in prayer despite my church hiding!

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    After I subscribed for 5$, I am offered another lesser expensive letter at 1$.
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    09/15/2023 12:42 PM

    David Weiss, but only on gun charge after the statue of limitations expire on tax evasion charge
    n talk about goverment manuplition for someones benefit
    just send 20 train loads of illegal immigrants to delaware so joe will have some one to communicate with and relieve some southern states resources SHARE THE FUN WITH DELAWARE RESIDENTS

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    09/15/2023 11:46 AM

    Anyone who has same charges of Hunter would be in Jail now
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