May 7, 2019

New York’s solidly-Democratic state government recently passed one of the most radical pro-abortion bills in history, allowing abortions up to (and in some cases, even after) the moment of birth. Gov. Andrew Cuomo lighted up One World Trade Center, the site of the 9/11 attacks, in pink, profaning a building dedicated to the memory of slaughtered innocents by celebrating the slaughtering of more innocents.

But if he thought that disgusting in-your-face move against people who stand up for the lives of unborn children signaled the last word on the subject, then he doesn’t understand the resolve or the faith of those in the pro-life movement.  He certainly doesn’t understand that pro-abortion forces are not only on the wrong side of morality and decency, they are also increasingly on the wrong side of science and public sentiment.


Saturday, 20,000 people filled Times Square for the largest pro-life demonstration in New York City history.  A couple of thousand pro-abortion protesters turned out to try to do their usual thing: drown out views that differ from theirs, wave profane signs, chant lies about how pro-lifers just want to control women and make them die, etc.  But they discovered that in this case, their usual tactics were as pointless at lobbing spitballs at a brick wall. 

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The intellectual bankruptcy of their arguments became apparent when speaker after speaker turned out not to be some villainous straw man who wants to manipulate women, but women who’d had abortions and now feel terrible regret and believe they were lied to and manipulated by people pushing abortion on them. (Read some of their stories at the link.)


The pro-life protesters and speakers also refused to play the confrontation game that their opponents hoped to provoke.  Instead, they reached out to the protesters who were cursing them, offering them love and prayers that God would open their eyes so they would realize what an awful thing they are championing, the way Americans eventually woke up to the evils of other practices that were once considered socially acceptable.


And here is today’s Must-Read, from Kevin McCullough at  He was in Times Square, and he believes that what he witnessed was the turning point at which even New York would start to regard abortion as unthinkable.


I'm not surprised that it hinged on showing people the truth that abortion clinics and their defenders work so hard to hide -- or that it involved Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood clinic director whose story was told in the movie they tried so hard to suppress, “Unplanned,” and who has done more than any other person to expose the ugly truth of what abortion really is. 

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Near the end of the event, Johnson, who is pregnant, entered a mobile clinic behind the stage and underwent the latest high-tech 4D ultrasound. The image appeared on Jumbotron screens.  McCullough reports that something amazing happened: Times Square fell silent.  Both the anti- and pro-abortion activists stood in quiet awe, listening to the technician talking to the child in the womb as the baby's face seemingly looked down on them from the giant screens above.  There was no longer any way to deny it: they were not looking at a “mass of fetal tissue.”  They were looking at a human baby. 


One of the criticisms of our modern society is that people don’t believe something is real until they see it on TV.  But in this case, that might be a blessing.  The live image of that beautiful, innocent pre-born child looking down on Times Square rendered thousands of pro-abortion political speeches, editorials, Internet posts and protest signs hollow and meaningless.  I’ll bet it made even the pro-abortion protesters feel somewhere deep in their hearts that to murder that child by acid or dismemberment would be a monstrous and, yes, an unthinkable act.    


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  • Carol Godsey

    05/10/2019 10:26 AM

    The real face of pro-abortionists was made public in Alabama as State Representative John Rogers raged at the idea of limiting abortions by saying "Kill them now or kill them later" referring to "unloved, unwanted children" whose fate is to end up on death row in our prison systems. He represents those who view abortion not as a woman's choice but as their form of birth control. At last we hear the truth!

  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    05/07/2019 12:50 PM

    Thanks for posting this.