Carter Page and Donald Trump

February 7, 2018 |

Those who’ve been following the convoluted “Russian collusion” tale will recognize Carter Page as the low-level Trump campaign foreign policy adviser who was put under surveillance for his alleged contacts with Russia, which provided the entre for all the questionable if not illegal surveillance of Trump’s campaign that gave rise to the investigation that’s currently dragging on to infinity. But we now have an answer to that burning question, “Just how close was Carter Page to Donald Trump?”

Page appeared on ABC, where George Stephanopoulos asked if he had been in contact with Trump since he was put under surveillance in October 2016. And Page replied:

“I never spoke with him any time in my life.”

The incredulous Stephanopoulos goggled, “You’ve never spoken with Donald Trump in your life? No email, no text, nothing like that?”

Page: “Never.”

I’ll bet at that point, George Stephanopoulos wished he’d never talked to Carter Page, either.

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  • michael b arp

    02/08/2018 03:45 AM

    Ha, ha the Greek Geek got smacked!!!