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April 12, 2021

Liberal blogger Kevin Drum points out that while we keep hearing about the epidemic racism in America, hate crimes against blacks have actually been falling steadily since Obama took office and are now half what they were in 2005.

While any hate crimes are too many, you’d think people would be at least a little encouraged by such a positive trend. But instead, the media and powerful political forces continue to drive home the narrative of America as a violent racist nation.

How effective has that campaign been? So effective that a recent survey found that 44% of liberals believed that at least 1,000 black men were shot and killed by police last year. The real number: 27.

Why would anyone want to promote false narratives that divide Americans by race and make people believe that their fellow Americans hate them because of their skin color, and that they should be hateful and suspicious in return?

I’ll let you ponder that conundrum as you read this story about the “trained Marxist” co-founder of Black Lives Matter who just bought a $1.4 million, 2,400-square-foot house in Topanga Canyon, California (population 88% white, less than 2% black.)

Incidentally, several black community leaders who are trying to help their devastated neighborhoods after last year’s riots and looting have complained that they haven’t seen a cent of the millions donated to BLM. Is this where the money is going?

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  • Crystal Fenton

    04/13/2021 01:40 PM

    It's never been about the truth, it's only about creating hatred where there wasn't any... You cannot conquer a country that is united!