A "sanctuary county" for gun owners

April 22, 2018 |

So-called “Progressives” (I always put that in quotes because it’s not progress to keep believing in policies that have failed miserably everywhere they’ve been tried for over a century) think it’s inevitable that they will just keep dragging America to the left and it will never spring back. But I get the feeling the recoil is about to snap back in their faces like Harry Reid’s exercise band.

We’re already seeing California cities and counties revolt against the “sanctuary state” law that’s releasing dangerous criminal illegal immigrants back onto their streets. Now, another blue state is starting to experience a red uprising. In Illinois, where Chicago elects a lot of liberal legislators who have yanked the state left and imposed gun control on the law-abiding and defiant “sanctuary city” protections for illegal immigrants, Effingham County has become the first county to yank back the other way by declaring itself a “sanctuary county”…for gun owners.

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The County Board voted 8-1 to approve a resolution directing its employees not to enforce any new state law that would “unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.” County Board member David Campbell said, “We’re tired of seeing all these new House bills coming through attacking our Second Amendment rights, and we decided it’s time for someone to take a hard stand.” The county state’s attorney said it’s largely symbolic because if a new gun law violates the Constitution, they wouldn’t enforce it anyway. But they wanted to serve notice to state legislators that “there’s going to be blowback from the people of Southern Illinois.” Indeed, a neighboring county already passed a similar resolution, and Effingham County leaders expect more to follow.

If red counties start to defy the liberal state government, that’s going to be a lot of territory in revolt. In 2012, Obama won his home state of Illinois, but took only 23 of Illinois’ 102 counties. Without Cook County (Chicago), Obama would have lost Illinois to Romney by over 100,000 votes. Liberal urban areas like Chicago, L.A., San Francisco and New York City have a disproportionate influence within states that’s causing serious friction and resentment. In order to win back the House in a “blue wave,” that wave will have to wash over a lot of those red areas. It’s not going to happen by having even more liberals turn out in already blue areas and give liberal incumbents an even bigger margin of victory.

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If you look at the county map of Presidential election results, in 1976, the nation was fairly evenly split between blue and red. By 2016, it looked like a sea of red with a few small islands of blue in urban areas where the population is extremely dense (no offense). The self-delusion that America is embracing leftism even as blue areas keep shrinking away reminds me of a classic line from “This Is Spinal Tap.” The band’s manager tried to put a good face on their dying career by saying that they weren’t getting less popular: “Their appeal is just becoming more selective.”




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  • Steve McDonnough

    04/25/2018 10:27 AM

    I am from Southern Illinois. Any more I don't tell anyone I'm from Illinois, always Southern Illinois. However " HIP HIP HOORAY!" to Effingham County. I just hope Perry County follows. I would favor being a sanctuary county from all of Illinois. Including ridiculously high income, sales and realestate taxes.

  • Patricia Peterson

    04/24/2018 01:20 PM

    Who do these state officials think they are to be able to pass ridiculous laws governing the whole state? I think matters like becoming a sanctuary state should come before the people. The citizens of that state should have to vote on legislation that is going to affect all of them. I just don't get it!

  • Maureen Innis

    04/22/2018 02:14 PM

    How about a "Sanctuary Country"? Wait a minute, was I just talking about the 2nd Amendment? Love your show, Mike. Also, I really appreciate your daughter standing strong in the face of what comes against her each day with the press.