August 10, 2016

One thing Donald Trump supporters like most about him is that he’s not a slick professional politician, regurgitating scripted, focus group-approved nuggets of empty verbiage. He says what pops into his mind. But we live in an era when any non-PC thought ignites a firestorm of indignation, and Trump goes off script often enough that his press coverage seems more like live remotes from the California forest fires.

This does give the media a handy distraction, though. Yesterday, instead of questioning how Hillary can possibly vet 10,000 Syrian refugees when she can’t even keep the Taliban-supporting father of one of America’s worst terrorist murderers out of her own rally’s peanut gallery, the media were instead ablaze over Trump allegedly suggesting that gun owners shoot Hillary Clinton or liberal judges. Actually, Trump says his ad-lib about Second Amendment supporters being the only ones who could stop her from destroying gun rights just meant that they are well-organized and politically active. But that was all Democratic spokespeople and the news media (but I repeat myself) needed to launch into full hysteria mode and start howling that the Secret Service investigate Trump for fomenting assassination.

This is probably the most hypocritical charge since they accused him of fomenting espionage for making a joke about Hillary Clinton’s actual exposure of government secrets to America’s enemies. When leftist rent-a-mobs showed up at Trump rallies, threatening and attacking his supporters, who was blamed? Trump, because his rhetoric “incited” their violence. When someone with a Trump sign or bumper sticker has his property vandalized, or someone in a Trump T-shirt or hat is assaulted, is Hillary blamed? This kind of thuggery from the left has become routine. “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams noted in his blog that he got so much grief simply for praising Trump’s persuasion skills that he endorsed Hillary for no other reason than that he feared for his life if he didn’t. He argued that the media were actually encouraging attempts on Trump’s life with their constant false comparisons of him to Hitler, giving moral justification to any psycho who might think it his duty to prevent Trump from winning the election.

Liberal celebrities also seem to think their strict PC tolerance rules for language don’t apply when they’re talking about Republicans. For instance, Will Smith just made news by saying in Dubai that Trump’s views should be “cleansed out of our country.” When applied to people of opposing views, the world “cleansed” usually doesn't mean scrubbing them down with Lifebuoy.

And let’s not forget the long history of Democratic politicians using violent rhetoric against their opponents, even referencing assassination. Daniel Greenfield at reminds us that John Kerry once joked to Bill Maher about killing President Bush, and the media never suggested it disqualified him from becoming Secretary of State. And in 2008, Hillary Clinton herself tried to justify staying in the race in June despite a big Obama lead by reminding people that Robert Kennedy was leading in June when he was assassinated.

So yes, there’s no question that Republicans would rack up lower Excedrin bills if Trump would quit going off-script. But it would also be better for the news media’s reputation (whatever ashes remain of it) if they’d pay more attention to real issues and quit screaming and pulling their hair out over every off-hand Trump comment. If not, we may have to invent a new term to describe their over-the-top partisan hysteria. Maybe we could call it “Crying Wolf Blitzer.”

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  • Christine Leon

    08/14/2016 12:57 PM

    Thank you for saying it... like it is ... a speaker of TRUTH.... that's a great mission in this country!

  • Christine Leon

    08/14/2016 12:49 PM

    Thank you for saying it... like it is ... a speaker of TRUTH.... that's a great mission in this country!

  • J Leppanen

    08/12/2016 08:48 PM

    Thank you for standing with Trump! I only hope that Mr. Trump has a strong strategy in the works for the remaining days of the campaign. The Clinton campaign is getting away with murder, skipping away unscathed from egregious behavior, with our supposed "justice" department turning a blind eye. Our entire political system is rigged, and the media is lopsided and biased and lazy and sticking up for the status quo. As you referenced, people are feeling badgered and afraid for their safety if they don't back Hillary. I think literally the voting population should be encouraged to vote their conscience, to not feel bullied one way or the other. I heard someone say they can't vote for Trump because he SAYS bad things. Well, Hillary has actually DONE bad things. What's the psychology behind that?