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May 2, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

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  • Biden’s Marie Antoinette moment
  • Tucker Carlson laughs at the NYT
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Mike Huckabee


Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

Ecclesiastes 8:11

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NEW: Great interview with Steve Forbes

Governor Huckabee chats with Forbes Media CEO and Editor in Chief Steve Forbes about his new book: Inflation: What it is, Why it's Bad, and How to Fix It.

Listen and subscribe here.


Alejandro Mayorkas, head of the Department of Homeland Security, went on the Sunday shows to try to minimize the power of his new board, the “Disinformation Governance Board,” and the woman chosen to head it, Nina Jankowicz. She had, in her words, “let the cat out of the bag” about what she would be doing, and he’d apparently chosen to get ahead of the story by mentioning it to a congressional committee. Free speech advocates were shocked.

So on Sunday, he went on CNN to do damage control, saying that Jankowicz was “eminently qualified” and “a renowned expert in the field of disinformation.” He told Dana Bash that “the board does not have operational ability or authority.”

He went on FOX News Sunday to say that he had no reservations about Jankowicz’s objectivity. “There are people in the department who have a diverse range of views and they’re incredibly dedicated to mission,” he said. “We’re not the opinion police.”

Never mind that this woman has already revealed herself to be a crazed political hack. Talk about being incredibly dedicated to mission! To cite just one of numerous examples, this “renowned expert” believed the Hunter Biden laptop story was disinformation, either from Russia or “a Trump campaign product.” The fact that someone like her was chosen for that job tells us all we need to know.

To downplay this, Jankowicz has reportedly removed her TikTok account from public view.

As for Mayorkas, when he defends the board and Jankowicz, remember that this is the same man who, as head of Homeland Security, maintains that the border is under control. He told outrageous lies about the condition of the border in his testimony last week. The truth about the border is the opposite of what he said, so when he claims his new board is not the opinion police...well, there's good reason to believe the opposite is true. He has destroyed whatever credibility he might have had, and NOTHING he says about this board –- or anything else –- can be believed.

Ironically, he himself is a fountain of disinformation.

Mayorkas also said he could have picked someone from either side of the aisle to head this board. Two problems with that:

1) He didn’t.

2) A real conservative wouldn’t TAKE the job of running a government “disinformation” board.

Read Laura’s original commentary: Ainsworth: "Nanny" DHS board is practically putrid in every way

Amazing find

I’ll be returning to Israel next week. One reason I love going there is that you can visit the Holy places mentioned in the Bible. It helps people understand that this isn’t just an old book of made-up stories. These were real people and real events in a real place that you can actually visit.

Every so often, new archeological discoveries are made that force modern atheists to confront the fact that many things happened before they came on the scene that we’re only now learning about. Like the discovery in Turkey of what might be the world’s largest underground city, used by Christians in the second and third centuries A.D. to flee persecution by the Romans. Click the link for more on this amazing find and to see photos.

Here’s something I’m sure you’ll enjoy

Kurt Schlichter offers his hilariously brutal thoughts on President Biden excusing student loan debt. Brace yourselves: he’s decided he’s for it. That’s because he thinks it will be so unpopular, it will not only sink Democrats but also help destroy the current system of “academia.”

Kurt defines “academia” as “a network of colleges and universities that provide nearly meaningless credentials mostly to upper middle class post-adolescents in exchange for tons of money and access to their soft, malleable minds for indoctrination in the current commie consensus.” He also colorfully describes college as “a four-year intense brainwashing session broken up by bouts of drinking and fumbling sex with other students of all the 673 different genders.” For all that debt you incur, he says you get a useless degree in “Transgender Medieval Karaoke Studies” that opens no doors except the one to Starbucks, where you pull the first shift.

Needless to say, read the whole thing. But not while you have a mouthful of coffee.

Biden’s Marie Antoinette moment

When there’s a Democrat President and a “comedian” like Trevor Noah at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner (WHCD), there’s little chance you’ll hear any really biting, funny lines worth quoting. But some news did come out of that event on Saturday. For one thing, President Biden made himself look as in touch with the people as Marie Antoinette when he guffawed at Noah’s line, “Since you’ve come into office, things are really looking up. Gas is up, rent is up, food is up. Everything!”

I have a feeling a lot of Americans won’t find that nearly as funny as Biden did.

If callousness isn’t your cup of tea, how about hypocrisy? Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he would not attend the dinner because of his individual assessment of his personal COVID risk. But that didn’t stop him from attending the crowded, non-televised pre-party, where he mingled with the swells and posed for photos with no social distancing and NO MASK, even though the much-younger serving staffers were all masked.

So if you’re taking notes on COVID risk assessment from America’s #1 health authority, a man synonymous with science, please note that it’s only necessary to wear a mask if you’re at a televised event and/or you’re a waiter rather than a VIP guest.

Tucker Carlson laughs at the NYT

Here’s some welcome proof that the left’s tired tactic of labeling everyone who challenges them as a “racist” and a “white supremacist” is losing its effectiveness. Over the weekend, the New York Times launched a hit piece on Tucker Carlson, claiming his show “may be the most racist show in the history of cable news” (I’d remind them that Joy Reid is on a cable news channel.)

But Carlson didn’t grovel or apologize. Instead, he tweeted a photo of him holding up the article and laughing in their faces. Then he released a rebuttal, pointing out that he’s lost track of how many times he’s been called a racist just because he thinks America should have secure borders. Also that his views on race are exactly those of the Rev. Martin Luther King: people should be judged by their character, not their skin color.

While you’d expect Carlson to fight back against that tired and spurious attack, the even better news is that it also appears to be losing its effectiveness with the voting groups it’s really aimed at: minorities who are a lot better off under Republicans so Democrats have to convince them that they can’t vote for Republicans because they’re “RAAAAACISTS!” As Glenn Greenwald points out, that dog doesn’t seem to be hunting so well anymore.

Greenwald tweeted that after six years of the corporate media screaming “racist” and “white supremacist” at Republicans, a new Marist poll finds that Latinos say they prefer the GOP by 52-39% and 41% of non-whites say they intend to vote Republican in 2022.

Say, Democrats, maybe you need to take a break from presiding over all the crime, open borders, drug abuse, inflation, violations of Constitutional rights, speech policing and empty store shelves to scream “RACIST!” a little louder.

Good Omen: The liberal media establishment is failing

We’ve all grown used to seeing the moneyed leftist establishment reward big name liberals with fat publishing or TV contracts when they have no experience or audience. It’s a way of keeping them in the money when they’re out of office and not taking ours. But either money’s getting tight or they’re starting to realize that wokeness repels paying customers. In the past few weeks, Spotify declined to extend the Obamas’ contract for an uninspired podcast they seldom produced but wanted millions for…

And Netflix, facing a 68% stock nosedive and a loss of 200,000 subscribers, has canceled “Pearl,” a woke cartoon series created by Meghan Markle and Elton John’s husband, David Furnish.

But this habit is dying hard. Spotify still hasn’t learned its lesson: last month, they gave poor oppressed royalty Meghan Markle and Prince Harry $30 million to “host and produce podcasts that uplift and entertain audiences.” I doubt they’ll uplift, entertain or even draw audiences, considering Markle said her podcast will be called “Archetypes,” “where we dissect, explore and subvert the labels that try to hold women back.” Like the label “Duchess” has held back her career? Sounds like a must-miss podcast.

Conservative radio host Jason Rantz told Fox News that he believes these shows fail because woke people turn on the hosts as soon as they say anything that strays from their fringe views, and nobody else wants to listen to tired “progressive” talking points that they can get from countless media outlets like CNN or MSNBC – which they’re also tuning out. And does anyone remember "Air America," the liberal talk radio network that was going to drive Rush Limbaugh out of business?

I notice that none of these stories give the ratings figures for any of these projects, but I have a feeling that’s because nobody wants to admit just how low they are. But maybe this will give you a clue:

BookScan reports that books about Trump during his first two years outsold books about Biden his first two years by “essentially 10:1.” Last week, two New York Times reporters, helped by plenty of free publicity from the liberal media, brought out a biography of First Lady Jill Biden. In its debut week, it sold 250 copies. No, that’s not a typo. I didn’t mean “250,000.” It sold 250 copies nationwide. I assume their relatives accounted for at least 20% of total sales.

My favorite comment on this, from user Mifla: “Sorry, Jill. After paying for my groceries and gas for the car, I only had enough left over to help pay off some idiot's student loan.”

Maybe in the age of Biden stagflation, subsidizing leftist celebrities’ lavish lifestyles and pushing woke messages that nobody wants to hear is just becoming too darned expensive. Even the CW Network finally canceled the ultra-woke “Batwoman” series after leaving it on the air for three years, despite ratings suggesting that not even its own cast and crew were watching it. You can almost feel a refreshing shift in the winds.

The liberal media establishment may finally be realizing that “Get woke, go broke” should be taken literally. That’s a good omen for the future of both news and entertainment.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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  • BrettCek

    11/13/2022 01:01 PM

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  • Jim Greer

    05/04/2022 09:42 AM

    I too think it’s a great idea to forgive student loan debt. After all people need to remember that before these students incurred all this debt so they could go to prestigious universities to learn “the wisdom of the ages” they had little to no understanding of how things work in the real world. So yes we should forgive their debt, but how about using some of the billions these prestigious schools of higher learning have in their endowment funds? After all those funds are supposed to pay for education… right?? That way taxpayers won’t get stuck with paying the freight. By the way, the wisdom of the ages that everyone needs to learn - THERE AIN’T NO FREE LUNCH!!!

  • Jerry

    05/03/2022 12:43 PM

    The horrible saga of biden and its policies should enrage every human being the weapons given to Ukraine after all of the destruction and loss of innocent life is an atrocity in itself and the lack of concern for my country is of equal outrage billions of dollars to defend another country while my country is being invaded is absolutely mind boggling. This incoherent president and it entire administration needs removal this minute if this being biden had a reasonable thought left in his head hw would resign before 1 PM today. However American reasonable thoughts and biden is an oxymoron with the hight light on MORON.

  • stephen russell

    05/03/2022 11:27 AM

    USSC document leak:
    Inside job
    Under orders
    Now to see changed USSC

  • Jerry

    05/03/2022 11:15 AM

    Biden is ignoring our country's problems and its demise, concentrating on Russia Ukraine i believe for hush money as biden has used the influence of being the VP and probably his Senate seat to coerce funds to add to his personal financial bank accounts. All three are corrupt people and nations and biden used the taxpayers money to benefit himself and others. The Supreme court was to be comprimised sooner or later with John Roberts as its Chief and Biden as President and with the revenge of the Present DOJ denial to be a Supreme Court Judge which would be a huge mistake for sure if appointed as political Hacks do not belong in the Justice systems as one can see the actions of this DOJ his attempt to arrest parents that went to a PTA meeting should be enough evidence to know this is a hollow person without integrity or masculinity most of them are cowards as most of this administration are.

  • stephen russell

    05/03/2022 10:10 AM

    Disinformation Board: Odd how board was created after Musk brought Twitter?
    Odd timing.
    Or planned.

  • Vernon Thompson

    05/03/2022 12:20 AM

    Let's see if I understand things today!

    We are being governed by a woke gang obsessed by identity political politics. Any semblance of reality is purely accidental!

  • carolyn caudry

    05/02/2022 08:41 PM

    Jankowitz actually is highly qualified in disinformation--she has been putting out disinformation for years.

  • James Drury Jr.

    05/02/2022 07:36 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!