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October 26, 2023



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Maine Shooting

Last night, a man committed a mass shooting at two locations in Lewiston, Maine. At this writing, at least 22 people are dead and 30 injured. Police have launched an intense manhunt. They named as a “person of interest” a man named Robert Card, who is known to have had mental health issues and recently been committed. He has reportedly heard voices in his head and threatened to shoot up a National Guard post. Locals have been advised to shelter in place until he’s captured. This is a breaking story, and you can find updates here:

Naturally, before we even know any details about what happened, some people immediately began calling for Maine to pass more gun control laws. Since this is likely to be an issue that will be talked about a lot, here is information on the gun laws in Maine, which is very pro-gun rights and allows permitless concealed and open carry.

And just for reference, here's how violent crime rates were affected in Ohio after permitless carry was adopted.

Israel Update

Here is today’s Fox News page of continuously-updated news on the war in Israel.

Among the latest developments: Israel staged a raid in the West Bank this morning and arrested 60 people, 46 of them being Hamas members. They also released footage of an airstrike that reportedly killed senior Hamas commander Hassan Al-Abdullah, commander of Hamas' Northern Khan Yunis Rockets Array.

For all the anti-Semites around the world who are blaming Israel for injuries and deaths of Palestinians in Gaza, Israel released footage of an IDF intelligence officer urging a Gaza resident to flee to the south because they’re trying to protect the safety of innocents. The man replies that they can’t flee because Hamas is blocking the roads to force them to stay and be human shields. He says, "All the roads are blocked. They're just sending people back home...they are shooting at people."

So one more time, for the reeeeally dimwitted: HAMAS is shooting at innocent Palestinians to FORCE them to stay and be harmed by Israeli attacks aimed at HAMAS TERRORISTS. Does that make the situation clear enough?

In case it still isn’t clear to some people just what Israel is dealing with and that this isn’t over some land dispute, they should check out the notes found on a slain Hamas terrorist from their leaders. It instructs them in the religious importance of slaughtering Jews, saying, “You must sharpen the blades of your swords and be pure in your intentions before Allah. Know that the enemy is a disease that has no cure, except beheading and removing the hearts and livers. Attack them!”



WSJ Report: Iran Helped

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Iran helped plan Hamas’ attack on Israel and that 500 Hamas militants trained for the mission in Iran. But the US government claims to have intelligence that Iran’s leaders were surprised by the attack. The full WSJ article is behind a paywall, but Instapundit has an excerpt that gives you the gist.

Even UC-Berkeley can get one right, given enough loud coaching:

The university has reversed a graduate student instructor’s attempt to give extra credit to students who engage in pro-Palestinian activism.


Speaker Mike Johnson

The House finally has a Speaker, with the election Wednesday of Louisiana Rep. Mike Johnson. Johnson appears to be a good, solidly conservative choice, which is lucky considering how close we came to getting a “compromise” Speaker chosen by a handful of “moderate” Republicans plus the Democrats. Some encouraging signs: Johnson’s first act was to introduce a bill to support Israel and condemn Hamas for its October 7th attack.

Johnson also gave an excellent acceptance speech inspired by Ronald Reagan and listing seven core principles: “individual freedom, limited government, the rule of law, peace through strength, fiscal responsibility, free markets and human dignity.”

But perhaps most encouraging of all, his election was greeted with a thermonuclear meltdown by leftist media figures and politicians like AOC. They called him everything from an “insurrectionist” to a “MAGA extremist” (imagine being extremely in favor of making America great again! The horror!)

Anytime a Republican can make these people scream in anguish, he knows he’s on the right track. But as Sister Toldjah at notes, a CNN political analyst may have inadvertently revealed the left's real problem with Johnson: he seems too nice for them to demonize.

"Trans Age"

If you thought the “trans” insanity of letting men who “identify” as women compete in women’s sports was delusional, then brace yourself for the next drop down the rabbit hole: “Trans age.” That’s someone who “identifies” as a different age, like this 50-year-old man who “identifies” as an adolescent girl so that he can compete against 13-year-old girls in swimming competitions.

You know, I enjoy identifying as a 21-year-old rock bassist, but I don’t expect everyone else in the world to pretend that it’s actually true.  

Grassley to DOJ/FBI: You got info on Bidens for 15 years, from 40 sources, but shut investigation down

While attention was focused on stories related to Hamas’ attack on Israel and the quest for a new Speaker, House committees (along with Republicans on Senate committees) have been plugging away at their investigations, doing the work the DOJ won’t do.  Yesterday, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley made news with a letter sent Tuesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland.

We so enjoy going to the NEW YORK POST for updates on the Biden family financial scandal, vindicated as they have been on their truthful Hunter laptop story that was smeared as “Russian disinformation.”  (The POST is the one that deserves a Pulitzer, not THE NEW YORK TIMES.)  As the POST reported, Sen. Grassley’s letter said that according to material turned up by congressional investigators, more than 40 FBI confidential sources, managed by several different FBI field offices, supplied the Bureau with information about potential crimes by Hunter Biden, James Biden and Joe Biden dating back to Joe’s time as Vice President.

“This letter is based on years of investigation, including the provision of information, records and allegations from multiple Justice Department whistleblowers that indicate there is --- and has been --- an effort among certain Justice Department and FBI officials to improperly delay and stop full and complete investigative activity into the Biden family,” he told them.

“Such decisions point to significant political bias infecting the decision-making of not only the Attorney General and FBI Director, but also line agents and prosecutors.”

He singled out FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten for creating the “disinformation” assessment of Hunter’s laptop.  This designation was used by a team at FBI headquarters “to discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and cause investigative activity to cease.”

Then there is FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Tim Thibault, the Bureau’s “point man” on Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski, who as you recall publicly verified the information on the laptop (to crickets in the mainstream media) shortly before the 2020 election.  Thibault, Sen. Grassley wrote, ordered that another 2020 probe into the first son’s alleged “criminal financial and related activity” be closed after being pressured by an element from FBI headquarters and the Baltimore office.

Oh, and apparently it wasn’t just Ukraine’s own investigation into Burisma and founder Mykola Zlochevky that was effectively shut down.  At the same time Hunter’s seat on Burisma’s board was facing scrutiny because of Trump’s first impeachment over his phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act squad based out of the FBI Washington Field Office closed their own “205B” kleptocracy case against Zlochevsky (the man whose dog Hunter Biden is dumber than).  So the $80,000 a month he had paid Hunter Biden ended up paying off in more ways than one.

Recall that Trump, during that phone call, had asked Zelenskyy to look into Joe Biden’s role in the firing of prosecutor Viktor Slokin.  Of course, what we know today about Biden’s role makes a joke of Trump’s first impeachment, as Biden’s the one who committed the impeachable offense.  Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA makes the case that it was Trump’s impeachment that motivated the FBI to keep the Biden-Burisma scandal quiet.

The FBI’s Pittsburgh field office was involved as well, opening what they call a “guardian assessment” after the kleptocracy case against Zlochevsky was closed.  During that assessment, a “1023” document turned up that led to a re-interview of that confidential human source (CHS), generating another “1023.”  That’s the document containing bribery allegations against the Bidens --- quoting Zlochevsky as saying “I paid $5 million to one Biden and $5 million to another Biden” --- but the investigators, according to Grassley, were limited in their ability to investigate because it was always just an “assessment.”

Grassley claims that Auten and the Foreign Influence Task Force falsely discredited the bribery allegations as “foreign disinformation” and continued working to shut the investigation down.  They did this even though the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania, working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, found “no hits to known sources of Russian disinformation.”  The NY POST lays all this out in greater detail.

“It should be emphasized,” Grassley wrote, “that the basis for trying to shut down the Biden family ‘1023’ has been described to my office as highly suspect and is contradicted by other documents my office has been told exist within the Foreign Influence Task Force, FBI Seattle Field Office, FBI Baltimore Field Office, and FBI HQ [headquarters] holdings.”

Grassley is demanding an answer from the DOJ and FBI by November 17.  Now we get to watch them dodge and weave once again, if they respond at all.  The real nature of our laughably-named ‘Justice’ Department is so obvious now that only the most shameless, hard-core partisan Democrats deny it.

As satisfying as it is to quote the NEW YORK POST on anything related to the Hunter Biden laptop, some other news outlets are doing solid reporting as well.  For the transcript of the Grassley letter, go to James Lynch at the DAILY CALLER.

John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS focuses on Grassley’s mention of the testimony of U.S. Attorney Scott Brady, who’d told the Judiciary Committee his office uncovered enough evidence of Biden family corruption to refer the case to field offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Delaware.

And in an interview with Alex Marlow, author of the new book BREAKING BIDEN, investigative reporter Peter Schweizer is blunt about the Bidens having run “a very sophisticated and, [he] would argue, criminal enterprise that is designed to leverage Joe’s power, but to keep him at arm’s length so that it is harder to connect him to it.”  See the podcast here...

In summary, the FBI gathered criminal information on the Biden clan for 15 years, from 40 sources, and with all they found, were still made to discredit it and shut their investigation down.  (This, of course, would have included the time of Trump’s first run for office and also his first impeachment, for which the material on the laptop and other information obtained by the FBI would have been exculpatory.)  In the words of former FBI agent Stuart Kaplan, appearing Wednesday on Jesse Watters’ FOX NEWS show, “Now they know they can influence the election by smearing [Trump’s] reputation, trying to indict him in every state throughout the United States.  That wasn’t the case with Joe Biden.  And so there’s two tiers of justice here.  It’s blatant, it’s obvious, and I just can’t understand why the American people don’t all see the same thing.  It’s clear, it’s crystal clear.”

Kaplan said, “...There’s a lot of politicians that are in office right now [who are] being looked at by the FBI.  But quite frankly, because the assessment, the threshold, to open up a full-blown investigation takes probable cause and takes the approval of the attorney general, if you have an attorney general who’s not willing to do what is required to pursue justice and pursue the truth, it’s never gonna get off anybody’s desk and it’s gonna go nowhere.”

Kaplan claims he knows firsthand that while Biden was VP, “no subpoenas were issued, no warrants were executed, no investigative interviews were conducted, because it was shut down by FBI headquarters.”

“That is not how we conduct an investigation if we’re all playing on the same playing field.”

Replacement theory

Joe Biden likes to describe himself as the most pro-union President in history. That may come as news to striking Los Angeles union hotel workers, who are reportedly being replaced by illegal border crossers, who must represent the largest supply of scab workers in history.


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  • Peter Hansen

    10/27/2023 10:17 AM

    Here’s what you wrote about Mike Johnson:

    “Johnson appears to be a good, solidly conservative choice, which is LUCKY (emphasis mine) considering how close we came to getting a ‘compromise’ Speaker chosen by a handful of ‘moderate’ Republicans plus the Democrats.”

    Here’s what Sidney Powell wrote in her good news Friday newsletter today:

    “Seemingly from nowhere a man emerged to become the U.S. Speaker of the House. He was elected unanimously by Republicans.

    “Call us crazy, but we are giving credit for this to divine intervention.”

    And what did Mike Johnson say about the process? He said that each one of the representatives in the House was there because God puts leaders in their places!

    What if God wanted this process that Matt Gaetz started? What if it had to go on three weeks and go through four or five different top-tier Republican Speaker of the House candidates in order to get down to Mike Johnson and have everyone so frustrated that they were willing to vote for such a sweet-tempered, yet powerful and dedicated and humble, Christian man?

    I know you were upset and worried about the process. But as a Southern Baptist pastor what does your theology say? What if this was God’s will all along?

    I was with Matt Gaetz from the beginning because I did not like McCarthy. Even Trump didn’t think anyone could get in except Jesus Christ himself, so I understand how we all thought it was impossible, and yet God came through and did the miraculous.

    Maybe you could consider apologizing for your harsh words to those brave, strong, independent Republicans who refused to vote for the lesser candidates who came before Mike Johnson. It looks like they were right all along! :-)

  • George W. Trever

    10/27/2023 07:30 AM

    I just wonder where is the Supreme Court as they sit idly by watching our legal system be abused? If they are supreme regarding the law, should they not be pro-active in ensuring that the Executive Branch practice appropriate protocols?