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March 7, 2024

President Biden gives his State of the Union speech tonight, and Democrats are quietly nervous about whether he’ll be able to get through it without going off the Teleprompter in some disturbing way. They’re trying to lower expectations (is that even possible?) by claiming that Trump makes rhetorical slips, too. Yes, but Trump doesn’t make slips like claiming he’s been endorsed by Woodrow Wilson, whom he had lunch with last week.

I’m sure Biden will be pumped full of…let’s say, Vitamin B12…and he’ll probably get through the speech without going full-on Captain Queeg. I’m concerned not about the way he’ll say it but what he’ll actually say. If the advance word is accurate, it’s going to be another divisive speech filled with transparent lies about his nonexistent accomplishments and promoting the Democrats’ only argument for reelecting them: “Trump is HITLER!!!”

We know Biden won’t use the speech the way it’s supposed to be used, to tell us the state of America, because that would be catastrophic for his reelection chances. So according to the Daily Mail, he’s going to dispense a lot of campaign balloon juice about how great the economy is thanks to him, and paint a dark picture of the stark choice between him and “Trump and the MAGA Republicans” (“Ooooh, scary, kids!”) who are (say it with me!) a “threat to our democracy!” You know, with the way they’re always trying to prosecute and jail their political opponents and remove them from the ballot. Oh, wait: that’s the Democrats.

I’d also advise you not to play any drinking games that require you to take a belt whenever he mentions January 6th. You might die of alcohol poisoning.

According to Biden’s advisers, he will ask Americans “whose side are they on?” Do “they want lower health care costs, democratic freedoms and to keep Ukraine from being swallowed up by Russian leader Vladimir Putin? Or do they want to side with drug company profits, tax breaks for the wealthy and Putin?”

Oh, what a ball of nonsense to untangle. First of all, nobody’s on the side of Putin, but I noticed that he waited to invade Ukraine until Trump was gone and Biden was President. I have a feeling that wasn’t a coincidence.

And has anyone done more for drug company profits than Joe “Take this untested vaccine or else!” Biden? According to Democrats, all tax breaks are for “the wealthy,” including the Trump tax cuts that disproportionately helped lower- and middle-income earners. Of course, the biggest tax of all is inflation. He will brag about lowering the rate of increase in prices, which was caused by his profligate spending and lowered by the Fed’s painful interest rate hikes. Slightly slower price increases don’t help put food on the table or pay the mortgage, especially now that the median monthly mortgage payment is around $2200.

Let me be clear: I’m not mindlessly on the side of any political party, not even my own, at least not at the expense of the nation. I’m on the side of America, which I see hurting and under assault. I’m not supporting Trump because I think he’s perfect or I worship him. I’m not a Democrat so I don’t look to politicians for saviors. I have a Savior already. I want politicians to be public servants who love America and want to make things better for all its people, not to abuse their offices to demonize half the population and terrorize the other half, just so they can keep their sorry rear ends in seats of power.

So the big question isn’t “Can Biden get through tonight’s speech without having a meltdown?” The question is, can the rest of us?

Guests to look for tonight

Here are some of the guests to look for at tonight’s State of the Union Address. I’m telling you now because I do not expect the mainstream news outlets to identify some of these people, since it would not look good for Biden and the Democrats to remind you of their existence.

And here are two people who were invited but turned it down, for obvious reasons.

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