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June 11, 2021

As someone who has visited Israel many times, as well as Europe’s former concentration camps, I have always been appalled at how lightly people toss around terms like “Nazi” and “Hitler” to tar their political opponents. It’s an insult to Holocaust victims to belittle their suffering to score cheap political points.

However, I’ve noticed that the media have a glaring double standard on this. Leftists can call conservatives Nazis all day long and nobody bats an eye. But if someone points out legitimate similarities between today’s radical left like Antifa and the tactics of the Nazis, they risk fierce condemnation and even losing their jobs, like actress Gina Carano.

That’s why this story poses a quandary: I don’t like Nazi analogies. I know that as a conservative, I’ll probably get attacked for making one. But when the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association publishes an article called “On Having Whiteness” by psychoanalyst Donald Moss, arguing that simply being white is a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” that makes white people hate and terrorize others, and for which there “is not yet a permanent cure”…how can that not bring to mind Nazi-era propaganda blaming all of Germany's problems on Jews and calling them parasites? If you trade out “white” for “Jew,” it’s virtually indistinguishable from “Mein Kampf.”

At least I can take comfort that I won’t be the only one attacked for pointing out the obvious, as you can see at the link. Others called it pure hatred, sick and evil, and racist psychobabble. One doctor said it made him want to throw his psychology degree in the garbage.

Shockingly, that was actually considered a “research paper,” based on accepted tenets of “Critical Race Theory” (which is why CRT needs to be kicked out of schools.) It even appeared in a peer-reviewed journal, meaning that other psychologists actually read that piece of vile, racist insanity and decided it was worthy of publication. That should forever destroy the credibility of “peer-review” in the psychiatric field.

Meanwhile, some peers of this author are much wiser about that garbage than he is. Meet the black Columbia University professor who’s urging any parents who are truly anti-racist to take their kids out of a New Jersey private prep school that’s adopting CRT before they’re taught that the essence of a person is “cringing, hostile group identity against oppression.”

In Loudon County, Virginia, where schools are pushing this racist propaganda, one brave teacher, Lilit Vanetsyan, became a celebrity overnight after a video went viral of her confronting the school board and accusing them of running “indoctrination camps” where kids are taught to hate themselves or others because of skin color and to “root for socialism by the time they get to middle school.”

Finally, check out this MUST-SEE video of a mom who survived China's Cultural Revolution blasting the Loudon County school board for promoting the same kind of bullying, brainwashing and thought crimes she had to endure under communism.

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