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November 3, 2023



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Mike Huckabee


Congratulations to the Tennes family of Michigan for scoring a great legal win for religious freedom. They were banned from selling wares from their farm, Country Mill Farms, at the East Lansing farmer’s market after dad Steve Tennes said on a Facebook post that as Catholics, they believe marriage is between one man and one woman. City officials began pressuring the market to ban them, then created a new policy requiring vendors to “embody the spirit of the market" by complying with the city’s “ordinances and public policy against discrimination.”

The Tennes family said they never discriminated or refused service to anyone, and they sued the city for violating their First Amendment rights. Backed by the Alliance Defending Freedom, they got an injunction to continue selling at the market. Now, after six long years of legal battles (in which, I might add, the city officials were clearly and outrageously in the wrong from day one), a federal court ruled in their favor in August, and now, a federal appeals court has upheld that ruling.

Their ADF attorney said it’s not just a victory for them but for free speech and for other vendors who will now be protected from having the city kick them out because of their beliefs.

Incidentally, the farm’s mission is “to glorify God by facilitating family fun on the farm and feeding families.”  Steve Tennes added, “We continue to happily serve everyone who comes to our stand.” And these are the kind of people whom today's leftists think represent the biggest threat to America.

Kentucky UPDATE:

Earlier this week, I told you about the 11-story coal plant in eastern Kentucky that collapsed, trapping two workers inside. Since then, rescuers found one of the workers, but tragically, he did not survive. As of this writing, they’re still trying to locate the other under a tremendous amount of steel and concrete. One witness said it reminded him of what he saw in New York after 9/11. Rescuers warned that it “doesn’t look good,” but the Governor urged people to keep praying for him and his family.

Feeling the heat

Back in the USA, Biden is feeling the heat from the surprisingly (to some) large numbers of Democrats who support Hamas over Israel, enough that it’s dropping his poll numbers and eroding his reelection chances even further. The appalling anti-Semitism of the left is also hitting other Democrats, with Sen. John Fetterman taking flak even from former staffers for his strong defense of Israel. And dozens of brainwashed Columbia University students staged a walkout of Hillary Clinton’s class on women’s involvement in peace processes because she told the truth about Hamas just using ceasefires to rebuild their weaponry and attack Israel some more.

I wonder if any of those overprivileged young ignoramuses realize that Hamas’ view of “women’s involvement in the peace process” is that they’re there to be raped, beaten and burned alive?

Rep. Rashida Tlaib continued her lobbying of President Biden to demand a ceasefire and her blaming of the suffering of Hamas’ human shields on Israel. And she can keep on spewing her bilge because an attempt to censure her failed, thanks to the unanimous votes of all House Democrats (who applauded when the measure failed) plus 23 Republicans.

The Republican nays included some solid conservatives like Rep. Chip Roy, who raised objections that the resolution was legally or factually flawed, or that it infringed on free speech, even if the speech was vile and reprehensible, as Tlaib’s virtually always is. You can read more at the link above and see if you agree with them.

And these are all the 23…

At least if Tlaib is allowed to keep freely spewing her hateful toxic sludge, she will also keep reminding America’s voters exactly what she is and what her fellow Democrats actually applaud.

Reason #10,518 Not To Send Your Kid To Harvard:

Watch the editor of the Harvard Law Review verbally and physically assault an Israeli student during an anti-Israel protest on campus. I'm sure he expects to have a cushy, well-paid job awaiting him upon graduation. I hope and pray that he is dead wrong.

Seriously, trade school is a far better choice at this point. Harvard has mostly become about making connections, and you don’t want your kids connecting with slime like this.


Latest laughable attempt at a hit piece on new Speaker Mike Johnson:

He can actually relate to struggling working Americans because he hasn’t enriched himself like so many of our other “public servants” who mysteriously become multi-millionaires while working at a government job that pays $174,000 a year.

Apparently, they're claiming he has too much integrity to be the House Speaker. If that’s the criteria, we might have to bring back Nancy Pelosi.

Good and Bad News

The bad news: President Biden responded to the rising wave of anti-Semitism by deciding that the real problem is “Islamophobia.”

The good news: He put Kamala Harris in charge of fighting Islamophobia, so we can assume he doesn’t really take this claim seriously, and we’ll likely never hear another word about it.

As noted in that article, the number of hate crimes against Muslims is dwarfed by the number of hate crimes against Jews, and I predict that divide is only growing much wider every day.

FYI: If this ludicrous liberal response to the attack on Jews sounds like a joke, it might be because it was a joke that the late, great Norm McDonald told seven years ago.

Democrats just received shocking news:

If you let criminals out of jail early, about 70% of them will go back to committing crimes.

Fauci Watch

With so many other earth-shattering stories going on, we haven’t been keeping you up on the latest on Dr. Anthony Fauci. But we’d hate for you to miss this story from the Daily Mail. It’s about an investigation of a taxpayer-funded NIH lab in Montana overseen by Fauci that allegedly was experimenting with coronaviruses shipped from the Wuhan lab and tested on bats a year before the COVID outbreak.

If liberals who worship Fauci still aren’t moved by this news, maybe they’ll care that the lab was a hotbed of animal cruelty. One visitor called it “disgusting” and “awful;” said it was “a place where animals are sent to suffer,” and “you can see the pain in these animals’ eyes;” and asked, “How is this place even legal?”

Maybe it wasn’t. Then again, if it was run by Dr. Fauci, does it even matter if it was illegal?

Christians have a point…

I mentioned recently that while liberals used to mock Christians for not wanting Halloween in school because they think it’s satanic, now it's liberals who are trying to ban it because it might offend various ethnic or grievance groups. But I think Christians still have a more solid basis for their complaint when one teacher in Arizona celebrates Halloween by dressing up as a devil, waving a pitchfork over students’ heads and saying, “Hail, Satan.”

“Election Fraud Is A Rightwing Conspiracy Theory”

A judge in Bridgeport, Connecticut, overturned the win by the incumbent mayor in the Democratic primary after watching what he described as “shocking” surveillance video of absentee ballot voting fraud. Is this like the video in “2000 Mules” that we’ve been assured means nothing?

The video allegedly showed 16 incidents of the vice chair of the Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee and operations specialist for the city and a former City Council member stuffing ballot dropboxes, dropping off absentee ballots or handing them off to others. Under the law, absentee ballots can only be returned by the ballot applicant, a family member, a police officer, an election official or a caretaker. The two officials took the Fifth, and the office of the (Democrat) Secretary of State (who was named as a defendant in the case) argued that the court should reject the challenge to the ballots. 

The plaintiff also claimed many ballots were improperly stamped or missing signatures, but the judge ruled that they were “substantially compliant” (So the election integrity standard is “Eh, close enough”? Was this Connecticut or Arizona?)

Nevertheless, the judge ruled that with the margin of victory being only 250 absentee votes, the ballot box stuffing video was sufficient evidence to overturn the election and order a new primary.

It’s ironic that while Democrats always claim there’s no such thing as voter fraud, we now have evidence that they’re even doing it to each other.

Is this really news?

This newsletter is supposed to feature commentary on the news, but when Mitt Romney slams a fellow Republican for standing up for conservative principles and blocking Democrats from getting what they want, I’m not sure if that even qualifies as news. So I’ll just let Bonchie at comment on it.

I’ll add that while I’m sure there are some well-deserved military promotions being held up, it’s hard to imagine that most of the people the Democrats want to promote will do anything with that increased power other than undermine and weaken our military.

Take a closer look

If you’re buying or selling a house, take a close look at your Realtor commission to make sure it adds up. A jury in Missouri just found the National Association of Realtors and several residential brokerages guilty of conspiring to inflate sales commissions on over 260,000 homes in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. They found them liable for $1.78 billion in damages, which could be tripled to over $5.3 billion under US antitrust law. The defendants denied any wrongdoing and are planning to appeal.

RIP Bob Knight

Legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight died Wednesday at 83 at his home in Bloomington, Indiana. Our condolences and prayers for his family.

During his 29 seasons coaching the Indiana Hoosiers, he was a three-time national champion and made the Final Four five times and the March Madness tournament 24 times. He also coached Texas Tech from 2001 to 2008, then became an analyst for ESPN. He was a member of both the Basketball and College Basketball Halls of Fame.

Knight was also notorious for his sometimes volatile temper, like the infamous throwing-a-chair-across-the-court incident, but now is not the time to dwell on that. Like us all, he had his faults, but unlike most of us, he was uniquely great at what he did. That’s what he’ll be remembered for.

Israel Update

Here’s today’s Fox News link to the latest updates on the war in Israel…

The top news over the past 24 hours: Israeli troops are closing in around Gaza and engaging in fierce battles with Hamas militants. They report killing a Hamas commander and capturing 37 terrorist suspects. They’ve also begun using explosives to destroy Hamas’ 300-mile network of tunnels beneath Gaza that are used to hide out and stage terrorist attacks.

Here are some statistics for the useful idiots to Hamas who like to accuse Israel of committing genocide (and especially those in Congress): Israel has so far dropped more than 1 million leaflets, sent 6 million text messages and made 4 million phone calls to Palestinian civilians in Gaza urging them to evacuate. That’s because unlike Hamas, they DON’T want to kill innocent civilians.  

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is in Israel, where he met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other top Israeli officials and is expected to talk to the press later today. I hope he will also talk to his boss and tell him that now is not the time for a ceasefire or a “humanitarian pause” or whatever other dumb euphemism is being used for “giving Hamas more time to restock its ammo, fortify its positions, find new hiding places and take more hostages.”

Israel Aid Bill Passed

The Republican House passed a stand-alone aid bill for Israel. It passed with the votes of 12 Democrats and without the votes of two Republicans, Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Details here:

A New Jobs Report

The Labor Department reported Friday morning that in October, the US economy added 150,000 jobs, significantly lower than the 180,000 forecast by economists. The unemployment rate also “unexpectedly” rose to 3.9%, the highest in two years. And the job gains for August and September were revised sharply downward by a total of 101,000 jobs, as this article puts it, “suggesting that the labor market is weaker than it previously appeared.” No fooling?

Those downward revisions have become kind of a running gag of late, with the government trumpeting big jobs numbers, then quietly lowering them a month or two later. I’ve taken to treating these rosy jobs reports sort of like negative stories about Trump: I reserve judgement until after enough time passes for the truth to come out.

If you’re looking for a silver lining, I suppose you could argue this means those higher interest rates are finally having the desired effect of putting the brakes on economic growth to lower inflation. But it illustrates the vicious cycle that incompetent leadership has created: Government spending ignites inflation, interest rates are jacked up to cool the economy and reduce inflation, and if “successful,” that means fewer jobs are created and we could go into a recession.

To the average American, all that adds up to everything they buy costing more, every debt they owe costing more, and it’s harder to find a job to pay for any of it. Heckuva job, Joe!

Bonchie at has more, including the hilariously pathetic attempt by the Washington Post to spin these underwhelming job numbers as a win for Bidenomics.


Hunter reminds us he’s an addict to distract from Biden financial scandal

Coverage of the Biden financial scandal actually runs along two separate tracks:  first, the actual money trail that implicates now-President Joseph R. Biden in a multimillion-dollar international family influence-peddling scheme, and second, the special treatment given to Hunter (and, by extension, Joe) by our nakedly partisan “Justice” Department and the rest of the legal system.

Today, let’s start with the second track, and include the media as part of that system.  On Thursday, USA TODAY allowed itself to be used by Hunter and his defense team by publishing an op-ed under Hunter’s byline using his addiction as a last-ditch ploy to deflect scrutiny and draw attention away from the mountain of evidence against him and his family that is growing day by day.  It got attention, all right, but in a shameful public relations spin that, as Emma-Jo Morris at BREITBART NEWS put it, “insults millions of Americans struggling with illness and millions more with a loved one who is.”

The piece Hunter and/or his attorneys put together refers to the “all-out annihilation” of his “reputation” (!) in a “vile and sustained disinformation campaign.”  Wouldn’t it seem that by engaging in the types of ill-advised and illegal behavior and business influence-peddling activities he was involved in, documenting every lurid moment of his life exhaustingly on his laptop, and abandoning it at a Delaware computer shop, he ruined his reputation all by himself?  Just the fact that he did all this tells us that Hunter Biden is indeed dumber than Mykola Zlochevky’s dog.  On crack.

If he wants to know who ruined his reputation, he should look in the mirror.

But, no, Hunter points to the “stigma” of addiction.  He suggests that he’s under legal and political scrutiny for being an addict and that this attention from “partisan and craven factions” will dissuade users across the country from getting clean.

“The weaponization of my addiction by partisan and craven factions represents a real threat to those desperate to get sober but are afraid of what might await them if they do,” he writes.  “It is already a near-impossible decision for addicts to get sober, and the avalanche of negativity and assault of my personal privacy may only make it harder for those considering it.”

He tries to have it both ways in this piece.  While striking out at others and wrapping himself in his addiction, he also says, “I accept that the choices and mistakes are mine.  I am not a victim.  By any standard, I grew up with privilege and opportunity, and fully accept that the choices and mistakes I made were mine, and I am accountable for them and will continue to be.  That is what recovery is about.”  He’s right; it is.

And Hunter is to be commended if he is in sobriety, as that would mean he has come a very long way from the depths of addiction.  That is something to celebrate.  It might be considered a miracle that he is alive, as so many don’t make it.  And it’s always difficult for someone in the public eye.  But his piece, when taken as a whole, comes across more like a PR effort or legal strategy suggested by his $1 million-a-month defense team (paid for by a fabulously wealthy Hollywood entertainment lawyer friend) than a heartfelt plea on behalf of other addicts.  Just the opposite --- it plays like an exploitation of addiction.  The program for recovering addicts typically involves taking responsibility and making amends for one’s own behavior, not striking out at perceived enemies.  Hunter is somehow trying to thread the needle and do both here.

Hunter knows perfectly well that the investigation into his and his family’s finances has nothing to do with his being an addict.  Ironically, his piece comes as the focus really has moved from his past personal behavior --- the “old news” --- to his family’s emerging money trail, the “new news.”  He’s the one talking about his addiction, not Congress and not us.

As Emma-Jo Morris points out in BREITBART, “...Ironically, as he wraps himself in the struggle of addiction, and wraps himself in the pain of millions across this country who grapple with it, he is the one demonizing addiction by attributing cashing in with the ‘(bleeping) spy chief of China’ as just the normal behavior of addicts.”

Sarah Arnold at TOWNHALL writes about this, too, offering more from Hunter’s piece.  (Yes, it brings up brother Beau, who died of brain cancer.)  Hunter also attacks Rudy Giuliani, Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro by name, saying they shouldn’t be allowed to “debase me and dehumanize me for their own gains.”

Arnold views this op-ed as an attempt “to re-direct the light away from his questionable businesses,” seeing as it was published the day after the House Oversight Committee released a memo saying Joe Biden received $40,000 in “laundered” Chinese money from CEFC, via brother James and his wife Sara.

And thanks to Arnold for passing along Miranda Devine’s tweet: “Hunter Biden’s woe-is-me op-ed in USA Today is a strategic misdirection as congressional investigators close in on his father’s financial involvement in the family’s corrupt influence-peddling schemes.  It’s not about you, Hunter.”

Here’s the full Hunter Biden op-ed:

Now, let’s move from media to courtroom.  Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA has some pure speculation about how Hunter might be able to slither out of a conviction.  The FBI, she suggests, will actually try to claim Hunter was one of their assets, a confidential human source “or something.”  She brings this up in a fascinating interview (included at the link) with former transcriptionist for President Biden Mike McCormick, and he admits he’s considered this possibility, too.

Maybe such a ruse actually could stop the prosecution of Hunter.  But it would come nowhere near explaining the big money circulating among the Biden family, including, as we now know, to Joe Biden’s own bank account.

Speaking of Joe Biden’s bank account, House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer has come up with a handy chart to show the flow of money into it.  He traces some of the money from one $5 million transaction with a CCP-owned Chinese company, showing how Joe eventually gets his cut, with a personal check from his sister-in-law saying “loan repayment.”  Comer, whose background is in the banking business, is able to simplify a very complex scheme to show the American people what the Bidens were up to.  Let’s go to the video...

Margot Cleveland has looked at Comer’s presentation, along with a 12-page memorandum from the Oversight Committee’s staff to the majority (GOP) staff, with a lawyer’s eye and tells the story of that particular payment in a new column.  The trail started with Hunter’s apparent “shake-down” of a Chinese business associate at CEFC, with a threatening text in which Hunter claimed his father was sitting there in the room with him.  Hunter was demanding $10 million or else.

We know from a memo found on Hunter’s laptop and verified by business associate Tony Bobulinski that 10 percent of this deal was supposed to be held by “H” for “the big guy.”  Cleveland notes that, sure enough, the $40,000 pocketed by Joe is exactly 10 percent of the $400,000 Hunter got from the CEFC funds.

She also points out that these funds originated from individuals connected to the CCP who first partnered with Hunter while Joe was Vice President.  It was money their company paid after Hunter’s threatening message, and he used his father’s name and (claimed) presence to back up his threat.

There’s much more to come.  In the meantime, if you have friends or family who still believe there’s “no evidence” of Joe Biden’s financial involvement in this scheme, please share this…

Dumbest Story of the Day

By “Huckbee” pop culture guru Pat Reeder

This isn’t what I normally write about, but I had to share it because it gives new meaning to the term “bird brain.”

The American Ornithological Society just announced that it’s going to rename over 100 bird species because their current names are somehow politically incorrect or insufficiently woke, or as their president simperingly put it, “exclusionary and harmful.” For instance, the Audubon’s shearwater will be renamed because despite being the greatest illustrator of birds in history and a man whose name is synonymous with bird watching, John J. Audubon was a slaveholder who opposed abolition. Question: How many people even knew that and how exactly does it “harm” anyone in 2023?

If you think that’s obscure, how about these names that must be changed in the name of confusion…sorry: “inclusion.” Gambel’s Quail, Lewis’ Woodpecker, Anna’s Hummingbird, Bullock’s Oriole, Bewick’s Wren and Scott’s Oriole. That last one was named after Winfield Scott, a General who removed the Cherokees from their land. I’ll bet a Venn diagram of people who would be offended by that and people who even knew it would probably encompass about enough people to fill a toucan cage.

God only knows what sins Lewis and Anna committed. And who the heck were Gambel and Bewick? If you have to go to Wikipedia to find something to be offended about, you have a pretty good life. Some might accuse me of being a Pollyanna, but she was right when she taught us that if you go looking for the bad in people, you will surely find it.

The reason this grinds my gears is because birds and I are on a first-name basis. My wife Laura and I support several parrot rescues and share our home with a dozen rescued parrots and cockatoos. Even though I converse daily with birds, I have no idea, nor do I care, where the names of their species came from.

For instance, we have a Goffin’s cockatoo. Who was Goffin? What if he sold wooden nutmegs to Native Americans? What about our Meyer’s parrot? Did Meyer commit the same offense as Speaker Mike Johnson and have a great-great-great-grandfather who was a Confederate soldier? We also have a Jardine’s parrot. Did Jardine ever say the N-word (if he did, I hope it wasn’t around a parrot.)

Sorry, I’m not going to start calling our Quaker parakeet an Atheist parakeet, or our Amazon parrot a “woman of stature parrot.” And anyone who tries to make me can take the umbrella that our Umbrella Cockatoo, Ozzy, was named after and shove it you-know-where.


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  • Donna

    11/03/2023 06:11 PM

    Have signed up for your free newsletter numerous times and never received. I don’t have an email address that is censored. Yet you keep saying you want people to subscribe. Why would I when I can’t even get your free version? Please don’t offer a free version and act like people can sign up for it when you never send it. That is just dishonest.

  • John Walter Doberstein

    11/03/2023 04:50 PM

    A friend shared the post about renaming birds, I replied: "I this is expanded to other sciences, Soon entomologists will be renaming 'ladybugs' as 'Birthing person Bugs'!"

  • Jim Greer

    11/03/2023 01:24 PM

    I don’t think it’s a big deal that the Trump children have been dragged into this “witch hunt” called a trial against their father. They should just go in there and quote Merrick Garland “um, l don’t seem to recall - l’m not sure - l may have heard about that” etc! Oh and my personal favorite, could you repeat the question?