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October 27, 2023



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Maine shooting update

As of this writing early on Friday morning, a massive manhunt joined by the FBI and even a Border Patrol unit is under way to find Robert Card, the suspect in the deadly mass shooting in Maine. The victim numbers have been revised, and it’s now reported that at least 18 people are dead and 13 injured. Authorities believe Card might have spent a long time planning this attack and had an escape/hideout plan in place. Here’s a page with regular updates on the story:

I mentioned yesterday that many Democrats couldn’t wait for any facts to surface before leaping to use this unspeakable tragedy to push their one-size-fits-all solution for all crime: more gun control laws. The Biden White House is calling for an “assault weapons” ban and lawsuits against gun manufacturers for…manufacturing guns, I guess.

As usual, these proposals overlook the obvious: Card was known to the police to be a threat; he’d been institutionalized, heard voices in his head, and had threatened to shoot up a National Guard post. Yet he was still walking around loose. Do you really think even more red flag laws would’ve stopped him?

And as for attacking gun makers or gun ads or a particular type of weapon that’s actually seldom used in shootings like this, the people pushing those ideas can’t even be bothered to get their basic facts straight:

The cold facts are that the causes of most gun violence are gangs and drugs, both of which have been exacerbated by Democrat policies like zero bail release of criminals and open borders. Most gun violence is committed with small arms, not semi-automatic rifles, and takes place in blue cities. When we have a mass shooting like this, in the vast majority of cases, it’s either someone who mentally snapped and had no history that would have come up on a background check; or someone known to the police to be a threat, but nobody did anything about it – which tells you how well even more gun laws would have worked, when they don’t even enforce the laws we already have.

One Maine resident cut through all the political exploitation with a bolt of truth. When asked by a reporter how he felt, having to hunker down in his home and protect his family from a mass shooter, he replied that in a “situation like this, I wish I had a firearm.” I hope he remembers that Democrats are working overtime to make it next to impossible for law-abiding people like him to get one for self-defense.



Israel Update

Here is today’s Fox News page of continually-updated news on the war in Israel:

Among the latest developments: Israel’s Defense Minister said the ground invasion of Gaza is close, and it won’t be brief. He said it will be a question not of weeks but of months. Iran is threatening the US if we get involved in the war, but that didn’t prevent US forces from striking Iranian proxies in Syria that have been attacking US military personnel in Iraq and Syria over the past week. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the strikes were in self-defense. When asked if Iran will retaliate, he replied, “It’s not uncommon for them to strike back. If they do, we’ll absolutely do what we have to do to protect our troops and our facilities. We’ll be ready for that.”

We’re seeing way too much of this garbage: Campus Reform has video of a pro-Palestinian demonstration at Florida State University where people declared solidarity with the “Palestinian resistance” and called for the eradication of Israel and Zionism. This was organized by Students for a Democratic Society, Tallahassee Community Action Committee and Freedom Road Socialist Organization-Tallahassee (nothing screams “freedom” like a bunch of anti-Semitic socialists.)

The IDF released footage of interrogations of some Hamas terrorists who admitted they deliberately acted in barbaric fashion and were no different from ISIS, so if anyone at those rallies cares to learn about what kind of scum they’re embracing, they can watch it here:

This is from MIT, but it’s just one example of how Jewish students are being terrorized by violent rhetoric from anti-Israel leftist radicals on campus, the same people who a month ago were screaming that “words are violence” and even “microaggressions” were unacceptable if they made anyone feel unsafe.

This post from Instapundit contains excerpts and links to several articles that together draw a chilling picture of how being a Jewish student on campus today has suddenly started resembling being a Jew in 1930s Germany, with alleged liberal Democrats acting the role of the Nazi brownshirts. Jewish students are being told to hide out and keep quiet for their own safety.

One Twitter user posted, “’Librarians bolted the doors and approached the identifiable Jewish students and told them they could hide in the attic if they wanted to.’ ‘In the attic’...hide the Jews in the 2023.”

But wait: I thought colleges were spending millions on “diversity, equity and inclusion” departments whose officers were trained to sniff out and snuff out even the slightest hints of discrimination against marginalized groups? With Jewish students facing the worst wave of threatening anti-Semitism in decades, shouldn’t this be their moment to step up? As Tablet magazine reports, don’t hold your breath…

A Tale of Two Justice Systems:

This week, rightwing journalist Owen Shroyer began a 60-day sentence in federal prison for a speech crime. Because of outdated COVID protocols, he’ll have to spend the first few days in solitary confinement. The same judge who gave a Proud Boys leader who wasn’t even in DC on January 6th, 2021, a 22-year prison sentence also sentenced Shroyer, who never even entered the Capitol. He was accused of inciting others by chanting “1776” outside the building.

The prosecutors were seeking twice as long a sentence, claiming Shroyer "spread election disinformation paired with violent rhetoric" prior to the January 6 Capitol riot, and that while "Shroyer did not step foot inside the Capitol, he did not need to; many of those who listened to him did instead. In the aftermath, he has blamed 'Antifa' and told his followers: 'We should have been proud of what happened.'"

You can certainly disagree with that and claim he was wrong, but I fail to see how his speech wasn’t protected by the First Amendment. There should be no laws against speech in the US other than speech that directly harms others, such as making death threats or false advertising claims or shouting “Fire” in a crowded theater. If someone claims to have committed a crime because you chanted “1776,” then the consequences should fall on the person who actually committed the crime. You can’t blame the actions of an unhinged person on another person’s speech. If so, then why didn’t they arrest the Beatles for inspiring the Charles Manson murders?

Meanwhile, in the other “justice” system that prevails in DC, Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman was charged with a misdemeanor for pulling a fire alarm that caused an evacuation of a Congressional office building, allegedly to prevent a vote on a GOP budget bill to prevent a government shutdown. He could have faced six months in jail. But Bowman – who by his own Party’s definition, committed insurrection by attempting to block official House business – was given a sweetheart deal to have the charges dropped in three months if he pays a $1,000 fine and writes a formal apology.

Say, do you know a really good, quiet place to write a formal apology? In solitary confinement at a federal prison.

By the way, the same networks that gave wall-to-wall coverage to the January 6th prosecutions somehow couldn’t find 10 seconds to report on a Democrat politician being charged with committing a crime to disrupt government business.


Big Salute

A big salute to Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who was confronted by a reporter pushing the tired, false accusation that Republicans are “banning books” because they’re passing laws to keep books with wildly inappropriate sexual content and LGBTQ propaganda out of elementary schools. Her answer should be studied and emulated by every Republican faced with that nonsense.

First, she pointed out that when she read one of those books allowed, the very same media outlets pushing for them to be given to kids censored her because the content wasn’t even appropriate for their adult audience. Then she hammered the big lie of the left by noting that these books are not “banned.” Anyone can buy them. Parents can even buy them and read them to their children on their own time, if they’re really terrible parents. But it shouldn’t be the place of schools to expose children to porn.

People used to have no problem understanding basic concepts like that material that’s inappropriate for kids shouldn’t be in elementary schools. If people have gotten so dumb that they can’t grasp that anymore, then schools really need to get back to basics and stop wasting time pushing gay porn.

Related: Scholastic Books, the venerable organizers of school book fairs for kids, might want to talk to Gov. Reynolds for a reminder of how to do their job. Again, it isn’t that hard: Keep porn out of school book fairs.

Trump fraud case update

In the New York fraud case that accuses Donald Trump of overvaluing his assets on loan contracts, Trump’s attorneys ripped the prosecution’s only witness to microscopic shreds this week.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohan had to face cross examination, and it demonstrated why Nancy Pelosi banned the right to cross examine from her January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee. Trump’s lawyers forced Cohen to admit that he used to praise Trump, then turned on him and started vilifying him on CNN when that became more profitable; that he has significant animosity toward Trump; and that he is a convicted perjurer who spent three years in prison for lying numerous times under oath. They even got him to admit that Trump never explicitly told him to inflate the value of his properties.

You’d think this would devastate the prosecution’s case to any fair minder juror. Luckily for the New York Democrat authorities, they didn’t allow Trump to have a jury. He just got a judge who decided he was guilty before the trial even started.

The judge’s attitude has been clear from the get-go, including putting a gag order on Trump against criticizing his staff and fining him $5,000 for violating it, then fining him another $10,000 this week. Trump had tweeted that the judge was biased and “a person who is very partisan” was sitting “alongside” the judge. The judge called Trump to the stand and asked to whom he was referring. Trump said he meant his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. The judge declared, “I find the witness is not credible” and that he was really referring to the judge’s law clerk, so he fined Trump another $10,000.

Later, after the judge refused to toss the case even after Cohen admitted that Trump never directed him to inflate his property values, Trump surprised the court and his own attorneys by saying, “Unbelievable,” and standing up and walking out, as Secret Service agents rushed to catch up with him.

I’m not an attorney or a legal scholar, but it seems to me that an already highly-questionable gag order like this becomes even more indefensible when it’s so vague that even the judge can’t say for sure whether the defendant violated it or not, but then fines him anyway.

On the other hand, the ACLU has a lot of lawyers, and although they despise Trump, even they think this gag order business stinks to high heaven.


Dissing the University

Nearly three weeks have passed since the Hamas massacres of unarmed Israelis propelled us into a new and troubling future. With naval and air forces still being deployed around Israel, it is too early to tell if the existing regional conflict will metastasize into World War III.

Almost as nerve-wracking as the potential for Armageddon has been the sudden emergence of an overdue certainty: The vaunted American educational system has produced a generation of moral and spiritual illiterates, pampered know-nothings unable to think apart from the comforting electronic hum of online everything. But wait, those are just the professors and administrators! Hey, let me tell you about the students, those proud, SAT-sanctified denizens of Harvard, Columbia, Stanford and Penn, to cite only the most notorious examples. Men or women, mis-gendered or still deciding, those exemplars of critical thinking are unable to distinguish right from wrong, victim from oppressor, Anne Frank from her Waffen SS execution squad. As the young cretins recently tore down posters of kidnapped Israeli children, Candace Kahn made a horrific discovery while watching an obscenity-laden Instagram post: “And that’s when my heart dropped: I know her. Sarah—who I’ve since learned from the internet seems to go by the name Lucky and prefers they/them pronouns—and I went to college together at Northwestern.”

Then there were those George Washington University students who projected anti-Israeli slogans (“Glory to our martyrs”) on the walls of the Gelman Library (seriously, folks?). There was also the UC Berkeley teacher who tried to give extra credit for attending a pro-Palestine walkout. From coast-to-coast, it truly seemed as if academe had lost its marbles. .

Even England’s prestigious Cambridge University seemed oblivious to irony when it recently began “blacklisting books in a ‘sinister’ new decolonizing drive.” University librarians began asking “lecturers to flag ‘problematic’ books that might be ‘offensive or harmful.’” Fortunately, both Cambridge and Oxford Universities are run by dons, not by PC librarians questing for self-importance. Marion the Woke Librarian must have winced at the acerbic riposte by Prof David Abulafia, an eminent Cambridge historian: “Identifying books because they are seen as problematic itself has a very problematic history – witness bibliographies in the Nazi period where books by Jewish authors are marked with a star…It is absolutely not the task of librarians to sit in judgment, least of all in a university where they don’t do any of the teaching and where it is vital to promote free debate.” Any questions, Marion?

Meanwhile, other Americans were beginning to see the outlines of a larger problem. On October 13, Marc Cowan, CEO of Appollo Global Management, wrote a scathing denunciation. “At the University of Pennsylvania, where I sit on the Wharton School’s Board of Overseers, leaders have for too long allowed this kind of anti-Jewish hate, which sanitizes Hamas’s atrocities, to infect their campuses. There must be consequences. I call on all UPenn alumni and supporters who believe we are heading in the wrong direction to close their checkbooks until President Liz Magill and Chairman Scott Bok resign.” And just this week, billionaire investor Leon Cooperman, son of Polish-Jewish immigrants, announced on FBN’s Liz Claman Countdown that he was suspending all donations to Columbia’s business school. “I think these kids at the colleges have **** for brains. (Hereafter) I’m giving my money to other organizations.”

Americans believe deeply in sending their off-spring to college, often making tough sacrifices to pay for a privilege that now seems horribly over-priced. At worst, it also appears to justify the familiar criticism that these sky-high tuition payments actually purchase little more than leftist indoctrination. Until very recently, there was no way to prove that allegation except by canceled check stubs where your tuition savings used to be. Nowadays, however, the perfidy of American academe dominates every news broadcast, university administrators finding inventive new ways to do even less. At Harvard, for example, President Gay formed a new task force for “doxxed students” on both sides of the controversy, an easy ‘solution’ when you have no idea what you’re doing. Her Dean of Students proudly gushed, “we appreciate the collaborative spirit in which students, faculty, and staff have come together to repel this repugnant assault on our community,”

Hogwash! But until we can figure out the best way to De-Fund the University, write your congressman about why we even need that so-called Department of Education.

Colonel (Ret.) Ken Allard is a former member of the West Point faculty, Dean of the National War College and on-air military analyst for NBC News.

Rep. Jamie Raskin lied big about Biden bribery evidence

The expression “to gaslight” comes from the 1944 movie in which a mentally sound woman is deliberately driven to doubt her own sanity by the lies told to her over and over. We hear the term often these days, simply because we’re subjected to gaslighting all the time, typically by the agenda-driven: advertisers, politicians, bureaucrats. Washington DC truly is the home of the whopper. No wonder so many people just tune out all politicians and don’t even bother to vote. (Note: that’s a reason, not an excuse. There’s no excuse for not voting.)

Yesterday’s example of a politician’s lie coming to light was Jamaal Bowman’s insistence, even as he was pleading guilty to setting off an emergency-exit alarm in the Capitol building, that he didn’t mean to disrupt anything, that he made a mistake because he was in a rush to get to the floor of Congress for the Speaker’s vote and the doors that were normally open wouldn’t open. For some reason, he claimed he thought the plainly-labeled fire alarm was the emergency unlocking mechanism for the doors. Yes, Bowman had DISRUPTED CONGRESS during OFFICIAL BUSINESS, which has been the pretext for sentencing numerous January 6 defendants to many years in prison.

But the same day he made this claim --- avoiding any prison time at all, or even having a misdemeanor charge on his record --- video footage was released showing Rep. Bowman quickly and nonchalantly removing the warning signs on the exit doors without even attempting to open them, then quickly triggering the alarm and leaving. Thanks to the existence of that video, we may conclude that Bowman has been lying to us.

Now he’s just avoiding us, hoping this incident will die down. And it probably will (with help from the “news” media, which largely ignored this story), as another lie rises to take its place in the public consciousness. In the meantime, this will be his clever avoidance technique...

Without that video, the public might have grudgingly given him the benefit of the doubt. After all, that’s what the law is supposed to do: presume him innocent until proven guilty. Fortunately for Charles Boyer’s character in GASLIGHT, he’s going about his business in the late 1800s, when no video could possibly exist of him turning the gaslight down. As long as there are no eyewitnesses, he’s free to do as he pleases.

Bowman might not even have to use his avoidance strategy for long, because the very next day, there was a new lie exposed. Our newest Lie Of The Day, concerning the “Justice” Department’s assessment of evidence against the Biden family, was told in the form of public statements by serial liar Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, just now being brought to light.

Recall that yesterday in our commentary about Sen. Chuck Grassley’s letter to the DOJ/FBI, we linked to a story in JUST THE NEWS about U.S. Attorney Scott Brady’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, telling them his investigative team had found enough evidence of criminal wrongdoing by the Biden family to refer criminal matters to three separate U.S. attorneys’ offices: Manhattan, Brooklyn and Delaware. He testified that he thought “there was reluctance on the part of the FBI to really do any tasking relative to our assignment from DAG [Deputy Attorney General] Rosen and looking into allegations of Ukrainian corruption broadly and then specifically anything that intersected with Hunter Biden and his role in Burisma. It was very challenging.”

IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler had given similar testimony. Anyway, that story sets the scene for Raskin’s lie, so here it is again.

Here’s the telling excerpt from JUST THE NEWS:

“Brady also directly contradicted claims by Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, alleging that his office had not found the FD-1023 informant report credible and shut down that line of inquiry.”

“‘My understanding of Mr. Raskin's public statements is that, based on the determination that I and my team found the allegations in the 1023 not credible or other information not credible, we did not escalate the assessment to a limited or full investigation,’ Brady said. ‘That's not true.’”

(ASIDE: If Democrats controlled Congress, Jamie Raskin and not Jim Jordan would chair the House Judiciary Committee. Something to tell your friends who might not think elections make any difference.)

This observation by Brady, placed at the very end of the story, did not escape notice by such analysts as Bonchie at, who reports that the House Oversight Committee is accusing Raskin of lying. “Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady’s testimony CONFIRMS Ranking Member Raskin LIED about the FBI’s Biden Bribery Record. The U.S. Attorney’s Office uncovered enough indicia of credibility of the evidence and recommended further investigative steps to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware…”

Here’s their full tweet (“X”?). The comments are pretty entertaining as well, along the lines of, “Jamie Raskin lied; so what else is new?” But the best comments are the ones asking some version of, “What are you going to do about it?”

The question remains: what ARE they going to do? Kentucky Rep. James Comer, who chairs Oversight, has written to Raskin demanding an apology and correction. The DAILY CALLER prints his letter, unintentionally hilarious for its inside address to “The Honorable Jamie Raskin.”

The rest of the letter is great, too, especially this paragraph:

“Additionally, we ask, Mr. Raskin, that you take seriously your position as Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability and its incumbent responsibility to be honest regarding facts learned in the course of investigations—even those that are inconvenient to your own political views. While we appreciate your role up to this point has been to play defense counsel for the Biden family, it is time to follow the evidence and speak the truth.”

Brady had also said in his testimony that the FBI never told his office about Hunter Biden’s laptop, let alone that they had confirmed it was real.

“I would have thought that would be something, especially as has been publicly reported, there’s information relating to Hunter Biden’s activities on the board of Burisma in Ukraine, that might have been helpful in our assessment of the information that we were receiving about him,” Brady testified. “I would have expected that to be shared.”

As for Raskin, Bonchie likens him to renowned liar California Rep. Adam Schiff, who will forever be remembered for his lies perpetuating the fake Trump-Russia connection. “On more than one occasion,” Bonchie says, “Schiff claimed to have seen direct evidence that collusion occurred. He has never produced it to this day.” Jamie Raskin just might be in his league.

Breitbart News has a good write-up on the story as well. Wendell Husebo notes that back in June, former Attorney General Bill Barr discounted what Raskin had said.

From their archives:

Bill Barr Dispels Democrat Jamie Raskin's Claim DOJ Ended Bribery Probe (

So, will this most recently uncovered incidence of gaslighting reap any serious consequences for Raskin and his party? It should, but almost certainly will not. We can hope enough people are sick of being lied to by the most conniving serial liars like Schiff and Raskin (Schumer also comes to mind) that it will make a difference on Election Day. (In our own party, we’ve been heartened by the choice of Rep. Mike Johnson as Speaker, as he seems extremely candid and well-spoken.) In the meantime, whenever somebody tries to turn down the gas, we just do our best to turn the light back up.


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  • Kyle Pankonin

    10/28/2023 09:28 AM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I am a big supporter and fan of yours. I also support HuckPac. I do think that you owe Matt Gaetz a public apology. He did our country and the Republican party a huge service by exposing Kevin McCarthy and taking him out of leadership. It took a few weeks but we have a much more conservative, honest, and godly replacement. The process may not have been pretty but it was needed and is the best thing to happen for Republicans in quite some time. Your analysis and commentary on this topic was way off in my opinion.

  • Peter L. Hadley

    10/27/2023 07:23 PM

    he liberals wants guns out of the hands of good people and use mass murder incidents to reinforce the idea.

    True story on a survey by Sierra Research on the Governor of N.Y. asking his opinion of her. The interviewed person said he was not impressed with her as governor - for one, she had a flaw in her new gun law and the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional!!!

    The interviewed guy said that she then tried to sneak another gun law, worse than the first one on her state. The the interviewed asked the questionnaire can I ask you a question that proves the stupidity of all these gun laws - and crime/murders still continues? She said "OK".

    "What would you do if a rabbid bat; skunk; cat or dog bit your child?" He then asked, "Would you take his teeth away from it?" Complete silence and then a response - "I see what you mean."

  • Carmen Price

    10/27/2023 04:14 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I am sick of the 2 tiered justice system..........I wish there was some quick way to get all the J6th prisoners out of jail.............they did nothing wrong.
    Have you seen "Police State" the movie, if not you should, it's great.
    Take care, keep fighting