May 20, 2017

It’s official: Time magazine has transformed from being America’s leading news weekly to being such a leftwing caricature of itself that it’s now stealing anti-Trump covers from MAD magazine, a proudly juvenile humor periodical that boasts that it’s written by “the usual gang of idiots.” I guess that’s another thing Time copied.

This may be a new low for Time, but it’s just the natural progression in a long downward spiral for once respectable publications such as Time and Newsweek. They’ve gone from at least trying to be objective news reporters and analysts to promoting a transparent one-sided liberal view, even to the extent of selecting and manipulating cover photos to insure that Democrats like Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer seem to be lit by the golden glow of their Photoshopped halos while Republicans look like the Grinch with a nasty hangover (in one case, they let a cartoonist go ahead and depict Newt Gingrich as the Grinch, that easy joke possibly marking the first step on their long road to going MAD.)

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But then, it’s hard to blame them for pandering so shamelessly to their target market. A few years ago, Newsweek sold for a dollar. I don’t mean the issue price; I mean the entire company was sold for a dollar to a buyer who was willing to take on its debt load. In the age of the Internet and 24-hour cable news, bringing out a weekly news magazine is sort of like trying to sell the latest news from 1918. I expect next week's issue to accuse Trump of leaking classified information to the Kaiser.



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