September 19, 2019

In case you’re keeping track of the ever-growing list of feeble excuses that the left offers up for its failures, we’ve recently seen Hillary Clinton blame voter suppression for her loss in Wisconsin; the Mayor of Chicago blame neighboring Republican states for all the shootings in her city; and officials in Montgomery (sanctuary) County, Maryland, blame President Trump and conservative media for a spate of illegal immigrants committing rape and child abuse there. Now, today’s addition:

The California Legislature passed a resolution blaming the disproportionate rates of suicide among the gay and transgender community on religious groups who refuse to give up their Biblical-based beliefs about sex and gender and adopt the LGBTQ viewpoint.

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It appears that nobody is allowed anymore to suggest that at least some transgender people might have mental issues they should address, even the ones who commit suicide. The only possible reason that might happen is the “stigma” they feel because not absolutely everyone has embraced (or been forced to embrace) their personal version of reality. 

Read the linked article to see just how staggeringly “disproportionate” those numbers for self-harm and suicide are.  Then think hard about whether that’s really because religious people don’t endorse the notion of 57 genders or because psychiatrists have been terrified by political activists into pretending their gender confusion is perfectly normal and healthy.  Also think about whether the left’s insistence that none of them might need counseling rather than surgery and drugs might have more to do with it than some churches they don’t even attend.   



Once again, the floating mines unleashed by the left have drifted back in their direction and are sinking their own.  The latest unintended victim of “cancel culture” is liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose reelection campaign was rocked by a last-minute release of photos in him in blackface at a long-ago costume party.  

Of course, if you’re valuable enough to the left, the unforgivable somehow becomes forgivable (see “Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam”), as the media find creative ways to soften the blow. If this were about a conservative politician, the makeup would be described as outrageous, offensive, racist blackface makeup.  But note how Time magazine tries to soften the blow by softening the shade, referring to it as “brownface.”  If you’re going to make it a hate crime for anyone ever to dress up as someone of another race, even to the point of attacking Sean Spicer for dancing the samba, then the difference between “blackface” and “brownface” seems rather academic. 

Incidentally, thanks to Instapundit for rounding up a few of the more amusing conservative reactions to Trudeau’s predicament.


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A surprising new poll found that despite the relentless promotion of climate change (or “chaos” or “catastrophe” or whatever the current media-approved scare word is), only 51% of Britons, 38% of Americans, and fewer than half of people in many European countries think that humans are mainly responsible for climate change.

For young people (especially the very young) who think their elders are crazy for not panicking over our imminent demise, maybe the problem is that we've lived long enough to have passed several dozen certain deadlines for extinction by now. The Competitive Enterprise Institute was helpful enough to compile a list of dozens of failed environmental doomsday predictions going back 50 years.  Click here for a nostalgic reminder of the many apocalypses that all of us over 50 have miraculously managed to survive.

And as if to prove that apocalyptic environmentalism is not science but a substitute for religion, NBC News has created a web page called “Climate Confessions” where they encourage people to confess their “sins” against the environment.

Most of these are pretty minor sins, like eating meat or using plastic bags instead of paper.  But where are the people confessing the real sins, the ones that brutally violate the most sacred tenets of the environmentalist Earth-worshiping religion? For instance, where are the confessions reading, “I took a private jet to a four-star resort in Europe for an environmental conference” or “I spent millions of dollars I made from my climate change scare movie to buy a huge ocean-front mansion when I’m the only one who lives there”? 

I guess those aren’t considered sins since they’re committed by the high priests of the religion, and they just absolve themselves.


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“ISIS: It’s Always the Last Place You Look!” Dept.  While Facebook’s “algorithms” are working 24/7 to censor conservative comments and pro-life videos, they seem to have developed a bit of a blind spot when it comes to removing pro-ISIS terrorist pages.  According to a report on terrorism on social media by the National Whistleblower Center, “Nearly 200 auto-generated business pages for the Islamic State were recently identified” on Facebook, “and dozens more pages for other terrorist groups including Al Qaeda and Ansar Al Sharia remain on the site.” Maybe someone should tell Facebook that they’re also sexist and violently anti-gay, and then maybe they’d do something about removing them.

Incidentally, if Facebook is thinking of claiming that they sneaked in under the radar by hiding behind innocuous names, it should be noted that these pages were auto-generated by Facebook’s own algorithms, and they include such names as “I love Islamic State,” “Afghanistan Terrorist School” and “Islamic State Training Camp.” Facebook responded, “While we cannot catch every one, we remain vigilant in this effort.”  Still, I can’t help wondering if “I love Islamic State” might have been removed a lot faster if it had been named “I love Donald Trump.” 

Speaking of finding ISIS where you’d least expect it, do you remember hearing from the media that an American Airlines mechanic who was arrested earlier this month in Miami for allegedly trying to sabotage the airspeed control system of an airliner was motivated by dissatisfaction with employment contracts and overtime pay?  Well, it’s now been reported that the mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, had downloaded an ISIS video onto his cell phone and distributed it to others.

I’m sure nobody who reported the story ever expected anything like that. It just shows that you can never predict when a news story is going to take a shocking and unexpected turn.


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  • Kay DeWitt

    09/24/2019 02:13 PM

    If Christendom had not made such a mockery of what it means to be a Christian who believes that the Bible is our guide as to what is. and is not sin, the world would better understand how, as vessels of HIS love, we, as does Jesus, love the sinner and hate his sin. OF homosexuality! But because we never hear about how the call to discipleship is a call to holiness...we pick up our purse rather than our cross...and so the world judges us by our own worldly standards that is not focused ON the standard of holiness that defines our posture toward the sin of homosexuality!

  • mark hamler

    09/23/2019 12:07 PM

    My wife just took a manditary confrence for the state of Mich for culture awarness which was on the clock for all State health workers. This event goes all over the state in order to cover all employees.
    This event is 3 hrs long, plus travel pay for those who must drive long distance.
    The confrence starts out having each different Religion stand all but Protestents and so on.
    It then goes on for 2.5 hrs on why gay's are being discrimiated against and the 15 different ways someone can call them selves. They go into depth regarding there own lives and others that face discremination. For those who work for WIC and infant support this does not mean anything since one must have had a baby or are due. Christians are put on the spot and are forced to adher to those on the job. This needs to be addressed since it's are tax dollars being used for gay agenda.

  • Cliff Newman

    09/21/2019 06:36 PM

    So many Americans today have spent so much of their time reading and believing fake news reports rather than Gods Biblical truth... they have been brainwashed to believe the world rulers lies. And the world rulers lies are only there for one reason... to dumb us down so that we the people are more easily manipulated, controlled and ruled.

  • Luella Bandstra-Johnson

    09/21/2019 02:03 PM

    Love hearing your stable views.
    I am concerned about we Christian here in America so keep up the good work.

  • Topper Baker

    09/20/2019 05:59 PM

    thank you for your TRUE AND ACCURATE reporting of the various stories you write about. You are a blessing to those of us that love the truth and hate the lies of fake news people. Please continue on with your excellent work, knowing that you are truly appreciated and was your daughter for her service to our country.

  • Raymond D Babcock

    09/20/2019 03:05 PM

    If you have 2 chromosomes or you have the equipment that goes with it. Then you declare your equipment is wrong. Not even a knife will change reality. There something going on and will probably never get it. Perhaps time on the coach will help.

  • Diana De Ruyver

    09/20/2019 01:32 PM

    If climate change is so real, please tell me why meteorologists who disagree with the rhetoric are jailed in France and perhaps other countries. It would also be interesting if non- climate change meteorologists would meet and discuss the truth and fantasy about global warning and report on it. Also, how many meteorologists who do not agree with the politics/mania of climate change would be employed if they admitted they did not believe in global warming? Bottom line: It is another control mechanism by the left. Thank you Mike for the great job you do of bringing the truth. Best regards,

  • Kathleen Duke

    09/20/2019 12:09 PM

    RE: Facebook Censure
    I am a Christian Conservative Pro-Trump Supporter, and yes, I have been placed in FB jail because I apparently posted/shared too many texts in support of President Trump and Pro-Life texts, none of which were offensive. I belong to many groups supporting President Trump (e.g. Hannity Fans, Judge Jeanine and Sarah Huckabee). I post notices of Trump Rallies, advising of date, time, place and television channels providing coverage, etc. Facebook notified me of suspension with no explanation or warning and it started out with suspension through 09/25 at approximately 12:30 pm. Since first email notification, I received at least 4 more notices, with date and time of suspension ascending to 09/26 at approximately 9:50 pm. I followed their instructions many times trying to appeal. On each occasion, it said "error please try later". So, there is absolutely no recourse for Facebook users, and they continue to discriminate against Conservatives. Somehow, someway we need to force Congress to act against this because I am certain this will affect our 2020 election and support for President Trump.

  • james robert huffman

    09/20/2019 11:39 AM

    Yes the chickens are coming home to roost..

  • Beverly A. Francolino

    09/20/2019 10:50 AM

    Thank you Mike for this really informative “Evening Edition”! Very informative and enlightening! Thanks Again....Wish you would get back on TV in your own show - always looked forward to it! XOX

  • Betty McGill

    09/20/2019 10:02 AM

    While I am far from being a fan of Justin Trudeau's political leanings, I am appalled at the continued idiocy that suddenly finds decades old innocent instances to be hateful and unacceptable. Good grief, it was a COSTUME party with a specific theme. I think about others, the young lady who was slammed for wearing a beautiful classic Chinese dress to her prom. And what about my brother's high school play in 1964, a fine little production of "The King and I" -set in Siam (Thailand). Oh heavens, they used makeup and costumes to appear more authentic!! Must they now all be considered racist? I have no patience for any really thoughtless and unseemly remarks or behavior designed to belittle anyone of ANY race, religion, political persuasion, or harmless personal choice. But get a grip, folks, Trudeau looked like a pretty good Aladdin, and we do not need to be offended...and I'm thinking Aladdin himself might just be flattered.

  • Charito Holbrook

    09/20/2019 09:59 AM

    Do not fear the fight! Stand in the power of His Word and the authority of His name. The God that fights for you is greater than whatever fights against you. The battle belongs to Him.

  • Donna Yates

    09/20/2019 09:55 AM

    Mike, Why aren't all the "Hollywood Elitists/Leftists" not standing up for PM Trudeau? He was doing what they all do, pretend to be someone they are not. Here's the only difference, they get paid to do that and it's okay. He was at a party and it's not okay even though it was a theme party where everyone dresses up as someone else. Does that mean Halloween is out this year? Does that mean little girls and boys are not allowed to play dress up anymore because if they do it may come back to haunt them as adults because Mom or Dad took pictures of them dressed as a Princess or as a Pirate. Oh How Racist!!! If I dress up like the witch from "The Wizard of OZ" and my husband as the Scarecrow mean we are racists to witches and scarecrows or to farmers? What about Jack Haley who played the Tinman. He had to be painted with silver paint and Margaret Hamilton was painted greenfaced to play the wicked witch. How many of movies or TV shows do actors and actresses play dress up and get paid more than regular folks to pretend to be someone else? And that's not racist? Why because they are getting paid to do that? Or because they are Leftists and they get to make up all the rules as they go? Eventually the Leftists will not only destroy society but themselves because they will all turn on each other as there will be no one else left to turn on but each other.


  • Willem Erasmus

    09/20/2019 07:47 AM

    Governor, when will we see legal action against the Fisa abuse conspirers the corrupt has been FBI upper level? maybe their above the law!

  • Barbara Summerhill

    09/20/2019 07:11 AM

    I believe the name “Democratic” party is a cover up! It is and should be called what it is! The Demonic Party!

  • Jenny Lynn Hubbard

    09/20/2019 01:52 AM

    Oh, Facebook is certainly being diligent. A man was being rude and disrespectful throughout a discussion on a pro-life site. I finally thought, "He doesn't want a dialogue. He is just trolling us." So, I ended it with a simple comment, "Good night, Mr. Troll." It worked. No more comments from him.
    Facebook called my comment bullying and removed it. The trolling dude got to keep his rude insults, however.

  • Rachel Kessler

    09/20/2019 12:49 AM

    ?? ?????!!!!
    As always, you are spot on and you do it with humor! I love reading your newsletters and would love to meet you next time you are in Israel. Thank you for your unwavering support.

  • Eva Dearing

    09/20/2019 12:03 AM

    I think Facebook is a DISGRACE and should be stopped COMPLETELY! And while they are at it why is Omar and Talib still in Congress? I mean really talking about ISIS TERRORIST groups these two are really bad news.

  • gary stilwell

    09/19/2019 11:49 PM

    for the lgbt crowd--you are in sin-the bible tells us so. It also tells us to "love our neighbor" I have no problem with how you conduct your lives or how you feel. That is between you and your maker.
    When you chose to force your sick lifestyle on me and my family-regardless of how you do it, you will face severe resistance--
    I am not surprised to hear that the suicide rate of your kind is increasing--you are screwed up in the head-so sad. Unfortunately, I do not know a way to make a leopard change it's spots--I think you are doomed unless the socialistic group can come up with some sort of drug to make you a member of the human race again---

  • Amelia Little

    09/19/2019 11:31 PM

    I see Prince Charles wasn't too successful in his prediction!!! And, when they first started crying global warming--I had mentioned 1974 was about the time global cooling was being touted (although others said, nah, it was later) but glad to see articles that did say 1974. And, my opinion is--quit jacking around with weather and climate--obviously, those determined to offset global cooling went a tad too far!! lol. And I do occasionally get memes on fb showing how much smaller the ice caps are--but I also get some which show they have actually grown some.

    I am glad to read that the airplane mechanic was denied bail--too often there are feel-good judges who make some bad decisions. If there is anyone who is a flight risk (no pun intended) I'd think this guy is one.

  • Jeannie Olsen

    09/19/2019 10:19 PM

    I would like to see you comment on the amazing win on AGT by Kody Lee, a blind autistic young man with a tremendous talent. The love of his mother for him was so obvious and siblings and father. It just shows how God creates wonderful humans and although they might have some limitations they also have God-given talents. Wake up you mindless leftists and celebrate EVERY life.

  • Cheryl Breon

    09/19/2019 10:15 PM

    It kills me that people even use the term "climate change". Hey, that's the definition of "climate". Ever heard of 4 seasons? Gee, wonder how long THAT has been going on? 6,000 years and change.
    Yes, weather changes..but I guess that's a news flash to the left! We were at a restaurant the other day and the waiter told us we didn't have to feel "guilty" about the straws because now they had paper straws! I told him we don't feel guilty in the least and next time I guess we'll bring our own plastic straws. Keep them in my purse. Of course, now their environmentally-friendly take-out boxes leak at the bottom since they're not made of plastic or styrofoam. Yes, it is officially a religion now....sins and all...confessions all around.

  • Jack macdonald

    09/19/2019 09:00 PM

    Isn't it past time to quit hiring people named Mohamed or mustafa or Hussein to work on airplanes? Who would we have held responsible if the 150 passengers had died? If I were an air crew or a passenger I would want to know that ISIS members are working on the plane I'm going to board. We are now beyond stupid.

  • Preston Gallup

    09/19/2019 08:56 PM

    Dear Mike Please check out my new book titled a firemans edge available on Amazon and barnes and Noble.

  • Rosemarie Kaupp

    09/19/2019 08:55 PM

    Never believed that lame brained excuse from airplane mechanic. Suspected terrorism immediately. It was too serious a malfunction.