October 10, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Columbus Day -- Targeting Christians -- Dolly Parton's new album -- Corker enabled Iran deal -- New AP Poll -- News Bits 

The upcoming session of the Supreme Court promises to include some landmark decisions. One case might finally lay to rest the controversial attempts to destroy Christian-owned businesses for declining jobs involving same-sex marriages. The Court will be asked to determine whether a recently-created right to same-sex marriage trumps the First Amendment right to be free from government coercion to force citizens to violate their religious beliefs.

This is of a piece with the Obama Administration’s attempts to force Catholic nuns to pay for contraceptive coverage. For today’s left, progressive politics is not only their religion, they think it’s the only valid religion and should be the official state religion, which again, the First Amendment specifically forbids.

We’ve already seen that the Court tends to side with those who seek freedom from government encroachment on their beliefs. The new SCOTUS with Justice Gorsuch will be determining the latest slate of cases, and they include that of a Christian baker facing everything from lawsuits and government persecution to death threats, simply for declining orders for same-sex wedding cakes. Oral arguments are set for December, so there will be fireworks this Christmas.


Mike Huckabee



Targeting Christians 

By Mike Huckabee

By coincidence, just as the Supreme Court was scheduling arguments on whether Christian businesses should be forced to serve same-sex weddings, a gay coffee house owner in Seattle was caught on video profanely ejecting some customers simply because he discovered they were Christians. They weren’t even demanding he cater to their beliefs; they were just trying to drink coffee.

Also telling: while Christians who declined same-sex wedding jobs have been the targets of Twitter hate mobs and death threats, the Christians he ejected appealed to the public not to wish any harm on the coffee shop owner.

For his part, the shop owner seems to believe that he has a right to refuse service to anyone who offends his beliefs, because it’s his business. Once again proving that if it weren’t for double standards, today’s “progressives” would have no standards at all.


Dolly Parton's new album

By Mike Huckabee

Dolly Parton has released many terrific albums and songs over the years, but believe it or not, she’s never released a children’s album – until now. Proceeds from her new album “I Believe In You” benefit Imagination Library, her own charity that provides over 1 million needy children in four countries with free age-appropriate books. You can read more and order a copy at this link. And if you admire Dolly as much as I do, you’re in luck: she will be my guest next weekend on the second episode of “Huckabee” on TBN.


Corker enabled Iran deal

By Mike Huckabee

Over the weekend, President Trump got into a Twitter war with soon-to-retire Republican Sen. Bob Corker, and as they say on the Internet, “Well, that escalated quickly.” At last check, Corker was suggesting that Trump was going to start World War III. Probably not best to bring up the subject of World War III when you authored the amendment that enabled Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran to bypass Senate approval.



New AP Poll

By Mike Huckabee

An AP/Norc poll claims that voters disapprove of the job President Trump is doing by nearly 2-1. Which would probably concern him a lot more if, on the day before the election (according to Real Clear Politics), there hadn’t been 21 polls in which 19 predicted Hillary Clinton would win by as much as 7 points.


News Bits

Way to go Lena Dunham. She speaks up about Harvey Weinstein.



My thoughts on President Trump's tax reform.



Cutting a deal on DACA



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  • Lee Zdunowski

    10/10/2017 01:59 PM

    I don't see the link for Dolly Parton

  • David dwinell

    10/10/2017 01:14 PM

    Corker leaving and he said that trump is starting world war three, you know when the going is getting tough, the weak, leave the ship,of state. Corker retiring proves it's all about him and screw the people. The swamp is draining too slowly for my tatstes.