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February 17, 2023

Not that there would ever be any good day to tweet the terrifying thought, “As California goes, so goes the world,” but California Gov. Gavin Newsom really picked the wrong day.

Newsom was touting the fact that the European Union just voted, like California, to ban gas-powered cars by 2035. I guess he’s happy that the Europeans have taken a leap into the same denial of reality he has, since neither California nor Europe has enough power even to keep the lights on now, but they think they’ll have enough in just a few years from sunshine and windmills to power their entire fleet of vehicles.

Newsom’s tweet was greeted with the responses it deserved, like wondering if the EU will also follow Newsom’s lead in releasing violent felons, allowing homeless camps to take over Europe and driving away the middle class (while they’re still able to drive.)

Speaking of the latter, Newsom chose to brag about California’s bold leadership on the very day that Census figures revealed that from April 2020 to July 2022, California’s population lost a net half million people.

While California is still the state with the largest population, it’s no longer the state that everyone wants to move to. Because of people fleeing the crime, homelessness, sky-high taxes and costs of living, irrational and iron-fisted COVID policies and other leftwing craziness, the number of people leaving surpassed the number moving in by over 700,000 for a new population loss of 500,000. Californians are bugging out for states like Nevada, Utah and Texas. New York had the second-greatest loss of residents with 485,000, I assume most of whom fled to Florida or Georgia.

In fact, Utah was ranked as the fastest-growing state because of so many California expatriates moving there. They’re causing issues with housing and water supplies, prompting Republican Gov. Spencer Cox to urge Californians to “stay in California instead of coming as refugees to Utah.”

I’ve long predicted that if brokers and other white collar workers ever realize that they could do their jobs on a computer from a beautiful house overlooking the ocean in sunny Florida that costs the same as a cramped apartment in dirty, chilly, over-taxed, crime-ridden New York City, it will spell the beginning of the end of the Big Apple as a major center of commerce. We might be seeing that starting to happen in both New York and California, where politicians like Gavin Newsom prove that with enough leftwing policies, it’s possible to make even a sunny paradise intolerable.

I just keep waiting for the day when Californians finally realize that they could stay right where they are and enjoy paradise again, simply by changing the way they vote.

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  • Gary Kalyn

    02/23/2023 01:50 PM

    Sarcasm: I question the data showing a population loss in California with people moving to other states. Living in Los Angeles I see a daily influx of homeless set up encampments on our streets. The number of derelict motorhomes and trailers on city streets and freeway overpasses keeps increasing. New community camps keep forming on freeway offramps. California offers free medical care, free money, and makes public the States adversion to any form of enforcement of laws restricting the "unhoused". Thus, California is not loosing residents, it is only loosing tax paying, law abiding residents. The uncounted and undercounted population of California is increasing at a healthy pace.

  • jeffrey avens

    02/20/2023 11:11 AM

    mr. huckabee your country needs you..we need a real leader to run whats left of need to make another run for the white house and save america..we are on the verge of ww3 and slow joe is more concerned with the toy in a cracker jacks box or licking ice cream cone.whats going on is insanity.congrats on raising a fine woman-daughter,she did a great speech on her rebuttel.she will make a fine president 1 and your wife are great examples to follow.thank you.

  • Wayne Abercrombie

    02/20/2023 08:26 AM

    Sad but TRUE.. so far I witnessed the onslaught of Californians taking over Montana, Wyoming, Washington state, and Nevada... many more out there for sure.. I lived in the San Juan Islands from 1986 until 2000 and saw housing prices go completely nuts, taxes more than doubled, knowing most everyone on the islands went away, traffic became "jam"... just from the California influence they bring with them (instead of leaving it in California, or better yet, STAYING in California) .. my home went from $130K to over $750K in a couple of years and property taxes swam off the island.. Montana, prices are out of reach as are all OTHER places Californians infest! They take their (what looks likes a $30K home, sell it for a million) profits and overbid everyone on a new place in the new location, driving prices over the hill, and of course property taxes... I agree with the comment, "STAY IN CALIFORNIA" finish ruining it, or CHANGE IT!

  • Mary Morrissey

    02/20/2023 06:42 AM

    Great article. So sad California is rotting from within. However you are preaching to the choir. Anyway to get your words out maybe on CA radio. Praying for our country

  • Carol J Mathews

    02/19/2023 06:58 PM

    They are coming to GA and that is why we lost to Dems. They are bringing their same failed voting ways. Seems that they do not understand how Cal or NY got so bad. WE are being ruined by these failed policies and somehow they do not understand that it got this way by the way they voted and kept voting and the absolute idiots they put into office. I also suspect that not all of them have left for better places but have very purposefully planned to infiltrate all Red states and make them into Purple pushing for blue. This is a plot just like getting drop boxes and harvesting ballots. Evil waits, plans, has patience, and then strikes.

  • Mary Milhone

    02/19/2023 06:17 PM

    Gov. Sarah gave a spot-on rebuttal. Absolutely the best! She is so smart. Arkansas is so lucky. You are a proud dad, I’m sure.

  • Michael Keene

    02/19/2023 05:29 PM

    Michigan is following in the footsteps of California and New York. The liberal Democrats are in control and doing the same thing the other States are doing.
    Instead of lowering taxes that the middle class would benefit from, handout $180 to the people who pay very little in taxes. That will keep those who are getting government subsidies voting for the Democrats.

  • Joel Palmer

    02/19/2023 04:54 PM

    Great article. However, we need to tackle the issue of how these transplants vote when they come to our Red states. I’m a Georgia native and have observed that they still vote Democratic. How do we change their worldview?

  • Linda Kelly

    02/19/2023 04:52 PM

    I love your daughter’s speech to Biden’s state of union, if you want to call it that. She would make a great President. I know she is a great Governor.

  • William Fuhrer

    02/19/2023 04:47 PM