September 6, 2019

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One of the immutable rules of “journalism” in the Trump era is that everything President Trump says or does must be spun, questioned, mocked or have aspersions or suspicions cast upon it. And even when they are caught getting the story wrong, it’s still somehow Trump’s fault (for instance, if he points out their lies and unprofessionalism, he’s “attacking the media.”) This is how the New York Times has managed to flush its reputation down the toilet, and yesterday, their White House correspondent Maggie Haberman gave us a shining example of it.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump tweeted, “Really Good Jobs Numbers!” Since the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers for August weren’t set for release until Friday morning, Haberman immediately jumped on that, darkly tweeting, “Did potus get an advance look at numbers out…tomorrow? And try to spin them ahead of time, which is deeply questionable as an action by a president?”


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Mike Huckabee

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Well, here’s a pickle for the Democrats

By Mike Huckabee

A federal judge sided with CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) in declaring the federal “terrorist watch list” unconstitutional. The judge ruled that the list “fails to provide constitutionally sufficient procedural due process” after 23 American Muslims claimed they “were unjustly labeled as suspected terrorists by their government, causing extensive harm to their families, careers, and ability to travel.”

Normally, this sort of ruling would be catnip to the left, but here’s the problem: they’ve been arguing that anyone on that list should be denied the right to buy a gun. When Republicans protest that the list is notorious for being poorly researched and wrongly including people who would have to undergo an expensive legal battle to get their Constitutional rights back, the Democrats vilify them, demanding to know why they want people on the terrorist watch list to be able to buy guns.

Okay, leftists, time to take a stand: are you going to admit that the federal terrorist watch list is an unreliable list that sometimes unjustly deprives people of their constitutional rights…or are you going to argue that all those Muslim Americans who claim they’re innocent victims of a faulty process are lying and should be denied the right to own guns because they’re possible terrorists?

In short, which will be more painful for leftists: talking like Islamophobes and siding against CAIR…or admitting that Republicans were right to oppose a gun control law?



And Another One Bites The Dust

By Mike Huckabee

Former Trump campaign worker Alva Johnson has dropped her much-ballyhooed battery lawsuit against President Trump, the one in which she accused him of forcibly kissing her at a campaign event, humiliating her and making her feel “reduced to just another object of Defendant Trump’s unwanted sexual attention.”

Johnson claims she dropped the lawsuit because she’s fighting someone with unlimited resources and the judicial system is biased in his favor, and totally not at all because all the witnesses flatly contradicted her story and a video of the encounter surfaced proving that all Trump did was give her a quick pat on the shoulders and peck on the cheek as he moved through a crowd of campaign workers, thanking them all.

Sorry, Democrats, another swing and a miss. But hey, you’ll always have Stormy Daniels. And I do mean “always,” because apparently, you’re going to keep dragging her name back into the news until Trump leaves office in 2024.


San Francisco Board of Supervisors blasted by the press

By Mike Huckabee

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ vote to declare the NRA as a “domestic terrorist organization” was so ludicrous that even liberal media outlets such as the L.A. Times and the Washington Post are blasting it, calling it “McCarthyism” and pointing out that it’s not the job of a county board of supervisors to designate terrorist organizations.

On the other hand, it is the job of a county board of supervisors to ensure that the streets and parks are clean, there’s available affordable housing, the city isn’t full of violent criminals, and the sidewalks aren’t made impassable by homeless camps, discarded drug needles, and human feces. Since the San Francisco Board of Supervisors can’t even address any of those basic duties, they have to find something to fill their time.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

The death toll from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas has now risen to at least 30 and could possibly rise “significantly higher” as authorities comb through the wreckage the storm left behind. The devastation is tragic and heartbreaking, and I hope you’ll pray for the victims and help with a donation to Samaritan’s Purse to get desperately-needed food and supplies to the scene right away and provide help longterm:

In the meantime, this unpredictable hurricane has yet to come ashore and perhaps never will. It’s currently a category 1 storm and is slowly moving up the East Coast, now bringing heavy rain, flooding and high winds to North Carolina and Virginia. Again, if you are along its path, keep a close eye on the news and be prepared to move to safety if told to.



Big Huckabee family news: my daughter Sarah, who begins her new gig as a Fox News commentator today, announced Thursday that she’s signed a deal to write a book about her life and her time in the Trump Administration.

The book is set for publication in the fall of next year, just before the election. Okay, all you objective, professional journalists, that gives you just over a year to write your scathing reviews before the book actually appears, so get cracking!



Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced this morning that he is officially abandoning his exploration of a possible independent run for President. You know your presidential bid isn’t going well when the first solid decision you’ve made is to announce that you’re quitting.

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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart."

- Heb 4:12

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  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    09/06/2019 03:56 PM

    Thank you so much Mike for giving us a reminder to donate to Samaritans Purse for hurricane relief. I donated and urge fellow readers to do so as well.

  • Lawrence E. Foster

    09/06/2019 01:34 PM

    The people responsible for reducing the 'city by the bay" to the "cess-pool by the bay" are a much bigger threat to the health and safety of Californians than the NRA. Not only have they managed to increase violence and theft in San Francisco, but they have brought back medieval disease like typhus and possibly even black plague to threaten the citizens as well. And that is on top of their policies which are driving out sane citizens. Because of the exodus from San Francisco, while houses continue to list a exorbitant prices, the actual sales prices are much lower. As the number of residents leaving increases faster than anyone coming to San Francisco, houses will become unsaleable. Californians, to quote that famous political philosopherB.H. Obama, "elections have consequences".

  • stephen russell

    09/06/2019 10:50 AM

    Hurricane Dorian:
    Princess Cruises Princess Cay island was untouched by Dorian.
    Princess Cay