March 19, 2019

Continuing our theme that being “progressive” means constantly looking backwards (digging up every bad idea from the past, from socialism to anti-Semitism to non-PC Twitter jokes to measles), Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the latest Democrat to try to rerun Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election campaign by calling for the elimination of the Electoral College.

Many Democrats are still whining about Trump’s presidency not being “legitimate” because he didn’t win the popular vote, which is irrelevant (if it had been a popular vote election, both candidates would have run completely different campaigns aimed at turnout.)  They say this is an affront to democracy, but America is not a pure democracy.  The Founders feared the tyranny of the majority and created a Constitutional republic for good reason, so that any candidate would have to win broad support across the nation, not just in a handful of heavily-populated cities.

Some dismiss this as putting “geography” ahead of people, but it’s actually protecting people.  People in farming or ranching states shouldn’t be steamrolled by voters 1,000 miles away who have no understanding or concern about their lives and interests.  If you want to see what a national popular vote election would be like, ask a conservative farmer in California or Colorado how well he feels his state government represents him now.   

Hillary was done in by a number of factors, not least of which was her decision to ignore the problems of voters in Rust Belt states.  So they voted for the candidate who actually came there and addressed their concerns (Trump), which is exactly as the Founders intended.

Even had to grudgingly admit that without the heavy leftwing turnout in California, Hillary’s “popular vote majority” would have vanished.

One of the benefits of being my age is that you’ve lived long enough to have seen people argue over the same issue from both sides of their mouths.  For instance, when I say that if Democrats win the next election by Electoral votes but lose the popular vote, they’ll suddenly start voicing deep respect for the Electoral system, it’s not just guesswork.  I remember the 2000 election, where Al Gore (when he thought he might win the Electoral but not the popular vote) piously warned that “this is not a popularity contest.”  After he lost the Electoral vote but barely won the popular vote, suddenly, it was a popularity contest.  Too bad for the Democrats it wasn’t a hypocrisy contest. 

Trivia note: Trump is actually the fifth President who took office without winning the popular vote.  The way “progressives” are so focused on refighting every battle from the dim past, I expect them to soon start protesting that Rutherford B. Hayes was an “illegitimate” President and demanding that he be replaced in history books with his Democratic opponent, Samuel Tilden. 


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  • Jesse Tomblin

    03/20/2019 01:33 PM

    All Democraps want the Electoral College gone which is also why they want open borders so the ILLEGALS can vote for them. They oppose any and all things that will remove their power. Which why they oppose voter IDS even though and ID uses the same paperwork as Welfare. That is why they oppose removing the names of people who are either dead or have stopped voting for some reason. Everything Democraps do is about them getting and keeping power. Look at what Nutsy said about letting 16 year olds vote. They care NOTHINV for anyone or anything except their political power.

  • Norm Grodi

    03/20/2019 12:19 PM

    Warren is a left wing nut case and those that would agree with her are the same. If HRC had won the election by winning the Electoral College . I bet not a word would be spoken of ridding the country of it,instead the dems would be all for keeping it. The dems and Warren, especially, would say that it works just fine.

  • David Colonna

    03/20/2019 07:43 AM

    When I was a younger voter I have to admit I was no fan of the Electoral College, but after reading and studying it more it now makes perfect sense and is much needed. If they want to revamp it so Republicans get elected every election then I support it even more. LOL However, it would be a blessing since the Democratic party has now become Satan's haven for destroying our country, our families and promoting immorality.

  • Linda Olds

    03/20/2019 12:52 AM

    Elizabeth Warren is a joke. She scavenges any ideas or tricks that work for others, and tries them. Too bad she won't be President Trump's opponent--it would be a wipeout.

    The Democrats are using various reasons to explain why Hillary lost to President Trump; Hillary even wrote a book about it.
    But wait, don't the Democrats already know why Trump won? Aren't they saying that it's due to his collusion with Russia? Hillary could have saved herself a lot of work. She didn't have to fill a whole book with was the Russians!
    But wait, wasn't it Hillary and the DNC that colluded to get the faked dossier on Trump in order to win the election??? No wonder the Democrats are so confused!

  • rodney burke

    03/19/2019 09:28 PM

    It's time we replaced this class of lib idiots with someone who is half way sane. Liz wants to disinfranchise 90% of american voters, that is a communist ploy, This is NOT hard to understand. That is ALL it is. Take the vote away from everyone who is NOT in CA NY and MA. this is raw tyranny. Nope, this won't work. It's past time for the dems to implode. Liz needs an adjustment to her brain. i won't say how that is to be done but...

  • James K Mills

    03/19/2019 09:16 PM

    Of course she wants to eliminate the electoral college. As you pointed out, Gore won the popular vote (big democrat cities) but lost the electoral college and George Bush became President. Ditto with Mr. Trump. If they got rid of the electoral college, the democrats would be mostly assured of winning the Presidential election every time because the election would be decided by New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The rest of the country they don't give a thought to, or if they do they think of us as "deplorables." I think it is the bigots who think they are "progressive" (they stole that term and totally misapplied it) who are the real deplorables. Thanks for your comments, Governor! I wish you HAD been elected President, but if you had, you would probably have just as much flack from Congress as Mr. Trump receives. You should probably thank God you lost the primaries when you ran for President! God was taking care of you!
    Added to my comments: They'll never get rid of the electoral college unless they convince the American people as a whole, including the "rust belt" to vote democrat across the board. The process to amend the constitution is strict enough that it would take overwhelming support to amend the constitution to eliminate the electoral college process. Thank God and the Founding Fathers for that! I'm pretty sure the Founding Father really were led by God!

  • James K Mills

    03/19/2019 09:10 PM

    Of course she wants to eliminate the electoral college. As you pointed out, Gore won the popular vote (big democrat cities) but lost the electoral college and George Bush became President. Ditto with Mr. Trump. If they got rid of the electoral college, the democrats would be mostly assured of winning the Presidential election every time because the election would be decided by New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The rest of the country they don't give a thought to, or if they do they think of us as "deplorables." I think it is the bigots who think they are "progressive" (they stole that term and totally misapplied it) who are the real deplorables. Thanks for your comments, Governor! I wish you HAD been elected President, but if you had, you would probably have just as much flack from Congress as Mr. Trump receives. You should probably thank God you lost the primaries when you ran for President! God was taking care of you!

  • Joanne Schmidt

    03/19/2019 09:02 PM

    It's OK to say it: the United States is a Republic, NOT a Democracy. To repeat a tired old quote from Ben Franklin, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch!”

  • Bob Clegg

    03/19/2019 05:06 PM

    Like her reparations idea. She won’t be giving any Native Americans what she stole from them and she won’t be sorry she stole the small states right to govern themselves.
    A truer socialist than AOC. It’s all about her

  • Michael Hutch

    03/19/2019 04:49 PM

    heavily-populated cities
    So let's see,
    NYC- Democratic
    Los Angles- Democrat
    Chicago- Democrat
    Boston- Democrat
    Philadelphia- Democrat
    Minneapolis- Socialist
    Seattle- ?????
    Portland- ?????
    Get the picture? The Founders were such brilliant people!!!!!!

  • William Rohman

    03/19/2019 04:36 PM

    Don't these people realize that America is not a Democracy, it is a Republic consisting of 50 independent states and equal, each with their own government. That means that the smaller states have equal representation in our government with the larger states. In order to prevent the larger states from bullying the smaller ones they designed our government with a bicameral legislature and an electoral collage. To change this, the smaller stated would have to give up some of their constitutional protection keeping them from being pushed around by the big bullies. So, I don't think we have to be worried about New York, California and their coastal companions running our country. This system works and they don't have the power to change it.

  • Phillip Stocks

    03/19/2019 03:42 PM

    Our founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they established the electoral college in the constitution.
    If you want small states to have no say in our presidential elections, then do away with the electoral college.
    If you want the states of New York, Illinois, Texas and California to elect our president, election after election, then do away with the electoral college.
    New York, Illinois, Texas and California have the highest populations of illegal aliens.
    How many of them are illegally voting in our presidential elections?
    Is it any wonder why the nanny state democrats want open borders and want to do away with the electoral college?

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    03/19/2019 03:39 PM

    What do you get when 100% of Power comes from "The Capital" and ZERO power is held by "The Districts"? You get "The Hunger Games."

  • Jeremy Pullum

    03/19/2019 03:24 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee,

    We need Grassroots Movements to fight back against the 11 and counting State Governments that have passed into law the National Popular Voting Interstate Compact. The NPVIC is so dangerous to our republic and to the representation of All Americans. I hate the thought of the final outcome if the compact is allowed to be implemented.

    Here is how I feel we can turn the tide on Americans understanding the importance the Founding Father's placed in the Electoral College System when they instituted it into the United States Constitution.

    1. I don't think all Americans currently understand the History and Process by which the EC works. Everybody in America wants to and deserves to be heard. The Electoral Process makes sure that that happens one state at a time. If anything the Electoral College provides the closest thing to One Person-One Vote an Electorate can get in our form of Representative Government.

    There has to be an education process about the EC System and how it works to All Citizen Voters Advantage. Whether that be on Social Platforms, Faith Based through the churches, or even quick 30 second TV Commercial Advertisements. I think Dennis Prager and his group at Prager University have done a nice job rolling out You Tube Presentations concerning among other topics, how the EC works.

    2. We need Strong Citizen Campaigns to come together and call on our State Representatives and Governors to introduce and pass laws reconfirming that each states Electoral College Votes will act independently from another states EC Voting Process. No states elected leadership should be able to just hand over it's Electoral Votes, or the will of it's people to a greater or Compacted National Voting System. States must pass laws re-confirming that Electoral College Voting Process will be carried out as the Founding Father's envisioned it to be in the US Constitution.

    3. For the states such as Colorado that have passed NPVIC into law, we need to do everything that we can to support the groups with-in those states fighting to repeal this dangerous vote stealing law currently sweeping our nations state governments. Outside of the Front Range Metropolitan Cities of Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins, you have rural Coloradans that have completely lost their voices at the Colorado State House. With the passage of this law, they very well might have just lost their voice in Washington D.C. too.

    We need those groups of people and their voices heard, not just in Rural Colorado, but throughout areas of the country where NPVIC has been passed into law.

    The National Popular Voting Interstate Compact, like so many other Progressive Campaigns is a Total Fraud. It doesn't do away with the Electoral College in favor of the Popular Vote at all, like it's proponents want to make people think that it would. It really perverts the Electoral College System by circumventing the individual states systems with the larger EC Systems of New York, California, Texas, and Florida. I don't see how that is constitutional or accurately reflects One Person-One Vote?

    As we know, God was at work in our Founding Fathers when they devised and wrote up our system of government. The Electoral College is no different. Had we not had this process in place we would be saying President Gore and President Rodham-Clinton right now. Sometimes God works to save us from ourselves.

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for taking the time to read my thoughts on this very important topic.


    Jeremy Pullum

  • Kenneth E. Blythe

    03/19/2019 03:06 PM

    I have a better idea , rather than eliminating the Electoral College , let's eliminate the Democrat Party .

  • Fran webster

    03/19/2019 02:47 PM

    Excellent analysis.

  • Nathan Paris

    03/19/2019 02:33 PM

    Of course, she would like to get rid of the electoral college. If Democrats had won elections by the electoral college? They would be ALL for keeping it! Both Al Gore/Hillary Clinton have lost due to it. NO thanks to New York and California. Next, Democrats would like to increase the electoral amounts in both N.Y., and CA.

  • Andrea Rosser

    03/19/2019 01:53 PM

    The lefties have completely lost their minds! I can't recall any time in the past 50 years when things have been as horrible as they are now! I am inclined to blame our educational system for all this nonsense. They started back in the '60s with the dumbing down of children. Tests were made "easier" so that poor and black children (that didn't have the benefits that white children supposedly had) were not left behind. Meanwhile, the white students were not challenged enough and were only taught the bare minimum... No more civics in class, no more history (that mattered). Then, God was removed from our schools by the ACLU... Every little whiney, butt-hurt person was vaulted to fame because they cried foul for one reason or another. Political correctness has run amok.

    Now, all the radicals that have been conniving behind the scenes for these past 50+ years are the educators of a whole new generation of whiney, butt-hurt little wankers. These people have absolutely no idea what they are wishing for... They want everything handed to them on a silver platter, just because they "are"... No work ethics, no education that amounts to anything... just greed and avarice.

    I fear for our country... after all, we are only 7 years away from the magic "250-year" expectation of a democracys' survival...

  • Jimmie Jones

    03/19/2019 01:36 PM

    Last week, a mass-murderer gunned down 50 Muslims as they worshipped in Christchurch, New Zealand.
    The eyes of the world immediately all turned on the incident, followed-up closely with the opining of left-wing outlets and pundits who all blamed President Trump, Republicans, and supporters of strict immigration policy for a white Australian “eco-fascist” turning a gun on a group of Bangladeshi Muslims. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has systematically been ignoring the mass murder of Christians around the world.
    Last year, 4,136 Christians were murdered for faith-related reasons last year. This breaks down to an average of 11 per day. In fact, in the last three weeks alone, 120 Nigerian Christians were murdered with guns or machetes wielded by Muslims. This incident was totally ignored by the media.
    I do not advocate the murder of anyone but I resent the overplaying of the New Zealand incident while the murders of fellow Christians are ignored.

  • Harold Rowan

    03/19/2019 01:04 PM

    Pocahontas will say anything to be Chief.

  • Dorothy J.Gavin

    03/19/2019 01:02 PM

    The demorats are so afraid of running a competitive race instead of popular vote alone. Hey guys This republic is just that. It was made that the large populous states cannot run the country without those states who are smaller having a voice. Warren has lied so much she is afraid to face truth. We need all states to get a fair shake not just those over run with illegals in sanctuary states. We will all be fighting this travesty that the progressives are now trying to foist upon us. Find a truthful way to win and stop trying to crawl under walls.

  • Vernon Hinz

    03/19/2019 01:00 PM

    Have you ever noticed when the Democrats push to change the rules on anything to what was intended in the constitution and they get their way, some where later along the way it bites them in the butt. Then they complain and want to reverse their last decision. Like for instance the required 60 percent vote in the senate to pass a vote. They had a fit when the tables turned on a vote this last year.

  • james randolph

    03/19/2019 12:54 PM

    The conservative ("Republican maybe") response - VOTE.
    Even in a BLUE or BLURPLE state .... VOTE.
    As a Colorado conservative,my state will probably vote "D".
    But, if the NATIONAL total is the magic talisman, my vote will actually count more.
    And I should try two other actions:
    (1) BEG others conservatives to vote.
    (2) BEG liberals to stay home - they have won anyway.
    I could try this strategy ...
    I offer to my liberal friend NOT to vote, if he/she does not vote. We cancel, too inconvenient, no real choices....
    If I do that with 20 of my liberal friends ....

  • Margaret Kost

    03/19/2019 12:45 PM

    We must never allow the electoral college to be eliminated! Where ‘every vote truly does count’, not just the popular vote of elites.
    God help our country by what the Dems daffy ideas would/could do to our constitution to negatively effect our republic.

  • Barney Flint

    03/19/2019 12:45 PM

    Well Gov Huckabee, If the demonrats want to abolish the electoral college, all of the blue state supporters should vote to succeed their respective states from the United States Of America and form their own country with their own country rules, budget, law enforcement, military, ETC. They can take their socialist democratic ideals with them and leave the rest of the USA to live with our common sense Constitutional Republic. They can then figure out where to steal the money from needed to support the new green deal when most of the population will not be working.