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March 25, 2021

We’re already seeing some free speech social media networks and apps starting to rise to compete with the censorious leftist giants of Silicon Valley, platforms like MeWe, Gab, Rumble and the recently-returned (reminder: the Capitol rioters mostly communicated via Facebook and Instagram, not Parler.) Last week, I told you that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said he is creating a new social media network for free speech. And now, the big dog has barked.

Former President Trump’s spokesman announced that he is creating his own social media platform that will launch in two to three months. Just as CNN’s ratings have tanked by as much as 50 percent once they didn’t have Trump to kick around and blame for everything from bad weather to their ingrown toenails, Twitter (which banned Trump) might learn that it will hurt them far more than Trump when he takes his tens of millions of followers to a new platform that competes with them.

These other platforms have a tough row to hoe, competing as small, poorly-funded upstarts against multi-billion-dollar established giants that act like ironfisted monopolies with no fear that the current government will stop them. They might not have such luck against a former President with billions of dollars himself and a built-in following of over 75 million voters. Frankly, if the competition sends Twitter and Facebook and all their censorious, cancel-culture trolls spiraling to the same irrelevancy as MySpace, it could be the greatest contribution Trump ever makes to saving America.

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