October 9, 2018

When pop star Taylor Swift finally let herself be badgered into abandoning her wise apolitical stance and endorsed the Democratic Senate candidate in Tennessee (conveniently just hours after performing the final date of her US stadium tour in Texas), her endorsement came with some nasty accusations about Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn.  There was also some boilerplate about LGBTQ rights that caused some commentators to note that it sounded nothing like anything Taylor ever wrote before but like the usual identity politics agitprop straight from the DNC talking points factory.


For anyone who takes the political pronouncements of pop singers seriously, here is an article by Tyler O’Neil of PJ Media, detailing the “three horrific lies” Taylor (or whoever actually wrote her statement) told about Rep. Blackburn.  It’s a must-read for anyone voting in Tennessee or anyone who cares about how the left routinely slanders Republicans. It's even more of a must-read for Taylor Swift who needs to learn that if you wade into politics, you’d better do your own research.  

Taylor, you “Should’ve Said No” and kept your “Eyes Open” to people trying to exploit your popularity for cheap political purposes. If only you’d said, “I Knew You Were Trouble," and when the leftists criticize you, just "Shake It Off."  But now, you’ll be crying, “Look What You Made Me Do.”  Thanks to knuckling under to the leftist pressure, there’s “Bad Blood” between you and your many Republican fans, “Everything Has Changed,” and they just might tell you that “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together.” 

(Note: to all my readers over 30, those are Taylor Swift song titles.  Don’t feel too old and unhip.  I had to consult Wikipedia, too.)


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  • Ron Reams

    10/14/2018 05:48 PM

    A rumor has spread that Taylor Swift isn't even registered to vote in Tennessee. Is there any way to verify whether that's true? If it is, this whole controversy has been nothing but a charade. She wants to tell how other people should vote and she's not even registered? That would be something!

  • Brenda Andersen

    10/13/2018 10:02 AM

    I was interested in hearing what you had to say until you cheapened & watered down the whole point of the article with your foray down cutesy Lane. I’m sorry I wasted my time. Please don’t turn out to be like liberals with verbal jabs. You are a trusted source of truth And I do hope you stay that way

  • Rreedy

    10/11/2018 07:22 PM

    WOW!! This was Perfect! Did TS see this? And the candidate she is supporting seems to not warrant her support.

  • Mena Griffiths

    10/11/2018 03:32 PM

    Very clever??

  • Judith Black

    10/11/2018 02:01 PM

    This is the "why" I do not watch any of the so-called award shows. I don't care to know what they think about any political issue.

  • Patsy holt

    10/10/2018 11:52 AM

    She is so uninformed like most entertainers. Just following the crowd. I’m through with her.

  • Carolyn J Blue

    10/10/2018 10:39 AM

    Governor, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again ....... I love you! You always seem to get it right!!! As far as Taylor Swift is concerned, I didn’t care for her When I first became aware of her entering the entertainment field, because of her ( in my opinion ) “Holier then thou” Attitude, and I don’t care for her now.

  • Sheila Jarman

    10/10/2018 10:03 AM

    Who settles a “Sexual Assault” and only ask for $1. This supposedly happened in Denver Colorado and I live in Pueblo and never heard anything about it. She should have just right hooked his butt and made a statement. I would rather have to appear in court on a simple assault charge than to waste the courts time to ask for $1 in restitution . What a joke.

  • Ron Cabral

    10/09/2018 04:54 PM

    Who is Taylor Swift??