July 21, 2016

In a strange way, Ted Cruz may have done a great deal to unite the Republican Party in his speech at the GOP Convention Wednesday night. By failing to endorse Donald Trump in a speech so shamefully inappropriate that he was booed off the stage, he showed even his supporters that they have dodged a bullet by not nominating him.

He has doubled down on his shameful performance this morning (and was booed again), insisting that this is “not about me” but pulling out all the stops to make it all about him. In his insistence on lecturing delegates, Obama-style, he has given us all a glimpse into Cruz World, and it is not a place we want to be. And Hillary Clinton has no doubt sent him a thank-you email with little smiley-face emojis all over it.

Members of the Texas delegation are so disgusted with him that some have said he couldn’t win re-election in his home state right now. One, Dianne Caron from Tyler, even referenced me: “I think Mike Huckabee made a good point before the convention --- no endorsement, no mic.” Words used to describe Cruz included “spoiled brat,” “self-serving,” “a poor reflection on Texas” and (in an understatement) “not Reaganesque.”

For more of what the Texas delegates had to say, click here.

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  • Michael Johnson

    08/07/2016 04:41 PM

    Ted Cruz promised to endorse the Republican nominee. Now he goes back on his word. Ted is one of those types if your not 100% in agreement with him your against him. He needs to heed the words of President Reagan, someone who agrees with you 8 of 10 times is your friend not your enemy.

  • Keifer graham

    07/31/2016 01:40 PM

    Ted Cruz stood by his principles. He still told people to vote their conscience up and down the ballot. The same people that booed and lectured Cruz are the same people and news media that said Bernie sanders should have stood by his principles but caved to establishment dems

  • KW

    07/23/2016 12:23 AM

    Unbelievable. So glad Mr. Trump let him make his speech. Cruz has now shown his true colors.