November 5, 2017


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Today's Commentary: About that millennial poll -- Socialist paradise -- A rare interview -- Trump administration releases documents -- Real stimulus -- Media bias 101 -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Here’s some more on that shocking poll, showing that about half of Millennials would rather live in a socialist or communist country than in a capitalist democracy (if they’re serious, I’m sure the people in those countries would be more than happy to swap houses with them.) This story tells us some of the people they named as heroes. Brace yourself.

I’ll tell you who deserves the title of Zero instead of Hero. Whoever has been teaching them history, economics and current events. That would explain why all they know about Che Guevara is that he looks almost as dreamy on their T-shirts as the Boston Marathon bomber did on the cover of Rolling Stone.



Mike Huckabee


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Socialist paradise

By Mike Huckabee

Something else for Millennials who love socialism to chew over: I assume most of those young "progressives" are also animal rights believers. Then they should know that in Venezuela, the poor zoo animals are going hungry. Meanwhile, starving people are breaking into the zoos and killing the starving animals for meat. Welcome to your socialist paradise.


A rare interview

By Mike Huckabee

If you’ve had a busy week, you might have missed this, so here’s a good chance to catch up. Justice Clarence Thomas gave a very rare interview to new Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who used to be his law clerk. He said some very wise things, made some sobering observations about the state of the nation, and set the record straight on how things really operate inside the Supreme Court, not the schoolyard rumors reported in the media. It’s a video well worth watching.



Trump administration releases documents

By Mike Huckabee

The Trump Administration has released 470,000 documents seized during the raid on Osama Bin Laden. The Obama Administration had kept them secret, while claiming to have released all these documents just before Obama left office. They show that despite assurances to the contrary, Iran did, in fact, cooperate with al-Qaida. Iran provided Bin Laden’s terrorists with arms, money, safe havens, travel visas and training in Hezbollah camps to help them strike American interests. There was even video of Bin Laden’s son’s wedding – in Iran. It seems that despite all the talk about the bad blood between Sunnis and Shiites preventing the two from ever cooperating, they found enough common ground in their strongest belief: “Death to America.”

Maybe this was kept from Americans for national security reasons. Or maybe because if we’d known Iran was helping the world’s worst terrorist organization, led by the man responsible for 9/11, it would have been harder for Obama to push through his deal to give Iran a planeload of cash, lift sanctions and let them build nuclear reactors. Then again, I have the feeling most Americans always thought that was an insane idea. Even if we’d known all this new information, would it have prevented Obama from pushing through his nuclear deal? Once he was safely past reelection and “had more flexibility,” the objections of Congress or most Americans to his policies were apparently of little concern to him. And that is one of the major real reasons why we have President Trump.


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Real stimulus

By Mike Huckabee

Is the GOP tax plan a perfect plan? What plan is? It’s not even that much of a tax cut, at least for individuals. The most important part is the reduction in corporate rates from 35 to 20% and the tax break for companies to bring foreign earnings back to the US. In that way, what Chuck Schumer claims is a giveaway to big corporations is really more of an economy-stimulating and job-creating plan than a tax cut.

But frankly, that’s welcome news. Stimulus plans that actually do stimulate growth and jobs are even rarer in Washington than tax cuts.


Media bias 101

Media Bias 101: Energy Secretary Rick Perry is currently being widely ridiculed in liberal outlets for allegedly saying that cheap fossil fuels prevent sexual assault. Boy, what an oil-loving, Texas nutjob he must be, amiright?!

Okay, here’s what he actually said. He’d just returned from Africa, where a young woman told him that cheap, abundant fossil fuel brings electricity to remote villages, providing light to read by without deadly fumes from fires. He said he assumed that street lights would also reduce crimes such as sexual assault, which, being a religious sort, he described as “the light that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those type of acts.” So what he was actually saying is that street lights help prevent crime and fossil fuels create the electricity that lights them.

Indisputably true, but so boring and noncontroversial. If it were reported that way, how could anyone get a good Facebook meme making him look like a moron for saying it?


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  • Marie Eier

    11/05/2017 10:43 AM

    I glad to get your comments. I am threatening to discontinue my local liberal paper. A final straw was a cartoon of your talented daughter,
    Perhaps enough readers have complained because todays cartoons were more conservative even had a cartoon showing Hillary's dirty laundry.,

  • Carol Schepemaker

    11/05/2017 09:52 AM

    Mike. Thank you for your newsletter. I enjoy ready honest commentary. Also. I pray for Sarah every day!

  • Karolyn McNeal

    11/05/2017 09:28 AM

    Governor Huckabee your newsletters are my daily ray of sunshine. You not only shed the light of truth on the news but do it with wit and humor. I love them and you.

  • Mary Wheeler

    11/05/2017 08:32 AM

    Off your subjects here. I just post this about the new liberal columnists belittling sweet Sarah!

    My rant for the week!
    Oh nooooo!!!! Don't even go there! This is a sore subject for me! I am not a feminist but a HUGE supporter for women and all their amazing qualities! Why is it that men can be overweight and it is viewed as cute or he's Happy? Bull crap! Sarah Sanders is a mother of 3 children 5yrs old and UNDER! She is brilliantly smart and doing one of the hardest jobs in DC. Not one mention of Sean Spicers weight when he filled this job. Body shaming women is just awful!!!!! So liberal columnist if you are going to body shame any woman, why aren't you mentioning your prize woman Hillary, who has gained a lot of weight?
    And about Sarah's accent, REALLY??????? Aren't you the party of diversity???
    If you're going to be cruel, keep it fair and equal! I don't see that ever happening.

  • Susan Dyar

    11/05/2017 08:20 AM

    Thanks for your comments about the Bin Laden files. I had not seen this summary.
    After watching Judge Jeanine last nite, I don’t care what Rick Perry says as long as he works on producing Molly99 stateside. What a governmental screwup!