June 15, 2018

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While media attention was distracted by other things, House GOP leaders have been quietly putting together a couple of immigration reform bills to try to get passed before the election.  There is a conservative version that’s strong on security, and a compromise between conservatives and moderates that includes a pathway for the DACA illegal immigrants who were brought here as children to stay in the US. 


Moderate Republicans want the compromise bill passed because helping the “Dreamers” is popular in polls, and they’re facing tough reelections, some in heavily Hispanic districts (and I’m sure many honestly agree with its sentiments).  They also assume it’s the only one with a chance of passing, since moderate Republicans and Democrats will all vote against the conservative bill. 


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But a new wrinkle just got thrown in: President Trump today surprised GOP House leaders by announcing that he won’t sign the compromise bill.  He says any bill he signs must include tough border security, including building a wall. Both bills do tighten security and have money for the wall, but conservatives don’t think the compromise bill goes far enough.  Now, with Trump coming out against it, its passage is looking iffy. 


My suggestion: keep working until you find something a majority can back and Trump will sign.  I don’t believe there will be a “blue wave” in November, but if the Democrats eke out even a one-vote majority and Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker, there will be no border security bill at all. The only thing keeping everyone from streaming across the border then will be knowing they’re coming into a country where the House is run by Nancy Pelosi.


Speaking of Nancy Pelosi, she’s wondering why there aren’t “uprisings all over the country” against Trump’s border security policies and suggesting that “maybe there will be.” Thank goodness “House Democratic Leader” is not a job that requires a sense of responsibility.



By now, you’ve probably heard about the IG report’s revelation of a previously-undisclosed text exchange between FBI lovebirds Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.  Three months before the 2016 election, Page worriedly texted, “(Trump’s) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Strzok replied, “No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.”

(This would be a good place to insert: “But there’s no EVIDENCE of any bias!”)


This raises a number of questions, but the most pressing is this: Why was that "previously-undisclosed," even to Congress?  As part of their Constitutional oversight power, Congressional investigators demanded to see all the relevant FBI texts.  Yet they never saw this one until we all saw it yesterday.  I’m curious what top secret classified information would have been revealed by letting Congress see that unredacted.  Unless letting cats out of bags harms national security.




Hot mic catches CNN’s Jim Acosta bragging that he accost-a’s the President rudely and inappropriately on purpose, even at the historic North Korea summit, if he thinks he's not getting proper respect.  Personally, I think Trump is showing him precisely the respect he’s earned.


Acosta also pulled one of his self-aggrandizing soliloquies on my daughter and discovered that she knows more than him about both immigration law and the Bible (no surprise to me on either count.)  Someone please tell him the Tony Awards are over, and he didn’t win.



If you have a box of Kellogg’s Honey Smacks cereal in the pantry, don’t eat it until you read this story.  It might be recalled due to salmonella contamination.  Don’t get smacked down with that!




Great story that illustrates how random acts of kindness can come back to reward you in unexpected ways.




Reminder: Sunday is Father’s Day.  Let Dad know how much he’s loved, needed and appreciated before Monday rolls around and the media go back to whining about "toxic masculinity."



Inspector General Michael Horowitz may have declined to confirm the cause-and-effect relationship between stunning anti-Trump bias at the FBI and the outcome of Hillary’s email case, but all the evidence of vicious partisanship is there in his report.  He’s included what we already knew or suspected, but there’s much more.  The FBI in 2016 was infected with bias.  We can connect the incredibly obvious dots ourselves and come to our own conclusions about the motivation behind the FBI’s investigation of Trump and even the special counsel probe..


Of course, most major media will focus on the report’s mystifying conclusion without delving much deeper into its 568 pages.  That’s because the deeper one goes, the more horrifyingly biased the culture of the FBI is shown to be.


If you thought the Strzok-Page texts provided evidence of bias, wait until you see the texts between another pair of FBI agents who were romantically involved (they’re now married).  They’re identified in the report only as “Agent 1” and “Agent 5,” but we know they were directly involved in the Hillary investigation.  Anyone looking at their texts and not concluding that “the fix was in” for Hillary is just refusing to accept the obvious.


“Agent 1” was one of just four agents assigned to the Hillary email case, and he, for one, did not want to interview her at all, thinking it was a “continued waste of resources and time and focus..”  “I’m actually starting to have embarrassment sprinkled on my disappointment,” he instant-messaged to “Agent 5.”  “Ever been forced to do something you adamantly opposed.”


Like Lisa Page, “Agent 1” believed that Hillary’s election was a foregone conclusion.  After completing the interview with Clinton, “Agent 1” messaged “Agent 5” that he was “done interviewing the President.”


He also made it clear to “Agent 5” that he was “with her.”  As in, “I’m With Her.”


When “Agent 5” complained to “Agent 1” about the “MYE” (Mid-Year Exam, the Hillary case) work she was having to do, “Agent 1” wrote back in a way that confirms what the political environment was like at the FBI.  He referred to the Hillary investigation as “a case that doesn’t matter and is predestined.”  He went on to say, “The DOJ comes in every once in a while and takes a wishy-washy, political, cowardice stance. “


“This is the environment love,” he tells her.  “Can’t sugar coat it.”  He advised her to just do the best she could.


When asked later by investigators about the case being “predestined,” he said he had no information about that.


“Agent 1” also interviewed Hillary’s personal IT assistant.  You’ll want to read the whole exchange, but when another FBI employee asked him how the interview went, “Agent 1” said, “Awesome.  Lied his a-- off.”  


The employee replied that “it would be funny if he was the only guy charged in this deal.”


And in a testament to the way anti-Trumpers view Trump supporters, “Agent 5” texted “Agent 1” to say the ones in Ohio were “retarded.”  She also wrote to him that if Hillary should lose, “I’m gonna be walking around with both of my guns...and likely quitting on the spot.”


In his report, Michael Horowitz admonished the FBI employees who had shown bias, saying that their conduct “had cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation and sowed doubt about the FBI’s work on, and its handling of, the Midyear investigation.  The damage caused by these employees’ actions extends far beyond the scope of the Midyear investigation and goes to the heart of the FBI’s reputation for neutral factfinding and political independence.”


In other words, where do they go to get their reputation back?  But the damage goes far beyond the FBI’s reputation.  We know that the Hillary investigation was deliberately botched.  This goes to the nature of the whole American system of justice –- the old-fashioned idea that Lady Justice is wearing a blindfold, not an “I’m With Her” button.



With jobless claims at a 44-year low, retail sales strong and consumer confidence at an 18-year high, the Atlanta Federal Reserve has raised its second quarter GDP growth estimate from 4.6% to 4.8%.


With Democrats hoping to take over Congress again in November, let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane, to when Donald Trump said in a debate with Hillary Clinton that his policies could bring growth up from 1% to 4% or even higher.  Obama scoffed that Trump had no “magic wand” to make better trade deals, raise growth or bring jobs back. And the Washington Post offered this lengthy, detailed, carefully researched and achingly condescending lecture to the simpleton Trump for why robust growth like that in India or China was simply not possible anymore in the US.  And this analysis had to be correct.  After all, it quotes a Harvard professor!




One of the little-reported details in the Inspector General’s report is that “numerous FBI employees, at all levels of the organization and with no official reason to be in contact with the media…were nevertheless in frequent contact with reporters.”  And these contacts (i.e., “leaks”) extended to “improperly receiving benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events.”


Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, himself a law professor, had the best take on this, noting that it is prosecutable as bribery “’s bribery.”




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Thursday, the New York Attorney General filed a lawsuit against President Trump’s charity foundation, claiming that it illegally used money to settle disputes related to his business and gave charity donations, mostly to veterans groups, in ways that boosted his campaign.  Trump called the case “ridiculous” and politically-motivated and vowed not to settle it.  His son, Donald Trump Jr., said every penny of the foundation’s money goes to charity with zero expenses taken out, and that board members, including him and his dad, sister and brother, don’t take any salary from it. 


You can read the details at the link.  I’m not a charity law expert so I won’t get into whether these accusations have any basis or not.  I will note that most of the alleged business expenses do seem to be at least related to charity fundraisers, and those that were questioned have already been reimbursed and even had fines paid.  As for whether it’s a crime to use charitable donations to boost your political fortunes, I’d say that going after the $18 million Trump Foundation while ignoring the $2 billion election slush fund that is the Clinton Foundation is sort of like trying to swat a fly while you’re standing in a snake pit. 


There’s also a concept in election finance law that something isn’t necessary a campaign expense just because it might help your electoral chances.  For instance, giving money to charity might improve your public image, but it isn’t a direct campaign PR expense.  This case seems to blur that line.  As for the veterans groups, they apparently don’t care if the giver’s deepest, personal motivations were pure as the driven snow, they were just thrilled to get Trump’s million dollar donation.  If it had been a Clinton Foundation effort, the million would probably have gone for a week-long symposium on veterans issues at a five-star resort in Tahiti, followed by the cutting of a check for 50 bucks to veterans.




Interesting, and urgently-needed article: some budget experts offer five creative suggestions for cutting the government’s trillion-dollar budget deficits.  If you don’t have time to read all five, here’s just one:  Stop spending more than you take in!



Dumbest campaign ad of the year…so far.  It’s hard to say which is dumber: what the candidate says, or the fact that after he says it, he pepper-sprays himself in the face.  There’s a reason why stunts like that are synonymous with the word “Jackass.”



500+-page IG report on FBI’s Hillary investigation summarized in one sentence:  The FBI interviewed her without recording her or taking notes; let her delete her emails, scrub the hard drives & smash the devices; then the IG concluded there's no evidence of wrongdoing. 



Prediction: “But there’s no EVIDENCE of bias!” will become the conservative version of “That’s what SHE said!,” attached to all MSM stories about Trump from now on. 




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Lisa Page:  [Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right?  Right?!

Peter Strzok:  No.  No he won’t.  We’ll stop it.


Set aside --- for the moment --- the Inspector General’s perplexing minimization of the role played by political bias in the FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email case.  (And perhaps you’ll want to take the opportunity to swallow some Pepto-Bismol to fight the waves of nausea.)  This exchange of text messages in August of 2016, which for some reason wasn’t even discovered until last month, may speak more eloquently than the entire 568-page report about the political climate at the FBI.


Strzok and Page weren’t rank-and-file staffers at the FBI.  Strzok was a top-level player, central to both the Hillary and Trump/Russia probes (he was even on the Mueller team till some of his anti-Trump text messages emerged), and, unbelievably, he's remained employed at the FBI with his security clearance intact.  Lisa Page was the legal assistant to deputy Director Andrew McCabe –- surely the “Andy” referred to in another anti-Trump exchange with Strzok about the “insurance policy.”  And these two weren’t the only ones; the IG report includes other anti-Trump texters.  (No anti-Hillary or pro-Trump texts were to be found.)  The report shows an FBI clearly infected with anti-Trump bias.


This report is so long that it’s going to take a while to work through it –- keeping in mind that it’s undergone weeks of DOJ “review” –- but we quickly see it does acknowledge that the FBI under James Comey went far afield of protocol in its investigation of Hillary, as we already knew it had done. Horowitz is firm in his condemnation of that, particularly in the damage it caused to the credibility of the FBI.  The report is similarly stark in its comparison of the kid-glove treatment given Hillary and her witnesses to the unsparing approach taken with the Trump campaign, but we already knew about that, too.


We learn that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch showed “an error in judgment” in meeting with Bill Clinton in June of 2016  (gosh, really?) and “clearly did not understand the implications,” particularly in terms of bad optics.  Sorry to disagree, but I think Loretta Lynch understands perfectly well the implications of everything she says and does, and that includes knowing when she’s going to get away with something.


Significantly, the report confirms that Hillary’s classified-but-nonsecure emails were indeed “compromised by unauthorized individuals to include foreign governments and intelligence services via cyberintrusion and other means.”  One such document was even classified SECRET.  Yet Horowitz bizarrely concludes that there's no proof of bias having any effect on outcomes in the Hillary case and offers no opinion on the question of whether, under the circumstances, her case should be reopened.  She skates again.


Incidentally, Horowitz notes that “President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her account.”  Obama lied about not knowing about her private email acount.  Think anything will come of that?


Horowitz actually admits that there was “a willingness to take official action to impact Trump’s electoral prospects.”  Given that, and the way the Hillary investigation was handled, his conclusion that there’s no proof of bias driving the decisions regarding her case makes me feel as though we’re all being “gaslighted,” a reference to the classic film GASLIGHT with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman.  She clearly sees the lights in the house going down; he tells her they’re not.  She clearly hears footsteps in the attic; he tells her she’s imagining things.  After months of this, she doubts her own mind and even her sanity and becomes resigned to whatever fate her husband chooses for her.  It finally takes someone else to come in and prove that she was right about those things and was being deceived.


Some of my readers feel that same resignation, thinking the swamp will never be drained and that we’re at the mercy of our once-cherished institutions from here on in.  And they’re right to believe that without major intervention, this is a preview of America's future.  The question is, who will provide that intervention and what form will it take?  It has to happen now.


From Kim Strassel at the Wall Street Journal, here is much more detail on the bias found by Horowitz:





FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared at a press conference Thursday to address the problems outlined in the report.  He said the FBI had not made “the best choices” (a masterpiece of understatement) but that they would hold employees accountable for any misconduct through the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.  Oh, and all senior executives from around the world will “convene for in-depth training, specifically focused on learning the lessons that we should learn from this report.”  That should do it!  (If senior executives still need “training” on something as basic as this, what does that tell you?)  They plan to stress “the importance of objectivity, of avoiding even the appearance of personal conflicts or political bias in our work,” including with recusals.


Hey, does this mean deputy AG Rosenstein is finally going to recuse himself?  No?


I’ll have a lot more later, but right now I have to go take a little more Pepto, to settle my stomach.  In the meantime, in case you’ve already taken yours, here’s the entire report...



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  • amos kalicharan

    06/17/2018 01:41 PM

    Find out what Rosenstein has over Sessions

  • De Ette Moon

    06/16/2018 06:12 PM

    I'm TOTALLY disgusted with the PRETENDING of those who are SUPPOSEDLY investigating the things they will NEVER ADMIT. There is much wrong doing here. Thank God they can't pull the wool over everyone's eyes!. Thank you so much for presenting the facts. I appreciate you. God bless you.

  • Corinne Kazerooni

    06/16/2018 06:05 PM

    The taxpayers have funded the corrupt politicians in Wash DC for too long. May we prosecute and send to jail Obama, Bill and Hilliary Clinton, Comey, Loretta Lynch, Mueller, all of the top level FBI crooks, and the IRS woman? Also, the nation would be better off without Sessions, Ryan, Shumer, Pelosi, and Mcconnell. Everyone should be grateful that we have President Trump in office! I asked my US House Representative if he backed President Tump and his agenda. There was no reply. Unfortunately, there is no one running against him to vote for. Drain the swamp as soon as possible!

  • Brian Pearce

    06/16/2018 03:17 PM

    I enjoy your updates....but amidst all the insanity, I find peace in my heart knowing Daniel's prophecy:

    9“thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat.
    10 Thousands upon thousands attended him; ...
    ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him.
    The court was seated, and the books were opened. -Daniel 7

    Who is the "Court"?

    Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!- 1 Cor 6:3

    Every hand will go limp; every leg will be wet with urine.-Eze 7:17

  • Firewagon

    06/16/2018 02:11 PM

    Pepto just doesn't cut it anymore, Gov! My eyes have rolled so far back in my head, all I can see is the Criminal Clinton perp walking. "Compromised emails by foreign entities" on that closeted server - Hey Batman, how deep are we in bat doodoo? My personal "conspiracy theory" goes similar to a fav line in Casablanca, when Bogie laments, "out of all the gin joints in all the world....;" my "conspiracy theory question:" "Out of all the American Embassies and Consulates, in all the world, the terrorists chose Benghazi!" Any of those "compromised, classified emails" on the Clinton server make ANY reference to just one of those 600+ requests to the State Dept for increased security, by Ambassador Stevens?? What dim weed would 'believe' those "guys, just going out for a walk one night, deciding to kill some Americans," had NO idea there was an American Ambassador, inadequately defended, RIPE for the picking? Four dead, all their blood on Obama's and Clinton's heads....

  • Firewagon

    06/16/2018 02:04 PM

    Pepto just doesn't cut it anymore, Gov! My eyes have rolled so far back in my head, all I can see is the Criminal Clinton perp walking. "Compromised emails by foreign entities" on that closeted server - Hey Batman, how deep are we in bat doodoo? My personal "conspiracy theory" goes similar to a fav line in Casablanca, when Bogie laments, "out of all the gin joints in all the world....;" my "conspiracy theory question:" "Out of all the American Embassies and Consulates, in all the world, the terrorists chose Benghazi!" Any of those "compromised, classified emails" on the Clinton server make ANY reference to just one of those 600+ requests to the State Dept for increased security, by Ambassador Stevens?? What dim weed would 'believe' those "guys, just going out for a walk on night, deciding to kill some Americans," had NO idea there was an American Ambassador, inadequately defended, was RIPE for the picking? Four dead, all their blood on Obama's and Clinton's heads....

  • Ron Hyink

    06/16/2018 11:17 AM

    Gov Huckabee, many thanks for your comments and presenting the real truth, and with such wit. Please note that I have tried numerous times to get on your email list but still am not getting them. I added you to my address book as recommended and even tried to contact you via email but I've heard nothing. And now your evening edition will be sent only to subscribers. I fear your communications are being sabotaged in some way (man, that must sound like paranoia). I know you see these comments because mine have appeared here before. Can you offer any other suggestions? No need to publish this. Thanks again.

  • Jim sharpe

    06/16/2018 11:13 AM

    Keep trying Mike! There is a groundswell building to end the deep dark state plan to evict an elected president-and put the investigation where it belongs: the Clinton machine. Today more damning stories about who really conspired with Russian agents. Please beat the war drums for justice!

  • Nancy Klus

    06/16/2018 10:34 AM

    I am a woman of few words on this because I don't know where to begin. I'm sick! I took the whole bottle of Pepto and I'm still sick.

  • Anne Marie Omweg

    06/16/2018 10:15 AM


    I always appreciate your clear and informative writing. Your sense of humor keeps the facts from being too dry to stick with. Today's report is filled with helpful info...Thank you!
    Anne Marie

  • James D Marshall

    06/16/2018 10:14 AM

    Having served 33 years in the military and 30 1/2 in Civil Service, sadly, I understand the the approach to wrongdoing of simply giving some "anti-bias" training to employees rather than dealing with the root problem. I have seen this approach too many times. It makes the managers "feel good" and gives the appearance of action. In reality, it simply tells the offenders to be more careful next time and cover your tracks more effectively. Those in the FBI who committed wrongs, should be terminated, not slapped on the hand. They will just continue to behave as they did before, but with greater skill at hiding their actions.

  • Mac Moody

    06/16/2018 09:55 AM

    One question, who and when are these messes going to be cleaned up?? How can we as Conservatives help?

  • Phyllis Fuhr

    06/16/2018 09:55 AM

    We thoroughly enjoyed the taping of your show at Silver Dollar City this past Tuesday and can't wait to see how all the pieces will be put together. You brought so many entertainers onto that stage, as well as our new governor. Branson is a wonderful place to visit with such values for God and country. Thank you for coming to our state!

  • Tom Davis

    06/16/2018 07:23 AM

    Dear Governor:
    Is it just me? I thought what I heard FBI Director Wray say, on reclaiming the higher morals that should be exhibited by the FBI, in a tip of the hat to Popeye's friend Wimpy, "I'll gladly prosecute two agents tomorrow if I can get a pass on prosecuting any today."

  • michael murphy

    06/16/2018 12:03 AM

    Hi, Michael, In the preceding comments, D.W. say you should seek his face in repentance and let God do the rest. I'm more inclined to think this is a time to get beyond repentance, as Paul encouraged, and as his ambassadors on earth, seek what he would have us do as sons and daughters walking in power and authority. But that's probably another discussion as it would make our walk active rather than passive. As you well know, it's about the relationship and nothing at all about religion. The incredible degree of corruption that has become commonplace in our "trusted" DOJ is astonishing. It has been going on for way longer than any of us "deplorables" thought. I suspect that as far back as both of the father and son Bush terms, they were coerced into playing the game or instigated it, (the first Bush maybe instigated, G.W. probably was told to play along, and then the Clinton's and Obama's just took that ball and ran with it as far and fast as they could so as to create the ruling oligarchy class of their dreams. Then the wrecking ball showed up! I appreciate again, Michael, your insight and forthright delivery of the truth. Many blessings to you and Sarah. We love you guys.

  • Mary Jo and Charles Nicholson

    06/15/2018 09:34 PM

    Through my profession, I have made friends of some FBI field agents. They are disappointed-aghast- by the conduct of the leadership by the scum in positions of leadership! For the sake of American security, I think those responsible should all be arrested and "evicted" from the positions they hold with all the stink in the swamp!

  • Jim sharpe

    06/15/2018 09:31 PM

    This whole episode needs investigation by special counsel... a wrist slapping is an insult by this IG !

  • Margaret Hamm

    06/15/2018 09:15 PM

    There is a message out there, I believe from a former Secret Service Agent, not totally sure, that was explaining a conversation he had with a friend of his who was applying to the FBI. He told him he would have to answer questions on their test like a leftist would answer them if he hoped to get hired, not like he really thought. He did and he got hired. That is very wrong and biased, just like Mueller's many democrat lawyers. That says a lot.. There is a lot wrong with Gowdy's FBI. It is like I told my son, it is not as much as what others are doing to you, like food suppliers, super store owners, or anything else is being messed up in this country, but them acting like you are stupid while they are doing it. That makes me madder than what they actually do, which is bad enough. I would also like to know what Hillary must have on so many people that she can just continue to walk.

  • Dot Whitley

    06/15/2018 09:14 PM

    The Lord God is well aware of all the crooked mess in our country, and he is in complete control, so Christians must seek His face in repentance, and then leave it to Him.
    May the Lord keep using you to keep conservatives informed.
    Thank you, and may you have a wonderful Fathers Day. Good fathers are pretty rare.

  • Mitchell Johnnie Walkup

    06/15/2018 08:36 PM

    you spoke of wishing Dad a happy fathers day I can't do that my Dad died Sept.29 2008 My Parents married January 1960 and split up around the time I was born which was January 1961 the first 2 times I saw my dad after i was born was when I was 2 and 3 years old the next time I heard from my dad was may of 1997 33 years later and he promised he would make up to me what he didn't do when I was growing up but when he died we found a will no one had heard of leaving his estate to an ex girlfriend other than the contents of a piece of property he owned in my home state he lived in another state by the way his ex got it all my mom ended up buying the property it 's been almost 10 years and I still haven't got over that nightmare yet I have had grief counseling which has helped but it still angers me that his ex could get his estate without being married to him and hadn't been in his life 11 years

  • Kathryn

    06/15/2018 07:23 PM

    With the hypocrisy on the left abd all the evil and all the lies, and I might add, they have no conscience, we the people and Christian con servatives will cry out to The Lord in prayer for His divine intervention,because that is what we need, so lets pray, believing, Thank you Mike for your write ups, and prayers for you and Sarah, and family, God bless you all.

  • Sheryl Barnes

    06/15/2018 07:13 PM

    Thank you for all you do. Love your show and newsletters. Have a very happy father's day.

  • Carolyn Van Wie

    06/15/2018 07:11 PM

    We need to get Hillary Clinton in jail for the rest of her life, and Nancy Pelosi out of Congress and never allowed to come back in! Both of them have done and continue to do bad things for our country and its citizens. They must be stopped!

  • Diane S Maupin

    06/15/2018 07:08 PM

    Please tell your daughter, Sarah I feel bad that even Fox News took what she said out of context. She was refering to Bible saying that we need to obey the law not take children away from their parents. That is so crazy how rude and bulling they are to someone who does tell it truthfully like it is.
    God Bless,