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April 7, 2023

In a perfect illustration of the widening gap between the drag queen-promoting CMT country music world and the real country music audience, Travis Tritt (who plays real country music) announced that he’s removing all Anheuser-Busch products from his tour rider after Bud Light signed transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney to an endorsement deal. Tritt added, “I know many other artists who are doing the same.”

However, I imagine only Kid Rock took it this far (Warning: language alert!)

Those announcements are stirring the expected outrage from the left, but I suspect nothing will upset them more than the Babylon Bee simply making people laugh at the patent absurdity of it all.

Then again, not even the comedy writers at the Babylon Bee could have come up with something as ridiculous as what Nike just did. Yes, men are now apparently better than women even at endorsing sports bras.


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