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October 11, 2021

This is one of the least-talked about but most important stories of the day. It’s about how President Biden isn’t merely demanding that all military service members get vaccinated for COVID or resign, he’s insisting that those who decline be dishonorably discharged. He also refuses to recognize an exemption for those previously infected, despite a growing number of studies showing natural immunity to be superior to vaccination.

Republicans and some Democrats in Congress are fighting Biden on this, but with Democrats in charge, it’s doubtful they’ll be able to stop him. And just to be clear, the difference between an honorable and a dishonorable discharge is massive.

As Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall put it, a dishonorable discharge means “you’re never going to be able to get a job again. You’re going to lose your Second Amendment rights. They’re going to take away your VA health care benefits and your education.” Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford added that it means you’ll be “treated worse than a convicted felon.”

We’re talking about United States military troops who have made incredible sacrifices for their country and put their lives at risk to defend us all, many of them for a number of years, being condemned to that kind of treatment and losing all the benefits they've earned simply because they refuse a vaccine they don’t trust or don’t believe they need. Even if you think that’s a legitimate reason to discharge someone from the military, why would anyone be so petty as to condemn people whom we should be treating as heroes to so much hardship by making their discharge dishonorable?

This comes from a man who not only ran as a moderate, unifying return to “decency,” but who also never served a day in the military himself (he got a deferment from Vietnam for having asthma as a teenager.) It’s a nasty, groundless, vindictive and unpatriotic policy, and President Biden should be ashamed of himself for even thinking of imposing it.

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  • Kent Myers

    10/13/2021 04:13 PM

    Is Dr. Carrie Madej credible? Do we take a chance that she isn't? I have not visited Stew Peters page before but some debunk the images and her reports.

  • Bonnie R. Parvino

    10/12/2021 09:55 PM

    Unless the vaccinations are approved by the FDA, it is not legal for the Pres. or anybody else to give it to these military by force. >>> My relative was experimented on with LSD in l950's. LSD was formulated in the laboratories of the United States Army. Our military served as lab rats for its formulation. My loved died in his 50's.---that is kinda young, I say.----There was a young man, he himself was a disabled veteran, who objected to this formulation and lab rat scenario and he ended up being murdered in the streets of Dallas, Texas.>>> I firmly believe that the southern baptist convention was connected to this murder. A SBC preacher told me the medicine I take today came from this formulations patterns. If that be so, I makes me want to throw up on years of politicians with no honor. It is a problem for me today that no one listened to me but I am here to say that ---- REPENTENCE BEGINS AT THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. I love this country and I have always been loyal to this country. Love ya, Bonnie Parvino

  • Joe Webb

    10/11/2021 01:41 PM

    You've probably heard from a number of military types already, but I'll add a note, also. I'm retired military (31 years service), and can assure you that military have no choice about taking necessary shots. I've had yellow fever, cholera, and almost everything else. You've probably heard about new military indictees passing out as they get in line to receive their initial series of shots.
    You are correct about Biden's vindictiveness exhibited in his comment, and he displays ignorance in threatening dishonorable discharge. The individual in the military is protected by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and not even the Commander in Chief can order a dishonorable discharge without due legal process to protect the constitutional rights of the individual.

  • William Jakovac

    10/11/2021 11:44 AM

    I retired from the navy after 20 years with good conduct, the last 14 years married. During that time, there were 6 6-month deployments, and innumerable 6 week trips. Even in port, we had to stay on the ship every 3 days in our duty sections. I don’t know much about the other services.

    What I do know is the amount of time to train and retain those who make it a career. For whatever reason not to take the vaccine - personal, religious, or following the science - Biden will throw that away and out them with a dishonorable discharge. This act is obscene.

    We need a Commander-in-Chief who will back the military and, mostly, know what our Armed Forces are supposed to do.