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August 22, 2023

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  • Janet Heid

    08/25/2023 04:53 PM

    How can someone obtain tickets to your great TV show?

  • Kevin Pandil

    08/22/2023 06:23 PM

    Dear Mike Huckabee,
    In the Constitution it say bribery by the President is Treason. How come No one says it?

    Kevin Pandil
    Mesa, AZ

  • Steven Sowers

    08/22/2023 05:44 PM

    Let the impeachment begin! Vote the House and shove this right over to the Senate and let them go on record of support of a crook (I don't think they will)! If they support Joe Biden in his treason let it come down on their heads as well. We the people will have the last word at the ballot box for all the crooked Democrats and RINOs. Let 'em have it, James Comer! This is an epic scandal of Watergate x10 weight. Biden should resign in disgrace immediately, be stripped of his riches and same for his filthy family of crooks.

  • Bonnie Hart Murray

    08/22/2023 03:46 PM

    I believe you could have tons of 100% gold plated evidence of the crimes of Joe Biden and his family and the Democrats would STILL not convict him. We have less than a year and a half left with control of the House. The Senate is not going to impeach Biden, but we should still impeach him in the House because the information of the corruption of the Biden family would get out to more people that way. So far the press has protected half the population from the truth, but if he were impeached in the House, that news would spill over to those who might never hear about it otherwise. Thanks!