July 6, 2016

The recent hack of the DNC’s internal emails reveals that the Democrats plan to continue their hallowed tradition of squandering other people’s money on divisive and idiotic nonsense. This time, it’s $800,000 worth of donors’ money for a series of childish stunts designed to disrupt the Republican convention and mock Donald Trump. You can read the details at the link, but you’ll need a strong stomach if you read it while bearing in mind that these are the very same people currently in charge of setting policies that determine America’s national security and your family’s economic future.

One moronic stunt in particular deserves special attention: their plan to hand out “Trumpocalypse” kits to help people survive the Apocalypse that would ensue if voters elected Donald Trump instead of the unindicted co-conspirator they’re nominating. Just for the sake of speculation, let’s imagine what that Trump-inspired “Apocalypse” might look like:

Would there be brutally insane terrorists running amuck across the Middle East, slaughtering innocent people in horrific ways (beheadings, burning people alive) while enslaving young girls and destroying irreplaceable antiquities? Would they also be exporting their horror to American soil, blowing up and gunning down innocent Americans from San Bernardino to Boston to Orlando? Would the borders be so unguarded that waves of illegal immigrants would be pouring in, bringing back long-eradicated diseases (including – just imagine it! – the Plague)? Would the economy be in such a shambles for so long that people would go for years without being able to find a job until they just give up in a cloud of hopeless despair? Would veterans be waiting so long for health care that they die, then have their deaths simply covered up by self-serving bureaucrats? Would the post-Apocalyptic government be more concerned with crushing the rights of its own citizens – disarming them, dictating how they can worship, prosecuting them for speaking their minds, keeping them under constant electronic surveillance, harassing them through the tax system if they didn’t kowtow to Big Brother – than with preventing threats from outside its borders?

Wow, the Democrats are right! A "fundamentally-transformed," post-Apocalyptic America sounds pretty scary! Good thing Donald Trump hasn’t been President for the past eight years!


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  • Terry Smith

    07/07/2016 12:37 PM

    Isn't this anarchy, and if the DNC is paying for this isn't that teason ?

  • Kathy

    07/06/2016 05:23 PM

    So should they make a kit to hand out if Hillary becomes president, maybe some pepper spray, a taser, and a home rape kit to hand out to young girls just incase they are raped and their rapist are then defended by Hillary, sounds like a good start to me since she helps rapist of 12 year old girls go free and then blames the child for what happened. With her in charge you never know what sick laws she might put in place to help these sicko's.