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June 22, 2023



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Adam Schiff is censured

Wednesday, Adam Schiff became only the third House member to be censured in this century when the House voted in favor by 213-209 on a party line vote except for six Republicans who voted “present.” The vote was for his repeated slanderous lies, false claims that undermined the Trump Administration and faith in the government, fabricating evidence, leaking, and doxing his colleagues. This came after a previous motion was defeated that would have also fined Schiff $16 million, half the cost of the pointless Mueller investigation of the Russian collusion hoax that he relentlessly flogged.

While this will not result in the expulsion from Congress that he richly deserves, it will go into the permanent Congressional record, just like all the lies he’s spewed, and he will be recommended to the House Ethics Committee for investigation (I assume it will take a lot of searching for them to find any ethics on him to investigate.)

After the vote, the Democrats (who all voted to exonerate Schiff) held up business for about five minutes while they had a public tantrum at the unheard-of idea of a Democrat actually being held accountable for his rotten behavior. They stood around chanting “Shame! Shame!’ and “Disgrace!” which they should have been chanting at Adam Schiff.

I’m so old that I can remember when Democrats actually thought it was a bad thing to wave around a blank piece of paper in Congress and claim it was evidence that people in the government were Russian spies. Hollywood used to make movies about how bad that was, and now they keep reelecting a guy that does it. Well, at least they did Americans the favor of showing us exactly what they are, and where they come down in any battle between “truth and decency” and “party loyalty.” As the old saying goes, when someone tells you what they are, believe them.

As for Schiff, he reacted exactly as you’d expect: shamelessly. Channeling a hammy villain in an old B-movie, he intoned, "To my Republican colleagues who introduced this resolution, I thank you. You honor me with your enmity, you flatter me with this falsehood. You, who are the authors of a big lie about the last election, must condemn the truth tellers. And I stand proudly before you. Your words tell me that I have been effective in the defense of our democracy, and I am grateful."

As infuriating as that landfill gas is to listen to, I have to say that it couldn’t be a more perfect statement to sum up what Adam Schiff is all about. He actually lied about being a truth-teller. It was breathtakingly self-aggrandizing, stunningly conceited and jaw-droppingly dishonest. It was like voting Pavarotti as the greatest tenor in the world, and then having him stand up and sing an aria just to prove how much he deserves the title.

A side note to whoever wrote the headline on this story for Fox News: “Adam Schiff censured by House for 'false' allegations on Trump-Russia collusion.” You didn’t need to put quotation marks around the word “false.”

Pray for Matador

Our prayers today for the people of Matador, Texas. The small West Texas town about 60 miles east/northeast of Lubbock was devastated by an unprecedented and massive wedge tornado that demolished homes and businesses and left at least four people dead and 10 injured. I’m sure Samaritan’s Purse will be there as soon as possible with aid, and you can help them at:

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

Hunter Biden’s deal

The sweetheart plea deal for Hunter Biden isn’t a done deal yet. While Biden’s DOJ wants to let him off with a massage on the wrist, it’s up to a Trump-appointed judge to decide whether that’s acceptable. So keep your fingers crossed that a little justice might actually intrude into this charade.

In the meantime, the attorney for yet another black celebrity, music star Ja Rule, is speaking out about the glaring disparity between Hunter Biden’s “punishment” and what his client got for basically the same crime (28 months for illegally having a weapon in his car and two years for failing to pay income taxes, which he blamed on incompetent financial managers.)

“Never Mind!”

Remember the Oak Fire, the wildfire that destroyed 127 homes and 19,000 acres near Yosemite National Park, California, last year? The one Democrats blamed on “climate change?” Well, meet Mr. Climate Change, aka, Edward Fredrick Wackerman of Mariposa.

Wackerman is facing several felony charges, including aggravated arson, for allegedly starting that fire. He’s a 71-year-old ex-firefighter and Democrat donor who gave $1,000 to Tim Ryan’s failed Senate campaign and $400 to the Lincoln Project, a disgraced anti-Trump PAC.

Imagine how much more pleasant life in California would be if Democrats would stop setting wildfires and blaming climate change, stop shooting people and blaming the gun, and stop inviting in illegal aliens and blaming the Governor of Texas when they actually show up.

Major Blow

Yesterday, I wrote about the shameful pandering and kowtowing to China that this Administration is displaying, but at that time, I didn’t even have the worst example of it. To put the cherry on top of this manure sundae, Secretary of State Antony Blinken sucked up to China by stabbing our longtime ally Taiwan in the back, declaring, “We do not support Taiwan independence. We remain opposed to any unilateral changes to the status quo by either side.”

Here’s a news flash that you’d think the US Secretary of State would have already heard: the “status quo” is that Taiwan is an independent nation. It has been for decades now. Try to keep up.

A federal judge in Texas issued a major blow to President Biden’s attempt to inject “diversity, equity and inclusion” (i.e., race-based hiring) into the federal bureaucracy. He ruled that Biden’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is unconstitutional as structured because it is designed to aid only certain preferred ethnic groups and not whites or even non-white ethnic groups that aren’t in the preferred circle. The judge reminded Biden that "the Constitution demands equal treatment under law." Maybe Trump should remind him of that, too.


Special guest commentary on sub crisis

We continue to pray for the rescue of the people trapped on the missing Oceangate Titan sub, but at this point, that would likely require a miracle. As of this writing, the sub still hasn’t been found, and it’s projected to run out of breathable air by this morning. And due to the extreme water pressure, it couldn’t be raised quickly if it were found. Here is Fox News’ continually-updated page of the latest news.

Many people are asking how this happened and why the obvious risks didn’t raise more red flags. For an expert opinion, our writer Laura Ainsworth turned to her good friend, singer/songwriter Bill Sanner.

Bill was in the US Navy submarine corps in the 1970s and served all over the world, often undersea for weeks at a time. His story of those years was recounted in his memoir, “The Subpar Adventures of Snakebite and Stonefinger,” co-written with Laura (

Here is what Bill had to say…

Questions I have about the "tourist" submarine debacle.

By Bill Sanner

I served aboard a US Navy submarine for 5.5 years in the mid-1970s. Having listened to news reports about the submarine "Titan," I have questions. I also have some answers based on training and experience.

Q. How deep is deep and what difference does that make?

A. The Atlantic Ocean is an extremely deep body of water. The reason that matters is "water pressure," pure and simple. The deepest that my sub could dive safely was around 1200 feet. There was a depth we referred to as "crush depth," which we stayed away from. Even at our deepest, the water pressure compressed our boat substantially. My understanding is that this sub endeavored to dive two miles deep. I don't know the calculated water pressure at two miles deep, but I do know that two miles deep water pressure is twice that of one mile deep. And modern subs don't have the ability to go even one third of that depth without catastrophe.

Q. How do subs surface?

A. All submarines have large tanks on their exterior called ballast tanks. When a sub submerges, those tanks are flooded by allowing the air in the tanks to escape through large valves. Once the tanks are fully flooded, the submarine is buoyancy neutral. At this point the control surfaces control the sub. When the sub desires to surface, very high pressure compressed air is blown into the ballast tanks to push the water out as much as it can. Even at my sub's relatively shallow depth, it could only push out a small amount of water because of the water pressure. As the air rises in the water, the air expands because of the reduced water pressure. Once the pressure hull of the sub is compromised, the sub is doomed.

Also, no windows on a sub. If there were even one window, it would have to be attached to the pressure hull. 2 miles down? I don't think so.

Q. Why couldn't the small sub communicate with their master ship?

A. I have no idea. That depends on the design of their comm systems.

Q. Do subs have emergency beacons?

A. US Navy subs do, but they only operate effectively above a certain depth. The ocean is not just a deep tank of water. It is an amazing ecosystem totally different from a land ecosystem. The ocean has barriers to sound called thermals, created by varying temperatures of the water at various depths. Our subs use these thermals to hide in the ocean. I don't know how many thermal layers exist between the surface and two miles deep. Are the designers of this sub ignorant of these?

Q. Why can't they just pull up the small sub by a cable?

A. The cable would have to be more than two miles long with no splices. Impossible.

Q. What about oxygen on the sub?

A. Totally depends on the design of the sub. My sub stayed submerged for months at a time because we made our own oxygen and scrubbed out the CO2. This sub was far too small for this. They didn't seem prepared for an emergency.

Q. What can go wrong at a depth of two miles?

A. Everything.

Q. What about the owner/operator of the Titan saying that he had no "white-haired, fifty-year-old Navy types" on his boat?

A. I don't think he could have gotten one to sign up. Certainly, I wouldn't.

Q. What about the "noises" heard by a passing P3 Orion sub chaser airplane?

A. The ocean has many, many subs from various countries. Most of them are very old. Many times, the US Navy sells its decommissioned subs to third world countries. I believe these "noises" came from this source. Probably Russian is my guess. They're very noisy. Who knows?

Whatever has happened to this little sub is sad because of the loss of life. The whole situation stinks to high heaven, and in spite of the ridiculous "waivers" that were signed, there needs to be accountability. Probably won't be, though.

Huckabee Video Link

Here's my interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham about Trump's legal issues and what Republicans should do about them.

Durham testimony: the good, the bad and the ugly (Democrats)

Special Counsel John Durham, in his much-anticipated appearance Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee, came off as a humble and stoic presence on the stand.

As uncomfortable as he seemed with the attention of the cameras --- his voice even trembling a bit --- he managed to get in a zinger while being questioned by the now-censured and thoroughly disgraced Adam Schiff of California.  It was deliciously subtle.

To set this up, recall that when Schiff was actively promoting the Russia Hoax as a member of the Intel Committee, a couple of Russian radio DJs pranked him, calling his office posing as Russian informants who claimed to know about an encounter President Trump had had with a Russian call girl who had pictures of “naked Trump.”  It’s still hilarious. Schiff rushed to the phone so fast, you would’ve thought it was a CNN camara.

Yesterday, when Schiff was questioning him, Durham made deft reference to that prank while effectively shutting Schiff down about that Trump Tower meeting attended by Don Trump, Jr.  Nice touch.

But probably the highlight of Durham’s testimony was when he spoke of FBI agents who had come to him to apologize for the conduct of the Bureau concerning Crossfire Hurricane.  He also recounted the reaction of the first supervisor of Crossfire Hurricane when handed a memo that he said he’d never seen before.  The agent got visibly emotional, even having to leave the room and stay in the hallway for “some time.”  When he returned, he explained that then-FBI Director James Comey had kept the information from him. 

The memo was about the Clinton campaign’s involvement with the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

The Democrats might have reached a new low for contentiousness during this hearing, as it was really all they had.  There are links that could be included here, but, seriously, who needs all that viciousness?  Do you really want to watch Jerry Nadler telling preposterous lies and proving he did zero research?

Still, towards the end of the hearing, things got a little vicious on the Republican side when Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie ceded some of his time to Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.  Between the two of them, they posed some tough questions for the special counsel.  Massie began by asking about the person who arguably started the Trump/Russia investigation, Joseph Mifsud, the intel agent who supposedly gave George Papadopoulos the Russian information that led to the opening of Crossfire Hurricane.  He asked Durham if his investigation had interviewed Mifsud.  Durham got around to saying that no, they hadn’t, and that it’s “hard to say who Mifsud is.”

That’s when Massie turned the floor over to Gaetz, who said, “Hard to say who Mifsud is??  He’s the guy who started the whole thing.  We’ve known it for years.”

Then Gaetz played a video of Robert Mueller being questioned by committee chairman Jim Jordan in July 2019.  Mueller refused to say even if he’d interviewed Mifsud or whether Mifsud was Russian or Western intel.  Jordan excoriated Mueller in the video for not hunting Mifsud down after they found no evidence of Russian “collusion,” saying, “Maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusation started, maybe it’s to go back and actually figure out why Joseph Mifsud was lying to the FBI.  And here’s the good news...That’s exactly what [then-AG] Bill Barr is doing --- and thank goodness for that.  That’s exactly what the attorney general and John Durham are doing.”

Fast-forward to yesterday’s hearing, and Gaetz is pressing Durham about why he DIDN’T do that.  Durham had to admit that he wasn’t able to interview Mifsud because he couldn’t find him.  He still couldn’t say who Mifsud is or who “put him in play.”

Gaetz hit him really hard, even questioning the sincerity of his work, saying, “Some have referred to your work as just a repackaging and regurgitation of what the inspector general already told us.  So, if you weren’t going to do what Mr. Jordan said you were gonna do in that video, and give us the basis for all of it, what’s this all been about?”

Durham replied that he’d been away from his family for four years.  “The fact that you can’t find somebody overseas shouldn’t come as a big surprise.”

When Gaetz went on to ask him if he’d been able to find Azra Turk, Massie reclaimed his time.  Later, when his chance came around again, Gaetz went after him on something else: “...Bill Priestap, the guy who might’ve set this whole op in motion, he just didn’t want to talk to you about certain things, and you were real accommodating to that.”

Gaetz also pressed him further on not being able to find Mifsud to subpoena him when he’d found Mifsud’s lawyer, who had two of his cell phones.  “You found the lawyer, you found the phones, but the actual dude who got ordered by Western intelligence to go start this thing you couldn’t find?  It’s sort of laughable...It seems like you weren’t really trying to expose the true core of the corruption --- that you were trying to go at it another way.”

Gaetz went on to ask him if he’d investigated the “hard reset” the FBI team did to wipe their Apple phones.  “Who gave the order on the Mueller team to wipe the phones?”

Durham said they didn’t look at that because they weren’t asked to.

“That’s not true, Mr. Durham,” Gaetz said, “because I am holding the document that authorizes your activity, and it specifically says, ‘the investigation of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.’”  When Gaetz asked again about Azra Turk, Durham said, “I think that’s beyond the scope of what’s in the report.”

Gaetz disputed that, too, even suggesting that Durham was “part of the cover-up” by not getting into certain areas, and that this might not have been so much an investigation of the FBI as an inoculation.

Durham told him that what he’d said was offensive, and defended the people who worked on the investigation.  But Gaetz pressed even further, about the loss of his two cases, the fact that Kevin Clinesmith got a slap on the wrist and is back to practicing law, and the failure to charge Andrew McCabe.  He compared the Durham investigation to the Washington Generals basketball team, “the team that basically gets paid to show up and lose, right?”

“...It’s not what’s in your report that’s telling,” Gaetz said, “it’s the omission.  It’s the lack of work you did.  And for the people, like the chairman, who put trust in you, I think you let them down, I think you let the country down, and you are one of the barriers to the true accountability that we need.”

Susie Moore at REDSTATE was covering the hearing gavel-to-gavel, and she said it appeared to her as if the Republicans had decided during a brief recess to “turn” on Durham.  She couldn’t quite read the room as to why.  The video is here...

John Durham and his team did do a stellar job of showing the utter lack of evidence behind the Russia Hoax.  There is no doubt now that Crossfire Hurricane was built on air by people who wanted to stop Trump.  And Durham deserves credit for tying it back to Hillary’s campaign…

But it is true that there were places he could have gone that he didn’t.  Some of these involved the more obscure figures within the intelligence community who enabled the hoax, like Mifsud.  Either he deliberately avoided them, or he simply let them go.  As many years as this investigation dragged on, it seems he could have included them.

As we’ve said, since he was prosecuting Michael Sussmann, the attorney for the DNC who hired CrowdStrike to examine the DNC and DCCC servers that were supposedly “hacked” by “Russia” to damage Hillary, leading to the likely-fake story of a Russian hack that started the whole “Russia” hysteria, Durham missed the opportunity to question him about it and move into that whole area of investigation.  This omission is puzzling and disappointing.  The transfer of DNC material to WikiLeaks remains a mystery.

The DNC “Russian hack” is probably just as fake as the DNC Trump/Russia “collusion.”  But, ironically, Massie and Gaetz failed to ask Durham about his failure to ask Sussmann.


RELATED:  Alan Dershowitz said we’re losing our civil liberties because some people at the FBI seriously believe Trump is the equivalent of Adolf Hitler.  “Anything, anything can be done to get him…”  Dershowitz didn’t say it, but they’ll do the same to his supporters.

How can we reduce the flow of illegal immigrants over the Southern border?

Say, here’s an idea: how about giving them free money if they come here?

Bottom Story of the Day! But still fun to contemplate…



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  • stephen russell

    06/23/2023 01:07 PM

    Id love to sample Deep Sea tours:
    Iron Bottom Sound
    HMS Prince of Wales
    Normandie etc

    BUT Tour sub would have these:

    Escape Pod
    Own viewport
    CCTV array
    Tracking from shore & surface
    Forward based Rescue subs
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    Sonarcomm array

  • dave allen

    06/23/2023 09:28 AM

    yes, the dems be shouting shame and disgrace at Schiff...but also at their own display. but they have to keep trying to convince people that the republicans are the bad guys. all show, but way too much of the country still believes them.

    as for TX giving out checks to illegals, isn't that aiding and abedding criminals? ie a crime?

  • Patrick J Green

    06/22/2023 09:43 PM

    Those who do not learn history will repeat it.
    If my memory serves me well the Korean War was started when the Democrat in power in and around 1948 made a statement that the US has no interest in Korean, and the north our Russia or China took that to heart. Now here we are with a hole batch of new GIs to send to war and what we have is a Democrat government saying almost the same thing about Taiwan

  • Stephen Russell

    06/22/2023 05:20 PM

    Cant we censure More from House & Senate esp RINOs & RNC Estd types

  • Sharon L Hochrein

    06/22/2023 04:39 PM

    Just another day at the circus!!!!!!!!

  • ken moore

    06/22/2023 02:39 PM

    Adam Schiff is censured centured is too mild for a tratior tratior charges need to be implemented and a trial to take plave espically on july4th

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/22/2023 02:25 PM

    How can one runt (Schiff) stuff so many lies into one paragraph?
    And yes it was a FAKE Election and the predictions are that 2024 will be the same.
    He honors US with making himself and the entire DNC look as corrupt an stupid as they are.
    Hey, when your enemies (and those of Freedom and Justice)are shooting themselves in the behind don't stop them.