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December 5, 2022

To paraphrase the Who, meet the new bosses, possibly even worse than the old bosses, if that’s possible. These will be the three most powerful leaders of the incoming House Democratic minority, and for the sake of America, let’s all pray and work to keep them from ever becoming leaders of the majority. As Nick Arama at explains, their ascendance to the top shows that the Democrat Party has abandoned the center to embrace radical left narratives, willful ignorance and election denialism.

I hope you’ll be especially appalled by incoming House Democrat Whip Katherine Clark talking about her little child waking up with “nightmares over concerns about climate change.” I think that tells us more about what kind of mother she is than it does about climate science. Why would anyone allow their small child to be traumatized to the point of nightmares by radical green propaganda?

Well, I guess you do that if you want to mold them into paranoid leftist radicals. Like teenage “climate activist” Greta Thunberg, who during a recent book signing took off the green mask and made it clear that she now believes the only way to save the Earth is by overthrowing “racist” capitalism, a “system defined by colonialism, imperialism, oppression and genocide.” Actually, it’s defined by lifting more people of all races out of poverty and starvation than any other system ever devised, certainly more than the socialism and communism she’s obviously advocating for, which have been both humanitarian and environmental disasters.

She’s proof that the left’s war on children isn’t limited just to late-term abortions and filling schools with CRT and inappropriate sexual content.

But as I’ve said, I don’t blame her for being a misguided child. I blame her radical leftist parents who terrified her with nightmarish propaganda, stole her childhood and warped her worldview so they could exploit her to serve their political ends. If she were capable of thinking rationally, she wouldn’t be claiming we need radical action to save the environment and destroy capitalism by jetting around on a tour to get people to buy as many copies as possible of a product made from trees.

Here's an excellent response to this poor deluded child’s rantings.

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  • Laura Graff

    12/05/2022 02:42 PM

    I agree 100% with your thoughts, I find it disturbing that such a young person has such a radical view of a system that has worked for a couple hundred years plus. Appears to be indoctrination at such young age. Our system does work better than any other, if it did not millions would not be flooding in yearly across southern border.