March 6, 2018


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Today's Commentary: FBI kept another Clinton tie secret -- Oscar ratings-- Mistaken identity -- California Democrats boo Feinstein -- The Oscars -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries



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Hillary may have lost the election (thank God), but she can hardly say she didn’t get her money’s worth for the $10 million her designated law firm paid to Fusion GPS for that fictional Russian “dossier.” Just as the Russians want nothing more than to sow chaos within the Trump administration, the same can be said of the Clintons and their cronies, advancing like a computer virus or those little root weevils that weave their sticky webs throughout everything. Kudzu also comes to mind. The current chaos in the White House isn’t just due to the President’s propensity for tweeting; it’s bound to be in large part because of the constant intrusion, frustration, and legal boxing-in being accomplished by special counsel Robert Mueller and others with similarly destructive goals. The Clinton network reaches literally around the world.

For example, we’ve just learned from John Solomon at The Hill that former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, who told the story about overhearing John Papadopolous talking drunkenly about Russians having dirt on the Clintons, has a “Clinton connection.” What we know so far: He was involved in obtaining a $25 million donation (Australian taxpayer money) for the Clinton Foundation intended to help fund screening and treatment for AIDS in Asia –- certainly a worthwhile cause, but the connection is there, and worth exploring. A spokesman for Hillary said it was “laughable” that some are seeing a connection, calling it a “pathetic” attempt to distract from Trump’s failure to “defend his own country against widespread attacks on American democracy.” Anyone who spins that hard has no credibility with me.


Mike Huckabee

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Oscar ratings

By Mike Huckabee

The overnight ratings for the heavily politicized Oscarcast are in. Ratings plummeted nearly 16% from last year, which was down over 4% from the previous year, which was down 8% from the year before that. Wait, you mean being long-winded, hypocritical, boring and insulting to half your audience isn’t a good business model? As they say around the NFL (or should), “Get woke, go broke.”



Mistaken identity

By Mike Huckabee

I hate to bring up last week’s controversy again, about me resigning from the CMA Foundation after a music executive who is intolerant of Christians and conservatives accused me of intolerance. But this is very important and needs to be said.

I thanked everyone who voiced displeasure with the CMA, but I asked my fans please not to take out their anger on the CMA, which does excellent work to help bring music to school kids. Now, it’s just come to my attention that Jason Owens, a young country singer from Kentucky, has been the innocent recipient of a lot of online attacks, just because he shares the same name as the executive who targeted me.

This young man says he’s just a musician: he keeps politics out of his shows and only wants to entertain people. I’m very sorry that some people mistakenly targeted him. I don’t want anyone doing that, even to the person who really did protest me!

This story carries two important lessons: Get your facts right and don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. And bullying people is always the wrong thing to do.

I think a really great thing to do would be to pay to download some of this young man’s music!



California Democrats boo Feinstein

By Mike Huckabee

As California goes, so goes the Democratic Party.

It just seems to be moving farther and farther left. That’s true even though just one look at California will tell you: “progressivism” is not pretty. With sanctuary cities openly defying the federal government to protect criminals from deportation, homeless drug addicts turning once-beautiful San Francisco parks into sewers, demographics changing in ways that help Democrats win but that drastically overburden the system, demands for such things as state-administered single-payer health care threatening almost unimaginable debt, regulations so crushing and taxes so high they’re driving businesses out, and homes in many areas –- most notably Silicon Valley –- so insanely expensive that all but the very wealthy are priced out, we’re seeing a preview of coming attractions if “progressivism” keeps being exported to other states.



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The Oscars

By Mike Huckabee

Like most Americans, I didn’t see the Oscars last night (or most of the nominated movies, although I did love “Darkest Hour.”) I just repainted my bathroom and had to watch the paint dry. But I read about it afterward. Despite the producers’ assurances that they wouldn’t alienate Middle America with a lot of leftwing preaching, the heavy-handed propagandizing was even less surprising than Allison Janney’s win for “I, Tonya” (I hear she thanked the parrot who sat on her shoulder in the film. Maybe it could host next year. It’s funny, photogenic and can parrot liberal talking points. It’s perfect!)

According to the pre-show hype, host Jimmy Kimmel was going to soft-pedal politics and the show would concentrate on the magic of movies. Instead, he took pokes at Trump, Mike Pence, Fox News and the usual targets and called on celebrities to attend an upcoming gun control rally (I guess to him, that IS soft-pedaling his politics).

There was also more than one production number that signaled Hollywood’s liberal virtue more frantically than a one-armed man trying to guide down a plane in heavy fog with a flashlight.



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