January 12, 2018

Fox News’ slogan is “fair and balanced,” and to prove they are truly balanced, they even give airtime to the unbalanced. By that I mean Shepherd Smith’s latest comment about President Trump’s latest comment.

Shep claims that Trump undid all the good he’d done for himself with his masterful televised Congressional meeting that torpedoed the entire “Trump is moronic and demented” canard by calling the Russia collusion investigation a hoax. Shep said the Russian investigation is not a hoax, pointing out that there have been indictments of some Trump associates and even a guilty plea.

Except that Trump never said the Russia investigation is a hoax. It’s obviously a real thing, hence the multimillion dollar price tag for taxpayers (that’s how you can tell anything in Washington actually exists: “I waste taxpayer money, therefore I am!”) What Trump said was the idea that he and/or his campaign colluded with Russia to steal the election – which is the alleged basis for the investigation – is a hoax.

Considering that this week marks the one-year anniversary of the Buzzfeed website starting this whole to-do by publishing the Clinton campaign/DNC (pardon the redundancy) oppo research slime file known as the Russian dossier, a collection of unverified anti-Trump rumors that no legitimate news outlet would touch with a 20-foot pole; and that one year and nearly $10 million later, we’ve yet to find any evidence of collusion; and considering that all the indictments and pleas Shep referred to relate to peripheral offenses with no connection to the campaign, some of them years old -- then I’d say “hoax” is looking to be a pretty accurate term.

I suppose if you wanted to be kind and give the Trump haters the benefit of the doubt, you could say they might not deliberately be trying to hoax us. Maybe the poor souls just can’t help believing in things for which nobody can find a scrap of evidence because they’re moronic and demented.

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  • James Evart

    01/17/2018 09:57 AM

    Please stop referring to our PRESIDENT by using only his last name. He is OUR PRESIDENT, has earned the title, our esteem and the honor of his office. By using his last name only, you (we) are playing into the hands of those who disrespect both his person and office. Wake up.

  • Catherine Susinno

    01/16/2018 10:35 AM

    We honor you Mike! You are a
    'True Humanitarian'!
    God Bless You!
    Mr.&Mrs.Vincent Susinno

  • jack macdonald

    01/15/2018 02:32 PM

    I am a Fox News viewer and I have thought Shep to be a" Communist" for a long time. It is usually nuanced, but if you a just a bit discerning you can see a little impatience with conservative people and views. jack

  • Diane C. Rowlands

    01/13/2018 11:55 AM

    I don't believe that Trump colluded with the Russians. Hillary paid Steele and the Russians $10 million for the dossier. She is the one that colluded. Why believe the Russians.? I wouldn't believe anything that they say especially about our country.

  • Wayne P Hilchen

    01/12/2018 07:57 PM

    $10 million. I say send the attorneys packing, stop paying them and put the proceeds on paying for the wall along with other wasteful practices that eat up the taxes we pay.

  • George Taylor

    01/12/2018 01:27 PM

    I am sorry this whole thing has been allowed to continue. It is ripe with cinflicts of interest and failure to pursue the true colluders (Hillary Clinton and Barack Ibama Cabals).

  • Kathy Barnes

    01/12/2018 12:59 PM

    I love your post on FB, I also get your newsletter on my email account. I'm sure you have seen the news about FB, UTube, and Twitter are starting to censor what is being posted on their newsfeeds. I for one don't like where this is going and feel our conservative voice is being silenced slowly but surely. I think we need to start up an alterative to FB, especially with elections coming up soon. I know DML (Dennis Michael Lynch) has been looking into this. Maybe you and all the other conservatives could ban together and get this up and running. I would be interested in your feedback on this.

  • Sara Carpenter

    01/12/2018 12:44 PM

    Maybe you should have talk with Shep and set the record straight! He just doesn't like obvious!