October 16, 2020

"Joe Biden still has not been forced to explain why he fired Ukraine’s top prosecutor at precisely the moment his son was being paid to get him to fire Ukraine’s top prosecutor.”

That was Tucker Carlson on his Thursday show, which aired live before Biden’s televised town hall was over. Sure enough, that observation was still true afterward, because Biden wasn’t asked ONE QUESTION about this. And no wonder; anyone invested in a Biden win 2-1/2 weeks from now must know how damaging the story would be if it got the attention it deserves.

Biden also has never said whether or not he personally benefited from son Hunter’s foreign business dealings. He still insists he’s never talked with his son about them, not once. But according to one of the more telling emails on what is almost certainly Hunter’s discarded laptop, “Pop” benefited quite a lot. “I love you all,” it reads. “But I don’t receive any respect and thats fine I guess – works for you apparently. I Hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

What? Joe Biden was pocketing half of what Hunter made?

No doubt Hunter wouldn’t have made the big bucks without his father’s last name, and he has acknowledged as much. So in a way, it might seem fitting that his father would take a generous cut. That is, if his father weren’t VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Rudy Giuliani describes this as “a racketeering case.”

Tucker went on to talk about Thursday's update in the NEW YORK POST (don’t look for it on Twitter, as they’ve deemed the whole story “unsafe”), which explores Hunter’s dealings in China. Here, we’re talking about tens of millions of dollars, even hundreds of millions and more. Another email on the laptop reads, “At the moment, there’s a provisional agreement the equity will be distributed as follows: Ten held by Hunter for the big guy...” The “big guy” surely was Joe Biden. So, can this money destined for him be traced back to the CCP?

According to Miranda Devine, a columnist for the NY POST, one deal with a Chinese energy company netted Hunter Biden $10 million a year for “introductions alone.”

He was also on a $1 million retainer from another company for “legal services.” Devine poses the question that, since the gravy train continued when Biden was no longer Vice President, what exactly were the Chinese paying for? I assume she’s wondering what we all are: were they anticipating the day when Biden would be running for President and likely becoming Commander-in-Chief in, say, January of 2021? They clearly want him to win.

This brings to mind the Clinton Global Foundation, whose billions in donations dried up soon after Hillary lost in 2016.

Ironically, by blocking a story that involves the the CCP, Twitter and Facebook are acting JUST LIKE the CCP. (Really, who needs Russia to “meddle” in our elections when we have Twitter and FB to do it?) And now Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are using Big Tech’s rejection of the Biden story as evidence that it’s not true. They’re saying it’s “debunked” when it’s not at all.

As Tucker pointed out, Twitter and FB aren’t claiming it's a hoax but are simply cutting off communication about it. I hope it’s not getting tiresome for me to bring up George Orwell, but these people really are acting like the Ministry Of Truth. They want censorship if it works in their favor. And they don’t mean just to shut down some obscure blog, though that would be wrong as well, but even to censor major publications to silence a story they don't want. Likewise, they’ll pass along an easily-debunked lie if the lie is what they DO want. They’ve crossed a big red line.

This should scare the pants off you.

According to Ms. Devine, the Biden campaign is backing off its original response, which was that his official calendar had no record of his meeting with the Burisma official who’d emailed Hunter a thank-you for their meeting. Now they’re saying they “would not rule out the possibility” of a meeting, but it would’ve just been “informal” and “cursory.” Okay, but the official had referred to “spending some time” with the Vice President. How much time?

She concluded by saying, “Maybe he will answer it tonight when he does a town hall. I doubt whether he’ll be asked any really tough questions, though.” (Wow, she must be psychic!)

Fortunately, outside the mainstream, there’s still some real journalism going on, such as this update from THE EPOCH TIMES.

Yesterday, I expressed curiosity about the “backstory” of the abandoned MacBook Pro, notably how it came to be subpoenaed by the FBI –- where it seems to have been deep-sixed around the time of the Trump impeachment (hmm). Seems I was not alone.

Giuliani says he received a copy of the hard drive three weeks ago from his attorney, Robert Costello, who got it from John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware. (Isaac had had the laptop for 90 days and was unable to contact the owner.) Steve Bannon negotiated a deal and passed it to the NY POST, which also did its own authentication. This deal allowed Giuliani to later disclose the material to other media as he is now doing. (This begs the question: Can Twitter shut them ALL down?)

What I’m most curious about is the FBI subpoena --- what was that about? Mac Isaac gave Costello a copy of what he said was the subpoena, dated Dec. 9, 2019, used to seize the laptop. (Fortunately, he copied the hard drive before he turned it over.) Sen. Ron Johnson said Thursday that he wants the FBI to "come clean." What were they doing with this? Why did they sit on it?

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware declined to confirm the authenticity of the subpoena. As in the old song, “They didn’t say yes, they didn’t say no.”

There are some inconsistencies with Mac Isaacs as a witness; the EPOCH TIMES piece mentions these. Still, they have little to do with whether or not this laptop is the real deal or a hoax. These emails are either real or they’re not, regardless of Mac Isaac’s motivations or the fact that Giuliani is Trump’s attorney. It’s understandable that Giuliani and other Trump advocates are working overtime to get the truth out, because “journalists” have utterly failed to do their job and don’t even care if Biden and his family are corrupt.

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Comments 1-25 of 38

  • Robert L SmithsonMike

    11/18/2020 09:51 AM

    Mike Huckabee, thank you. Please continue to war for the truth. I pray for Gods blessings on you.

  • Charles Scott

    10/19/2020 03:26 PM

    Biden should be made to answer questions about this story NOW!!!!!

  • Terry Norrington

    10/19/2020 12:27 PM

    Can we have one last debate where legitimate questions are asked by a political neutral moderator?
    So far all have been Trump Hating democrats. They might as well have Pelosi up there. Very Disappointed in all our debates and especially new media bias.

  • Terry Norrington

    10/19/2020 12:21 PM

    No doubt this third debate will likely be the same, with a Democratic Moderator asking question that avoid incriminating the Bidens.
    There should be a political neutral moderator, at east for this one final debate.

  • judy hurt

    10/18/2020 09:44 PM

    Thank you Gov. love you

  • Joseph Whittaker

    10/18/2020 09:22 PM

    I am so tired of the media hiding stories that give democrats a bad image... truth is not republican or democrat ....

  • Melinda Bourdon

    10/18/2020 07:30 PM

    FBI where the heck have you been you have had that computer for over a year. Trying to cover it up again like whole Russian deal the Democrats tried to put on Trump?? Get it together because we the people have lost all faith in your corrupt department.

  • Karrel Matthews

    10/18/2020 05:53 PM


  • Daniel M Robbins

    10/18/2020 02:59 PM

    If e have to doubt every stunt he is involved in, then I have no respect or reason to ever vote for him.

  • Brooke Woodman

    10/18/2020 12:05 PM

    The people need to know the truth. What are you hiding Joe?? No one wants a crooked President

  • Wanda Moorman

    10/18/2020 09:54 AM

    We the people are sick of the corrupted left getting away with breaking the law but yet our POTUS has had to fight them through his whole term . And he still fulfilled his promises.. The FBI is corrupt to the core .

  • Renny Tenney

    10/18/2020 09:06 AM


  • Shirley Skyles

    10/18/2020 08:03 AM

    Hope our Nation doesn't become a corrupt one. It appears pay for play Biden might get his claws in again.

  • Charlotte McCarver

    10/18/2020 07:30 AM

    The given name for this family "The Bidens" is not criminal enterprise rather let's call IT what it is

  • Kathleen Jones

    10/18/2020 07:01 AM

    The director of the FBI appears corrupt to have kept this quiet for nearly a year. Why is he still head of that powerful organization?

  • Colleen Kirkpatrick Lea

    10/18/2020 06:21 AM

    Biden's campaign reminds me of another presidential remark which turned into an impeachment: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." We all know how that turned out. Yesterday, Dan Bongino said it best, when this is verified and IF Biden wins the election, he must either resign or be impeached. This is exactly why the CCP is backing Biden. He is an enemy of the United States.

  • Jack Honey

    10/18/2020 05:45 AM

    Vote Trump

  • Patsy Stile

    10/18/2020 03:21 AM

    This is what happens with people that have been in office too long. They feel they can do anything they want and get away with it. Pelosi is another one. Put a business out of business, because she wanted her hair done and got caught. Then said they set her up.

  • Robert Hallett

    10/18/2020 02:20 AM

    Get the word out about this crook!

  • Barry Gold

    10/18/2020 01:56 AM

    It all comes back to the teachers unions and what our children learned at school. Our Universities are just Madrasas for the left.

  • Paul Froelich

    10/17/2020 11:42 PM

    Their is nothing democrats nd mainstream won't do to win this election. The need to win to survive as a political party. If President Trump wins the election there is likely more investigations to expose the complete picture of what the Obama administration did what the DOJ, FBI, CIA and other agencies did to protect them all. Some heads need to roll starting with Christopher Wray. We owe it to ourselves to find out otherwise democrats will disinfect it all the emails, documents and names, it all disappears. We will find ourselves with a president beholden to Ukraine, China and the Clinton's. Good luck with that America.

  • Sandy Evans

    10/17/2020 11:03 PM

    Imagine if this would have been Trumps scandal!! They would have had him impeached within a weeks time!!! I’m so sick of the evil!! Facebook/Twitter/ CNN/ABC!!! The cover ups!!! The differences in the questioning of Biden and Trump is ridiculous!!! They treat Biden like the incapacitated person that he is... Trump is disrespected and disagreed with at EVERY question!!! Just like in Noah’s day... he’s seeing how many righteous are left...then he will burn this place with all of its evils with it! Pray America!!! We are in great danger!!! Pray ??????

  • Barbara Blackburn

    10/17/2020 10:30 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I fear what Joe Biden calls a "smear campaign" is going to be swept under the rug, and the truth will never come to light.

  • Jimmy Hart

    10/17/2020 10:10 PM

    I myself am getting really tired of seeing all these politicians getting away with so much illegal activity. It’s about time for some good ole street Justice if the legal system isn’t gonna do anything. Wouldn’t take much to get the attention of the other law breakers in congress.

  • Shelly williams

    10/17/2020 09:56 PM

    I am sick and tired of all these people that have committed crimes getting away with it. Time for prison for these crooks