July 18, 2018

Alabama Primary News

July brought us a break from primary elections, but the pause is nearly over and we’re easing back into politics.  Yesterday, primary runoff elections were held in Alabama.  The race with the most dramatic – some might say “surreal” – twists involved four-term GOP Congressional incumbent Martha Roby. She won only 39% of the vote in the primary, but in the runoff, she crushed challenger Bobby Bright by a 2-1 margin.  The back story:

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Alabama voted for Trump by nearly 63% in 2016, and Roby angered her constituents by condemning Trump after the “Access Hollywood” tape release incident.  Bright challenged her from the right, claiming he would be a more reliable Trump-supporting conservative, even though he’s a former Democrat who supported Nancy Pelosi when he previously held that seat (he claims the party moved so far left, it left him behind.)  Meanwhile, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence overlooked Roby’s earlier criticism and endorsed her, noting that despite their differences, she consistently voted to support his agenda. In her victory speech, Rep. Roby thanked both Trump and Pence.   

So to sum up: largely thanks to Trump’s endorsement, a woman who condemned Trump as a sexist beat a former Pelosi-supporting Democrat who blasted her for not being as big a pro-Trump conservative as he is.  Or as Trump would sum that up:  “WINNING!”




 DNC star fading

DNC head Tom Perez might think that the surprise winner of New York’s 14th Congressional District primary, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is the “face of the future” of the Democrats, but every time she opens that face, she sticks her foot in her mouth.  Ever since her upset victory over 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley, she’s become a liberal media darling; but she’s been making a series of statements that have alienated fellow Democrats, earned her the label of “not ready for prime time” and shown her to possess all the deep knowledge one might expect of a 28-year-old, self-proclaimed socialist.

She accused Israel of being Palestinian occupiers, then when pressed to explain, admitted she didn’t know what she was talking about.  She’s also wavered on whether Israel has a right to exist. She declared that "unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs” (actually, only one in 20 Americans have two jobs) and "capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world” (this after bragging about her economics degree.) Aside from ending capitalism, she’s also called for abolishing the immigration enforcement agency ICE and called on activists to “occupy” every ICE office and airport (that will go over well with air travelers.)  She’s also endorsing fellow far-left challengers over once-safe Democratic incumbents and making powerful enemies along the party elites.

Now one of the elder statesmen has dared to speak out against the new celebrity socialist: former Senator Joe Lieberman has written an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, warning that Ocasio-Cortez is “more Socialist than Democrat,” that she backs massive spending that would bankrupt America and government takeovers of business that would destroy the economy, and her foreign policy views would be equally disastrous. Plus her election would result in more partisan divisiveness at a time when the parties need to work together and Democrats need to prove that they are capable of compromising and leading. Lieberman is urging voters in that district to vote for Crowley, whose name will still appear on the ballot under the Working Families Party.

Crowley insists he’s not actively running, but he has great name recognition, a formidable war chest, plus he’s not an aggressively ignorant young socialist, so he’s got that going for him. Word is he still hasn’t officially called Ocasio-Cortez to concede and endorse her.  He probably thinks he’s being a good soldier.  But in this case, he might do more to save the party by fighting their own candidate than by laying down and surrendering.

Of course, if Crowley doesn't want New Yorkers to support him, they could always do something really radical to save America: vote for Republican Anthony Pappas.


 Looking back at 2016

The charge that President Trump is a racist can be traced back to the 2016 campaign, when he complained that many illegal entrants to the US were rapists, murderers, drug gangsters and other criminals, and his political opponents and the media trumpeted that far and wide as Trump calling all “immigrants” rapists and murderers.  That wasn’t what he said then, and now, Obama-era documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act prove that what he really did say was pretty spot on.

The documents reveal that in fiscal 2014, there were a staggering 24,680 “Significant Incident Reports” filed with the Office of Refugee Resettlement involving “unaccompanied alien children.”  These so-called “children” were involved in various crimes, including UAC being raped or assaulted by traffickers or contractors.  The worst category involved “unaccompanied alien children” admitting to murder, drug smuggling or being members of the MS-13 gang; threatening others with rape; or molesting or seriously assaulting other UACs or government staffers.  The documents show that Trump was right about many “unaccompanied alien children” actually being criminals, rapists and gang members, and that they were allowed to stay here and even continue their crimes while in US custody.

More details are at the link, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any alleged “fact-checking” websites to revisit their claims that Trump was just being a lying racist in 2016.


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New survey 

A Jackson State University survey of college students found that many would be willing to rein in their binge drinking if they could be convinced that it would improve their grades, health and relationships.  Well, students, this is your lucky day!  Listen closely:  If you stop binge drinking, it WILL improve your grades, health and relationships.

 If only someone had thought to tell them this before.



 Fun read

Fun read (and for TDS sufferers, a must-read):  Tim Blair of Britain’s Daily Telegraph visited America to talk to Americans.  And by “America,” I don’t mean California or New York, but that vast swath of real estate in between; places like Texas, Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc.  And he discovered something that may come as a shock to news outlets such as CNN and MSNBC.

Outside of the coasts and the DC bubble, Americans are not constantly talking about, debating, and fighting over Trump being President.  Amazingly, they hardly even talk about it at all.  That’s because – brace yourself – they have better things to talk about!  There’s work, family, sports, movies, religion, cars, food, the weather -- virtually anything other than politics.  And if you want them to keep tuning out liberals and voting for Trump, then keep on yelling and overreacting and melting down and annoying the heck out of them over everything Trump says.

OUR TOP STORY:  Trump misspoke in Helsinki

Yes, Lisa Page had FBI counsel, but actually answered questions!

Last week, it wasn’t clear whether former FBI attorney Lisa Page would even testify, let alone whether her words would back up the spectacularly reality-denying “I’ve-NEVER-let-bias-affect-my-actions” testimony of FBI agent Peter Strzok, described by most news accounts as her ex-lover.  But she finally appeared as a witness behind closed doors on Friday and again on Monday.  Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki and the media’s inexcusably hellish reaction completely dominated the news cycle Monday and Tuesday, but now that things have calmed down a bit, we can reflect on what Page brings to our understanding of the FBI’s role in investigating 2016 presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


On Friday, Rep. Mark Meadows tweeted that the committees had just learned the DOJ had not notified Lisa Page, former legal advisor to former deputy FBI Director Andrew “Andy’s office” McCabe, of the interview requests that Congress had been making FOR SEVEN MONTHS.  “The DOJ/FBI appear to be continuing their efforts to keep material facts, and perhaps even witnesses, from Congress.”


It’s hard to know what to make of this, as there have also been accounts of Page actively avoiding contact and dodging subpoenas.  If the DOJ/FBI actually failed to notify her of the interview requests, that certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but, wow, it takes stonewalling to an even stonier place.


Of course, we’d all wondered if Page, like Strzok, was going to have FBI lawyers sitting behind her to tell her when to talk and when to clam up.  Strzok appears to remain, technically, on the payroll of the FBI –- your tax dollars at work –- while Page is not.  Page herself is a lawyer.  But sure enough, she reportedly did have at least one FBI attorney seated nearby, though she seemed to be handling things, even to the point of signaling with her hand when she wanted an objection put into the record.


Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida challenged the presence of FBI legal counsel in the room with Page.  “Lisa is not an FBI employee, but the FBI was here providing counsel and giving her direction as to which qustions to answer or not answer and there is a question as to the propriety of that before the House.”


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Though all of her testimony was behind closed doors, Republican members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees say that she was forthcoming and well prepared, a much better witness than Strzok had been.  And while I had imagined her sitting through Strzok’s televised hearing taking notes to make sure her testimony was consistent with his, they describe her characterization of the anti-Trump text messages they exchanged as quite different.


Rep. John Ratcliff said she provided information that Strzok “either wouldn’t or couldn’t” about the investigations and “the people involved in running them.”  According to ABC News, he said she gave “plausible answers” and “plausible explanations.”  And here’s a welcome surprise:  “In many cases, she admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say, as opposed to Agent Strzok, who thinks we’ve all misinterpreted his own words on any text message that might be negative.”  Rep. Steve King of Iowa agreed, adding that she had “filled in some blanks along the way,” but he described the task before them as putting together “a huge jigsaw puzzle.”


That takes time, and Americans –- the vast majority who are NOT living in an impeachment fantasy –- are aching for all of this to be over.  At the same time, we want to see accountability.  Author Mark Penn, asked by Maria Bartoromo on FOX Business News if we ever would, expressed frustration about that, and about how little we’re hearing about the work being done by U.S. Attorney John Huber out in Utah.  “This investigation is not doing the country any good,” he said, citing the unavoidable stress on the President, with foreign affairs being one critical area affected.  “Our foreign policy shouldn’t be made by prosecutors,” he added, saying this issue is standing in the way of peace.  Anyone who hasn’t been on the planet Neptune for the past couple of days would have to agree with that.


On the bright side, he thinks we may actually see an end to it soon.  “There’s nothing much else here,” he said.  In the meantime, the President has got to go calmly about his business and let his legal team handle the investigation.





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  • Kim Turner

    09/29/2018 09:36 AM

    I was accused of being brainwashed by President Trump for supporting Judge Kavanaugh. Here is my reply -just thought I would share it since I put so much effort into it.
    Dearest Victoria,

    If anyone has influenced (a synonym for brainwashed) my thinking, it would be the Democratic Party and its cohorts. They are the real violators. Just as in France in 1787 where the "Parisian mobs, ignorant, cruel, and easily misled, ready to rise and destroy, prey to the plotters who sought to arouse them for their own wicked purposes" So the liberal left too takes advantage of women's sexuality and emotions and uses them for their own purposes.

    If you began following Judge Kavanough's story beginning with Dr. Ford's accusations, there would be plenty of reason to doubt the judge. However, in order to understand the bigger picture you must start much further back. Past SCOTUS nominees were often not even present at the hearings. Their every spoken and written word was not scrutinized? The decision was not based on their personal opinion of matters, but on qualifications as the court makes decisions according to law rather than write law-according to our founding fathers. Judge Kavanough was asked to submit an overreaching million or more pages of speeches, records, and rulings. Far exceeding any other nominee's requirement for "Advise and Consent".

    This, along with Chuck Schumer's promise to " Oppose Judge Kavanough's nomination with everything I have" A cumbersome judicial hearing which was disrupted over 100 times by protesters. Protesters who were paid, including any jail fees, by George Soros. A man who also has given 5 Million dollars to shut down this nomination. Yet these protesters said nothing about sexual misconduct, as Feinstein hid the anonymous incriminating letter until a more opportune time. But, abortion was an issue. A contradiction of sexual purity when you consider 65% of the women who abort are coerced by someone else and often that someone is their attacker.

    Interestingly, Dr. Ford's brother worked for Baker & Hostetler LLP, who paid Fusion GPS over half a million dollars. Fusion GPS is the group Planned Parenthood hired to shut down the Center for Medical Progress. They are the group uncovering Planned Parenthood's dirtiest secrets-selling baby parts for profit. And, with that-you have the real fear of Diane Feinstein and the far-left liberal democrats who oppose a very qualified judge. Their love for abortion runs deeper than any other love.

    Speaking of Feinstein, did you know that she, a supposed fighter for women, refused to read Juanita Broddrick's deposition in 1991. Juanita was brutally raped by Bill Clinton. You see, its the agenda.

    Because why else would you suggest an attorney who has a long history of publicly dismissing and defending sexual assault allegations against liberal politicians including Bill Clinton. Debra Kratz, part of the "Resistance" through rallies, financially support and fundraising for Hilary Clinton. - A woman who threatened and harassed the victims into silence. ( A conflict of interest if you ask me.) Any common person seeking counsel for sexual misconduct would not choose an attorney known for defending the rapist unless there is another motive?

    Because I am thinking, if Katz publicly voiced her dismissals on CNN in 1998, how well does she know the Clinton's? Just thinking. Because, back in 1998 Brett Kavanough was the associate counsel during the Clinton investigation. Kavanough realized Clinton had committed perjury. And so the deep state plot thickens.

    All this and I've not even gotten to the discrepancies in Dr. Ford's accusations or addressed the ties of the other accusers to the DNC. And; should Dr. ford's accusation be true- as much as groping and trying to take the bikini top off a classmate is wrong, where does forgiveness come into play. Just what is the penalty for a minor who gropes a gal and tries to take off her top at a high school party? I do support tough consequences for any boy trying this. However, is it eternal punishment as believed in the dark ages when Les' Miserabe (The Miserable) could never work off a sin no matter how long ago or how miner the offense? Revenge is bitter-sweet. Can ruining the lives of your family as well as the lives of two men who may have acted immature and childish at a high school party bring true peace? It seems a bit excessive; unless of fits the bigger agenda.

  • Judy Hickey

    07/20/2018 11:48 AM

    I am disgusted with the continued "investigation". I suggest the DNC pay for the ever-climbing cost of this desire to ruin President Trump.

  • Firewagon

    07/19/2018 07:24 PM

    I am still suffering from PTSB, as in Post Traumatic Stress Benghazi, over WHY is, the "convicted out of her own mouth" criminal, Clinton NOT wearing prison orange and incarcerated for a minimum of 10 years! Until someone from that Clinton Crime Family is perp walked into prison, I have taken a sabbatical from the ridiculousness of ANY attempt at rounding up the corruptocrats in that puzzle palace of DC. As with Rep Trey Gowdy, the frustration factor is just too detrimental to one's health, especially we older types!

  • Agnes lee

    07/19/2018 03:18 PM

    Thank you for your truthful thoughts n updates . It is indeed difficult to trust any news nowadays . Glad that this is true source .
    We need to pray unceasingly for President Trump n the White House so that God’s will be done to this nation n the world .... justice n truth will prevail .

    America is God’country n God is protecting n guiding this country for He so love the world n this country will shine for Him for His glory amen .

    I am praying for the President n America even though I am not from America but God is love so we have to love one another amen.

    Appreciate all your good work n Sarah’s too.

    May the good Lord shine on this nation n the whole world amen .

    Thank you n God bless.

  • Michael Galloway

    07/19/2018 02:44 PM

    In one of your previous news releases for the day you sadly could not be more right, when you stated that if the Democrats win (either in mid-terms or 2020) all investigation of intelligence agencies will cease and pursuit of impeachment against President Trump will begin. Sadly the list would become quite lengthy and I don't have room to list all the negative and devastating consequences if Democrats gain seats in the mid-term elections - such as undoing President Trump's goal of secure borders. The Dems will pursue open borders and let everyone in so we can look like much of present day Europe and the problems they are experiencing. The Dems will pursue changing our Second Amendment and pursue aiming their efforts at law abiding citizens, instead of criminals and terrorist. If the Dems should win sanctuary cities will increase and so many of our freedoms taken away as they pursue the so-called progressive agenda and to continue Obama's goal of fundamentally changing America !!!!
    This is not the time for any American who thinks the President Trump is indeed changing America for the better, improving the economy and protecting our constitution, etc. to not become complacent and not go vote against the Democrats agenda, no matter what they say to sound good right before the election. The system isn't perfect and no political party is perfect, but in my opinion the Democrats have well proven what they really represent and what their goals are in changing the face of America !!! Get out and vote- no excuses !!!!!!!!!

  • Stan Trout

    07/19/2018 12:46 PM

    Mike, I really enjoy your commentaries on the various news items that we are inundated constantly by the news outlets. We need voices like yours to help put the proper perspective on the bias news reporting that we hear every day of our lives. I have been a Trump believer and supporter from day one even when it was very unpopular but every thing he was saying were things that I had said to others or myself at times. Thanks again.

  • Jerry & Donna Hale

    07/19/2018 09:31 AM

    I've followed you for years through the TV shows and news releases and in your bid for the presidency. I'm convinced that you are by far the best candidate we have had in a long time. Just wish you were our man in the White House now. We need your integrity and common sense there. Keep up the good work. You have my support in all your work.

  • Theresa Carver

    07/19/2018 09:29 AM

    One question to the FBI counsel. If you have nothing to hide, why not comply? Comply with text subpoenas, emails, appearances, etc. If there is nothing to hide, then not much time is needed with counsel, so why are there multiple attorneys there to assist in someone who isn't hiding anything?

  • Linda Marshall

    07/19/2018 07:01 AM

    Thanks for your objective and always truthful information. There’s not a lot of that around.

  • Kathy Thornbrough

    07/19/2018 12:43 AM

    I am so tired of hearing about Russian collusion and how Trump was involved. How much longer does this have to go on until the facts are presented and it is over?

  • vern

    07/19/2018 12:18 AM

    First Mike - thanks for the daily ( and nightly ) journey you provide for most of us who don't operate in the twilight zone or the parallel universe as some call it.
    Second - my sincere compliments to your daughter - v tough job done brilliantly!!
    Re. election interference - can there be any bigger hypocrite than the US when it comes to interfering in others elections? Even if one suffers from
    alzheimer's it would be a stretch to forget Israels latest election - much less all the countries in Africa ( where I grew up as an MK) and S America
    where the CIA not only interfered but in many cases determined the outcome.
    Thanks for " keeping on" !!

  • Judi Duffy

    07/18/2018 11:37 PM

    Gov. Mike, I would really like o donate $5.00 per month out of my fixed income to you PAC, but your donation form doesn't allow the smaller amount nor does it allow monthly. Can you direct me on how to do this?--judi

  • Elaine Liming

    07/18/2018 10:26 PM

    You are so right Mike. We Americans want this "Witch Hunt " over. We needs to get this swamp cleaned now. It is time to bring these swamp rats to justice and clean house and the corruption. Those going for re- election better speak for what the people really want not their own Socialist agenda. Immigration Reform is top on my list---real honest reform--close loop holes-- keep out those who want handouts and want to destroy the US. I want Congress to clean their houses and start to listen to the People they claim to serve. I want the Democrats to consider to change their party name; "Democrats you are not the Party of our Fathers"; you are on the road to Communism. Enough is Enough. Yes I plan to vote and bring others with me. The silent majority has awaken!

  • Frances Robertson

    07/18/2018 10:06 PM

    I love how you think, and I LOVE how strong Sarah is, you raised amazing daughter. My hat is off to you, sir. Please keep up the good work. When I read what you write, I know that there is still hope for this country. God bless you and your family!

  • Jan Miler

    07/18/2018 10:01 PM

    I love reading your evening edition. I feel like I get more from it than all the other news media all day and I feel like I can trust your commentary. Sarah didn't fall far from the tree. I trust her too. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  • Howell O. Archard, DDS Retired USPHS Dental Director

    07/18/2018 09:42 PM

    What law school did Cortez attend? Was it Harvard, Yale or Columbia Law School? What achievements has she to her name? I agree, she is a socialist! And ALL (yes, ALL) dictatorships arise on a socialist agenda!

    Keep up the good work to preserve our freedom!

  • Carla Johanna Isselmann

    07/18/2018 09:30 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    it is always good to read your comments, but ,please, can you tell President Trump he has to get Mr.Larry Klayman involved to clean out this enormous legal mess that FBI/CIA have created. Tell him to contact larry Klayman: it will be a good move .
    Larry Klayman will help President Trump,who needs all the help he can get,
    kind regards, Carla

  • Joel Pappas

    07/18/2018 09:22 PM

    It seems her comments prove that Mr. Stzrok was not telling the truth. Doesn't that prove perjury and therefore punishment for him?