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September 2, 2022

In a bombshell report that should have led the news if President Biden hadn’t decided to jump the shark in jackboots, Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry released documents obtained in their lawsuit against the Biden Administration. They show that dozens of federal officials across multiple executive agencies colluded closely with tech platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to censor alleged “misinformation” and offer talking points to counter alleged “false narratives.” You know, like that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real.  

https://www.westernjournal. com/internal-records-prove- biden-admin-colluded-facebook- twitter-censor-users/

Strip that of all the weasel words and it means that dozens of Biden officials were directing social media sites to censor and deplatform users and even entire Facebook groups that were saying things the White House didn’t want them to say. As Constitutional law attorney William Olson tweeted, “The Biden Administration converted private businesses into government agents to spend its corporate money to elect Democrats and defeat Republicans. Wonder how many federal crimes were committed by this arrangement. If we only had a functioning Department of Justice!”

The attorneys promise more to come. In the meanwhile, it might not be necessary for Biden’s DOJ to finally start acting like a law enforcement agency. If they won’t take this to the criminal courts, there are still the civil courts. And if we now have proof that the social media giants were secretly acting at the direction of the White House in censoring users, then they could make a strong legal case that these were not acting as private entities but as arms of the government, which would make them subject to lawsuits for violation of users’ First Amendment rights.

And will those tech companies just clam up and take a tsunami of lawsuits, or would they spill all the beans about how they were pressured and by whom to try to wriggle out of responsibility?  

Pop some popcorn, this could get interesting.

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