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March 12, 2021

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • President Biden's First Primetime Speech Starts With A Blatant Lie
  • President Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill
  • ICYMI: New Blog
  • Matthew McConnaughey May Be Seriously Considering A Run For Governor Of Texas
  • California's Failed Experiment Is Coming To Washington
  • House Passes Two New Gun Control Measures
  • Actress Stacey Dash Renounces Her Support Of President Trump
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



President Biden's First Primetime Speech Starts With A Blatant Lie

By Mike Huckabee

Last night, President Biden finally gave his first prime time address, on the first anniversary of the WHO declaring COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic. The top takeaway is that he said all Americans would be eligible to receive the vaccine by May 1st. Here’s video.

And here’s a full transcript.

I think it’s safe to say that he cleared the low bar set for him. He read a scripted speech that was heavy on emotion with no obvious mistakes (and of course, no questions.) But if your standard for a Presidential address is that he look you in the eye and tell you the truth, then he tripped over the first hurdle.

He talked a lot about truth, and how Americans are owed the truth. But this was his third sentence: “A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked.” That’s a blatant lie.

One year ago today was March 12, 2020. The virus was the lead story on all newscasts. The lead headline of the New York Times was “US to Suspend Most Travel from Europe as World Scrambles to Fight Pandemic.” That very night, President Trump held his own televised address, informing Americans of the latest travel ban and other steps being taken to fight the virus. He’d already cut off travel from China back on January 31st, a move Biden condemned at the time as xenophobic.

Biden also seemed to imply that he inherited a chaotic vaccine program with no distribution plan, but because of his efforts, “we’re actually on track to reach this goal of 100 million shots in arms on my 60th day in office.” In fact, the week he was sworn into office, an average of 983,000 people a day were already receiving vaccines developed in record time thanks to Trump’s Operation Warp Speed program. On three of those days, over a million shots were given. That put us on track for 100 million shots by the end of March, Biden or no Biden.

There’s also plenty of backlash over Biden generously telling us what we’ll be allowed to do after getting vaccinated, like having small family barbecues by the 4th of July, but still no large gatherings.

As many Republicans pointed out, once someone is vaccinated (or has already had COVID and recovered), and we’ve long since passed herd immunity, why do they have to keep living in a cave for the rest of their lives?

In a related story, once again, Texas ignores Biden’s nannyism, as the Rangers announce that they’ll return to 100% stadium capacity for opening day on April 5th, with all attendees required to wear a facemask.

President Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill

By Mike Huckabee

Thursday, President Biden signed the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, much of which will fund things with little connection to any deadly virus other than leftism. But at least the $1400 payments to Americans making under $75,000 will start going out almost immediately. The White House says some may appear in bank accounts as early as this weekend, while others may take days or a few weeks, with the longest being those who don’t have direct deposit and need a check to be mailed. There’s more information on the bill and the payments at the link.

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting way of looking at all the “COVID relief” spending, from the Foundation for Economic Education:

With the signing of this new bill, the federal government will have spent (or actually, added to the national debt) $6 trillion on “COVID relief.” Adjusted for inflation, that’s eight times more than FDR spent in a decade on the “New Deal” to provide relief from the Great Depression. If you took out all the corporate bailouts, partisan pork and other unrelated spending, it would be enough to give every American taxpayer a check for $41,870, or every American $18,181. The only people who got more than $18,000 worth of benefits are a tiny minority who got the entire $3200 in relief payments while remaining jobless for a year with all the expanded unemployment benefits.

Everyone else had $18,181 (or for taxpayers, $41,870) added to their credit cards to be repaid in future taxes while receiving far less than that in benefits. So enjoy your $1400 payment. You might want to invest it wisely.

ICYMI: New Blog

By Mike Huckabee

Not everything my team and I write makes my newsletter, or for that matter my website.  The new blog on my website, is a place to find everything you might have missed and then some.  It is updated throughout the day and will be a new way for me to share information with you.

We started blogging on Tuesday and will keep it going if people take an interest. 

To visit my blog, please go here:  

Matthew McConnaughey May Be Seriously Considering A Run For Governor Of Texas

By Mike Huckabee

On the positive note, at least one Hollywood celebrity seems unafraid of the Twitter mobs spitting their venom at him. Matthew McConnaughey shrugged off the attacks on his remarkably thoughtful bestselling book, “Greenlights” (is there any book these people don’t want to burn?) and now, he may be seriously considering a run for Governor of Texas.

In case you missed it, here’s my recent interview with him from “Huckabee” on TBN. He’s definitely not your typical Hollywood star!

California's Failed Experiment Is Coming To Washington

By Mike Huckabee

It’s often been said that the states are the laboratories for the federal government. States can try a policy idea on a limited level to see if it works before Washington imposes it nationwide. But the Democrats don’t seem to understand how this works. You see, the idea is that if it DOESN’T work, then Washington SHOULDN’T impose it on everyone. Yet what we’re seeing now with the Dems fully in charge is the exact opposite.

I already warned you about the PRO Act, a national version of California’s AB5 law. How did that experiment work out in the state laboratory? It was an unmitigated disaster that devastated freelancers, contract workers and the gig economy, from Uber drivers to club musicians. It’s probably one of the top five reasons so many people signed a petition to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, although it’s hard to say, since there are so many reasons.

And what’s the Democrats’ reaction to that deadly lab explosion? The House just passed, and President Biden has endorsed, the PRO Act, which would endanger the jobs and career choices of 57 million freelance, contract and gig workers. It would make Biden’s killing of 11,000 union jobs by axing the Keystone Pipeline project look like a warm-up act.

Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media has some personal comments on how bad this bill was for Californians, so bad that even many liberals opposed it because it destroyed their jobs. But the party higher-ups want it because it empowers and enriches unions, who give money to Democrats like them, furthering their mad dream of one-party leftist rule – another California experiment that’s proven disastrous.

In other states, we saw how loosening voter integrity laws undermined trust in the election results. And while the Dems and their media lackeys have tried to paint any suggestion that vote fraud exists as treasonous, there have been a number of arrests for it in several states. Here’s just the latest.

Nevada sent mail-in ballots to nearly all registered voters, and in Clark County, more than 92,000 mail-in ballots were returned as undeliverable. That’s how many ballots were floating around in the mail in one county alone. Biden’s margin of victory in Nevada was less than 34,000 votes. This is why a recent survey found that large majorities of Americans across the political spectrum want voter integrity laws tightened, not loosened.

So what is the DC Democrats’ reaction to these failed lab experiments? The House just passed HR1, a bill that would legalize and impose nationwide an array of anti-ballot integrity actions like expanded mail-in ballots and banning voter ID. It’s a bill that Utah Sen. Mike Lee described, with admirable understatement, as “rotten to the core” and “written in Hell by the Devil himself.”

It is true that the states perform a valuable function by acting as laboratories. But someone please inform the Democrats in Washington that the idea is to adopt only the successful experiments, not to take every Frankenstein’s monster that gets created and unleash it on the entire nation.

House Passes Two New Gun Control Measures

By Mike Huckabee

The House just passed two new gun control measures. HR 1446 expands background checks, increasing the maximum wait time from three days to 10. HR 8 requires a background check for every firearms sale and requires (with some exceptions) nearly every transfer of possession of firearms to go through a federal firearms license holder. It would essentially criminalize friends trading guns back and forth unless they went through the FBI every time.

Chuck Schumer has vowed to bring HR 8 to a vote in the Senate. He will likely try to pass it as a filibuster-proof, simple majority budget reconciliation bill, even though it has zero to do with budgeting. So if you’re a West Virginia gun owner, you’d better let Sen. Joe Manchin know how you feel about this.

Two Republicans voted for HR 1446, and eight voted for HR 8. You can learn their names and more about these bills here:

As usual, proponents of these bills didn’t consider that all the background check laws already on the books have never deterred career criminals, who mostly get their guns on the black market. Mass shooters tend to have clean records before they pull an insane act, or they have red flags that fall through the cracks and go unnoticed because the system is already so overwhelmed with countless repetitive background checks for law-abiding citizens. The obvious solution: add more laws that overload the system and inconvenience law-abiding citizens even more. It’s gotta work this time!

Actress Stacey Dash Renounces Her Support Of President Trump

By Mike Huckabee

Two more people have shown how difficult it is for anyone in show business to voice a non-leftist opinion. Actress Stacey Dash made news by publicly renouncing her support of President Trump, saying she’d had a change of heart after the violence in the Capitol in January.

(Sidenote: this story repeats some treasured misconceptions of the left, such as the implication that Trump said there were “very fine people” on the side of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville and that five people were killed in the Capitol riot – actually, three people in the vicinity died of natural causes, Officer Brian Sicknick died later that night of so-far unreported causes, and the only known violent death came when an unarmed Trump supporter was shot by a Capitol police officer.)

Ms. Dash may have had a genuine change of heart, and she has that right. But I hope she isn’t just yielding to pressure and the endless spiteful vitriol from the left. Apologies for your principles only signal weakness and encourage them to spew more hate. They act like this for the same reason that the scorpion stung the frog that was giving it a ride across the river: it’s in their nature.

She mentions that she hopes to star in a superhero movie. I wish her luck, but if I doubt that will ever happen. She still sounds like she’s trying to be fair and reasonable, and only if she fully betrays her conservative principles and starts cursing Trump and spewing leftist garbage will she become enough of an asset for Hollywood to take her back in.

Meanwhile, Winston Marshall, guitarist for Mumford & Sons, is stepping down from the band to “examine my blindspots,” as he said in a groveling apology after the woke mob came after him for the crime of reading a book they hate and recommending it. It’s “Unmasked,” conservative journalist Andy Ngo’s expose of Antifa. In a jaw-dropping irony, Marshall said he now realizes how his “endorsements have the potential to be viewed as approvals of hateful, divisive behavior.”

Hateful, divisive behavior like punching, kicking, threatening and throwing unidentified substances on Andy Ngo, the way the poor maligned little dears in Antifa have, in retaliation for him daring to cover their activities, which include rioting, assaulting cops and setting buildings on fire?

At the risk of never being asked to join Mumford & Sons, here’s where you can go to learn more and to order “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

A Reader Writes Back...

I love it. You used our line. “You win a cookie.”. My husband and I have been saying that for years after Don Rickles said it at the end of “Kelly’s Heroes”, when they were dividing the gold bars they took from the German bank behind enemy lines. Thank you Mike. You made my day.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Rocky Mountain National Park, visit its website here.

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