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July 18, 2023



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If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Here We Go Again:

President Trump says he received a letter from special counsel Jack Smith telling him he’s a target of the January 6th grand jury investigation and that he expects to be indicted and arrested. Apparently for “inciting an insurrection” by urging his supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically.” So just as no laws at all apply to anyone in the Biden family, apparently, Trump no longer even has First Amendment protections.

Here are some reactions to the news, including Trump’s statement.

So far, all we know about this is that Trump confirmed he got the letter. I’m sure there will be much more to follow as the Biden DOJ continues loading bananas onto the banana republic express.

More bad legal news for Trump:

The Georgia Supreme Court unanimously turned down a petition by his attorneys to block Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ investigation of allegations that he interfered with the 2020 election. It wasn’t a ruling on the merits, just that Trump has to take it to a lower court first. So this will drag out even longer, like well into the 2024 election season.

Related: I’ve already stated that I support Trump as the person best positioned to go after the politicized and corrupted federal agencies. That said, if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination, I will fully support whoever does. This election is far too important to the continued existence of America to “take my ball and go home” if I don’t get the candidate that I personally want.

But just to allow open debate, here’s a devil’s advocate column by Scott Morefield at, arguing that Trump’s nomination would be a historic disaster for Republicans and result in a Democrat victory that would end America as we’ve known and loved it.

Read it and leave your (thoughtful) comments on whether he's right or wrong and why. I’d really like to hear them.

Breaking North Korea story

An American soldier is reportedly being held in North Korea after crossing the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. At this writing, this is a breaking story, and it’s not yet known who the soldier is or what he or she was doing there. But it might be difficult getting the soldier back because we don’t have diplomatic or consular relations with North Korea.

If only we had a President who could talk to the leader of North Korea. Or who could talk, period. More to come on this story, so stay tuned.

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

A Summer Heat Wave

Have you noticed that environmental radicals hate it when people joke about a global warming conference being canceled due to a blizzard and huff that their critics are too stupid to understand the difference between a single incident of bad weather and long-term climate trends…yet every time there’s an incident of bad weather that can be used to promote their view, they immediately blame it on climate change?

The latest example is the current “surprise” summer heat wave in July. For maximum scare effect, the Washington Post declared that “extreme heat kills more people in the United States than any other weather hazard.”  Not to downplay the dangers of going out in the heat (Noel Coward warned us way back in 1931 that only “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”), but David Harsanyi of The Federalist examined those claims and found that they were not only false, but apparently pulled out of a hat, and that “Americans have never been less threatened by extreme weather.”

Of course, we could combat this by turning on the air conditioning. President Biden is doing that by announcing a push for “equity and environmental justice” (these people attach the word "justice" to everything) by providing taxpayer-purchased A/C units for public housing. As usual with Democrats, “justice” is defined as giving their voters something for three and sending the bill to someone else.

Yet at the same time, green warriors hate air conditioning and claim it causes global warming, so Biden is also cracking down on A/C coolants, which will make air conditioners more expensive and harder to obtain.

To quote the great humorist Stephen Leacock, Biden is like the knight who “flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions.”

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Sam Brinton Update

Remember Sam Brinton, the former Department of Energy official whom the Biden Administration hailed as the first “non-binary” federal appointee? The one we were supposed to celebrate because we finally had a President broad-minded enough to entrust an important nuclear energy position to a mustachioed man in lipstick and a cocktail dress? Brinton lost his job after it was discovered that his swanky female wardrobe came from suitcases he was stealing from the airport. Since then, a number of other disturbing revelations about his background and sexual kinkiness have emerged (whoever could have predicted he might have problems controlling his behavior?)

Well, here’s the latest twist: turns out we were all unwitting accomplices to his lifting of ladies’ luggage. According to newly-obtained government expense reports, when he stole $3700 worth of clothing at a Nevada airport, he was on an official trip paid for by taxpayers.

There’s much more at the link, but I warn you, it involves looking at and learning more about Sam Brinton.

KJP is torched

President Biden’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a claim about how great Bidenomics is that was so patently absurd, even the White House Press Corps couldn’t swallow it with a straight face. In other words: it must be Tuesday.



Least Surprising News of the Day:

Some media outlets are desperately and unsuccessfully trying to keep people from seeing the movie “Sound of Freedom” by claiming it’s associated with QAnon (Fun Fact: The first time I heard the claim that conservatives were getting all their talking points from QAnon, I had to go look it up online because I’d never heard of it in my life.)  Well, shock of shocks, it turns out the writer of one of those hit pieces for Bloomberg News is the former communications director for a pro-pedophile group – oh, sorry, for “an independent peer support group for minor-attracted people (MAPs.)” You don’t need a map to tell where this is going.

The FBI Can’t Keep Up With Trump | Ron Hart | Huckabee

Ron Hart is a syndicated columnist, political commentator, and a good friend of the Huckabee show. He always has a lot to say about the state of the world, politics, and everyday life, and he does it with his own brand of libertarian humor. He's talking the 2024 election and offering his own unique spin on the current political landscape. Don't miss his interview on Huckabee!

IRS whistleblower testimony confirmed about Hunter “investigation”

A word to those on the left:

I don’t want to hear even one more time from you that “no one is above the law.”  Just spare us all, and stop defending the indefensible.  You just look ridiculous, because at this point there can be no doubt that those who are members of the favored political class get kid-glove treatment.  It’s been going on for years, but the latest revelations about the so-called “investigation” into Hunter Biden’s finances leave no room for argument.

On Monday, committee staff for the House Oversight and Accountability Committee conducted a transcribed interview with a former FBI supervisory special agent from the Wilmington office who’d been assigned to the Biden criminal investigation.  According to a statement released Monday evening by Kentucky Rep. James Comer, committee chairman, he “confirmed key portions” of the IRS whistleblower testimony.  It shows the Biden investigation was a joke.

The night before a planned interview of Hunter Biden, the FBI agent said, Secret Service headquarters and the Biden transition team were tipped off about it.  “On the day of the Hunter Biden interview,” Comer said, “federal agents were told to stand by and could not approach Hunter Biden --- they had to wait for his call. As a result of the change in plans, IRS and FBI investigators never got to interview Hunter Biden as part of the investigation.”

The interview of Hunter, which was supposed to be led by IRS agents-now-whistleblowers Gary Shapley and this FBI supervisory special agent, was to be one of several conducted on December 8, 2020, a date that fell during the transition period before Biden’s inauguration.  The evening before, these two agents learned that FBI headquarters had notified Secret Service headquarters about it.  The agents told the Oversight Committee that this had frustrated their investigative efforts because “people found out who didn’t need to know.”

The next day, the two agents were told that they would not be allowed to approach Hunter’s house --- that they would have to wait until HE contacted THEM.  (Editorial aside: !!!!)

The FBI agent testified that this was the first time in his career that he had been told to wait outside to be contacted by the subject of an investigation.

Needless to say, Hunter never contacted them at all.  So the interview never took place.

So there really can be no doubt that whistleblower Gary Shapley was telling the truth.  He testified that two search warrants had been blocked: one seeking corporate documents from Hunter’s storage locker and another for Joe Biden’s Delaware residence when Hunter was living there.  As you know, Delaware U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf nixed the warrant for Joe’s home, citing “the optics.”  Again, these decisions were made AFTER the election, so any concern about an investigation within 60 days of an election would be moot.  Here’s what AMERICAN GREATNESS reported on Shapley’s testimony in June about career prosecutors slow-walking the Biden investigation...

Shapley also testified about an interview with Biden family associate Rob Walker in which Walker described how Joe Biden had dropped by a meeting with CEFC at the Four Seasons.  Walker said he’d heard Hunter speak of other times in which his dad, still Vice President, would come to their business meetings.

The whistleblowers’ testimony confirmed earlier reporting from John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS. 

Solomon appeared Monday night on HANNITY to comment on this latest confirmation, after writing that this FBI agent’s testimony “provides fresh evidence of alleged political interference in the treatment of Joe Biden’s son.”

“More of the portrait is just becoming more and more clear to the American public,” Solomon told Sean Hannity.  “There absolutely was political interference in the investigation into Hunter’s taxes” and possibly more.

“There are three agents now with about a half century of experience in law enforcement telling Congress that nothing about the Hunter Biden investigation was normal.”

It’s “pretty bombshell testimony,” he said, as it corroborates “some of the most important testimony that Gary Shapley and his fellow IRS agent --- whose name has not yet been released --- gave Congress a month ago.”

On Wednesday, he said, both these IRS agents will be testifying in public, so we’ll learn the name of the second one as we meet them both.  And next week, things heat up even more, as Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer is expected to testify before Congress.  “Getting a Biden insider to flip is a very important moment in this investigation,” he said.

Here are Solomon’s updates from last night…

The DAILY CALLER reported on this as well.  Their story also contains a link to the hilariously-titled report, “Hunter Biden’s lawyers demand Donald Trump alter his language on social media.”  We’re thinking it’s time for Hunter’s lawyers to ditch the hyper-aggressive approach and go crawl into a hole.

If you haven’t seen Shapley answering questions, BREITBART’s story includes the video of his interview with CBS NEWS.  The fact that CBS was giving him airtime strongly suggests they’ve been given the message from...somewhere...that it’s time to start taking down the Bidens.

Comer tweeted on Sunday that the Oversight Committee knows from Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and subpoenaing banks and individuals that the Bidens set up more than 20 shell companies to accept, forward and collect payment from a wide range of business associates.  These “make absolutely no sense,” he said.  “I don’t believe they have paid a penny of revenue, a penny of taxes on most of the millions of dollars they received from our adversaries around the world.”

BREITBART has a good summary, including the Oversight Committee’s timeline for the Bidens’ influence peddling in Romania…

Dan Bongino, who worked for the Secret Service for over a decade, had more to say on Monday about the non-investigation of cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House.  (Notice that we’re including this story with the Biden investigations.)  He said he’d received numerous texts and emails from former colleagues --- “good guys, man” --- and that they’re “absolutely furious” about this, saying it’s “embarrassing, humiliating.”  They say they know exactly who left the coke.

As you know, the Secret Service closed the case with no leads and without even interviewing anyone, Hunter included.  They still insist they found no fingerprints or DNA evidence on the baggie of coke found in a locker near the Situation Room, where guests place belongings before going on White House tours.  It just happened to be “in a blind spot for surveillance cameras,” according to CNN.

According to the Secret Service, there were about 500 potential culprits and it would have been “a strain on resources” for them to conduct interviews.  Nobody buys that.  In fact, Bongino says that in this “limited access area,” there were probably fewer than 200 people who could have left the drugs.  And it’s not hard to get a latent print off a non-porous plastic surface.  As for DNA, recall that a murderer was recently captured after his DNA was recovered from a discarded piece of pizza.  (It can even be extracted from desiccated old fossils, for goodness sake, which means it might be possible to retrieve DNA from JOE Biden, haha.)

“Don’t destroy this agency like they did the FBI,” Bongino said.  “It’s really unbecoming.”


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  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/19/2023 11:04 AM

    “Don’t destroy this agency like they did the FBI,” Bongino said. “It’s really unbecoming.”

    NEWS FLASH!!! IT HAS ALREADY BEEN DESTROYED!!! And all the while the rinos watch and do NOTHING AS USUAL to stop it!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/19/2023 11:01 AM


    Now THAT is FUNNY!!! And what do the rinos do when a "whistleblower" comes forward? NOTHING AS USUAL!!!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/19/2023 10:57 AM

    "It’s been going on for years, but the latest revelations about the so-called “investigation” into Hunter Biden’s finances leave no room for argument."

    And again you rinos do NOTHING to stop it except to keep spewing the same old rhetoric from your pie holes to feed your huge arrogant obscene obnoxious narcissistic egos!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/19/2023 10:55 AM

    "I don’t want to hear even one more time from you that “no one is above the law.”

    If that is NOT TRUE, WHY does the Biden syndicate family get away with EVERYTHING??? The creep BRIBED Ukraine and nothing done. The cocaine kid gets charged with tax evasion and having an illegal firearm AND GETS NOTHING!!! So PLEASE don't spew your same old rhetoric about "no one is above the law" ALL jackasses and their rinos buddies are ALL ABOVE THE LAW have no morals or laws to follow!!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/19/2023 10:40 AM

    "I’ve already stated that I support Trump as the person best positioned to go after the politicized and corrupted federal agencies."

    I agree he is the best person for this country BUT if Trump wins the nomination, I believe the creep and kameltoe ho or ANY jackass that runs will win by a LANDSLIDE!! The jackasses have perfected voter fraud and cheating and you rinos HAVE ALLOWED THEM TO GET AWAY WITH IT!!! AND there are WAY to many rinos who don't give a rip about America and will vote for the devil himself rather than Trump because of their HATRED of the man because he will take away their cash and power!!! Look at the last election!! rino ryan, the bushes, the powells, the maclames, I could go on and on, voted for the creep and don't CARE what odumbo, the creep and the kameltoe ho are doing to the country because you rinos don't have live in the same world you have set up for us peasants. Politicians have NO MORALS OR LAWS to follow. And the rinos share in the power and corrupt cash that the jackasses have as SOP. I hear all these rinos spewing the same old rhetoric as far back as 2005 about all this "corruption" on "the other side" but they NEVER DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!! The dead Americans at Bengahzi, the hida beast and all her corruption, odumbo GIVING billions in cash to iran, the biden syndicate family, etc etc etc and WHAT has been done about it?? NOTHING!!! You rinos keep spewing that same old BS rhetoric just to feed your HUGE, ARROGANT, OBSCENE, NARCISSISTIC EGOS and keep stuffing your pockets with corrupt cash from the jackasses and all the while AMERICA IS BURNING!!! AND I don't believe ANY republican candidate can beat the democrat corruption machine. THIS has been going on for YEARS and you rinos do NOTHING and have allowed it to happen and to continue on and on!!! Just imagine what Trump could have accomplished his first 2 years with the majority in both sides of congress (btw a bunch of baboons is called a congress) BUT rinos like ryan fought him EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!! And THAT is why Trump will never be POTUS again!!!

  • Patrick J Green

    07/18/2023 11:38 PM

    Ok here I s the real deal I like Trump I always have always will and if he I s who the Republicans put forward that is who I will vote for. But in the Texas primary I will back DeSantis. There us no way on God"s earth I would vote for a party who uses fed agencies to go after there opponents yet will l let the president son slide with a slap on the hand, if that.

  • Don Herman

    07/18/2023 06:37 PM

    Re. Trump 2024: I tend to agree Trump is a liability even though he _may_ be the best candidate. I think there are several other, better candidates less likely to bring out _all_ the vote, Democrats and Republicans as well as many independents (many of whom may come out just to vote against Trump). I wish Trump would focus on the issues and quit attacking his fellow candidates so much, though the same could be said for them. The liberals will never cease attacking Trump and right now it looks like a win-win: Trump is indicted and convicted thus thrown out of the race, or he manages to stay in and so voters many are torn about all the charges (right or wrong) that they stay home (conservatives, some independents) or actively vote against him (liberals, other independents) even if they don't like Biden. In the meantime Trump will trash his competitors on both sides and ensure they have no hope of getting his voters even if Trump is out.