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September 21, 2021

Here are the latest dispatches from Afghanistan, where we’re continually assured that only about 100 Americans are still waiting to get out and that we’ll be able to work with the new, more moderate Taliban.

After weeks of the Taliban holding up flights of evacuees, one plane was finally allowed to take off.

As for the others, in spite of the Taliban’s claims that it will be more moderate and cooperative, Biden spokesman Ned Price said they’ve “pulled every lever available” but the Taliban are still holding up the flights. Which sounds an awful lot like a hostage situation. Really, Joe? Have you REALLY pulled every lever available?

Here’s a heartbreaking story about an American citizen who lost 18 of her family members in the Kabul suicide bombing and is stuck there and terrified. She broke down while telling a TV reporter how the State Department is ignoring her pleas for help and saying, “Sorry, we can’t do anything for you.”

While it’s getting harder to get reliable news out of Afghanistan, here’s a report that the Taliban are methodically tracking down Afghans who helped the US (and whom Biden promised to evacuate, then didn’t.) It includes a report of women being watched constantly and terrified to go to school or work, and Taliban militants decapitating two boys, ages nine and ten.

And this is why the Biden-supporting media want to talk about nothing but vaccine mandates.

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  • Bill Scanlon

    09/21/2021 09:22 AM

    The entire administration has to go but to do that We The People must accept the fact that the election was hacked. We must react to that fact, first internally by nullifying the results and restoring all of the actual winners, not just the president. Then we react externally. China is responsible. Was it an act of war? Some say yes. Some say no. There are cyber attacks every day and we do nothing. That has got to change. There must be consequences. Consequences that cause behavior modification. I will never do that again modification. China, that was not acceptable, the USA owes you nothing. The debt is paid in full. The next time will not be answered with money. Get out of our business. Stay out of our business or else. Are you ready for war? Or was that planned a little later.