April 22, 2021

Today is Earth Day, so in preparation for what is sure to be a combined hurricane and tsunami of apocalyptic climate predictions, here is a list of some of the similar doomsday predictions made way back on the first Earth Day in 1970.

If they’d been correct, we wouldn’t have to worry about future climate change because we all would’ve been dead for decades now.

In a related story, Scientific American yielded to pressure and announced that instead of saying “climate change,” they will now call it the “climate emergency.”

Note that their senior editor justifies this by citing individual weather events such as the cold snap in Texas or hurricanes hitting Florida, which have been going on since the dawn of time (it's called "Hurricane Alley" for a reason.) When conservatives point out heavy snowstorms that the greens said would be a thing of the past, they’re mocked for not knowing the difference between weather and climate, but here is the editor of Scientific American citing individual weather events to justify using the loaded and emotional term “climate emergency” instead of the scientifically accurate term “climate change.”

I anxiously await the announcement that "Scientific American's" name is being changed to “Political American.”

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  • Syd Bates

    04/24/2021 06:56 AM

    There is no accountability for the environmental community. They spew their ideological nonsense and bad science with impunity. The only reason environmentalists really pursue "climate" and "environmental" issues is to maintain and/or increase their Federal grant money. Lying about Planet Earth's fate is what keeps them in business.