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September 15, 2022

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  • Suzanne DeMichele

    09/20/2022 11:03 PM

    Love the Truth and Faith Based Outlook Governor!
    Sarah is in My Prayers! She is an Amazing Woman who withstood the insanity that became America. She did so with Dignity, Integrity and has Earned the Respect of many of Us, especially because she never lowered her Standards while dealing with gutter level opponents.
    God Bless America ??????
    Disabled Veteran, USN

  • Kaye Smith

    09/19/2022 01:00 PM

    I live in Tucson, Arizona and (believe me) our border is NOT secure! One friend has seen 2 LARGE homeless camps in her travels here. We've had a homeless man sleep behind our home (until we had a sheriff order him out). Our (mobile) park owners (from California) hires illegals to save money. One peed on the back of my home while working there. Who's going to PAY for their free medical care, free food, free lodging & free phones? (hint: WE ARE!)

  • Evelyn Clark

    09/18/2022 11:27 PM

    Our border is open like a gate with a welcome sign.
    I live is Harris county Texas. Live in an area that is not in the city limits. We do not have police service but sheriffs.

    Someone tried to get into our house at 1:30 AM. SHERIFF'S Department had copters flying looking for him. I called the sheriff's deprtment.
    We are not able to vote in elections for the city of Houston. We are able to vote for the Harris county Judge. She ia as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
    Judges in Houston let murders back out on the street. One murder got out and killed the witness.
    One illegal ran into me. Left the scene of the wreck. BUT HIS TAG FELL OFF OF HIS TRUCK. The police looked him up. HE HAD 9 TICKETS FOR NO INSURANCE.
    If you are not illegal or get 3 tickets... you lose your liscense and the tags come off of your car.
    I was in the Walmart parking lot. A Latino woman backed into me. She started pulling up and back and forth to mover her car so that it would not look like she could have hit me where the dent is in my car.
    I called the sheriff dept. When he got there he was Latino. She ran over to him and told him her story. There was white paint on my car..her car was white. I had ask to see her insurance card. It was expired. I was trying to get her name and contact info. I set it down on my car seat to open my glove box to get out my insurance info. I ask the policeman to open my glove box as I was having trouble getting the key out of the fob. He saw her card and acted like I was trying to steal it. He could only speak to me in loud angry tones. Like I had commited the crime.
    She has said the white paint on my car looked old. The policeman said the same thing. HOUSTON IS A SANCTUARY CITY. THERE IS MORE BUT BETTER QUIT NOW.

  • Donna Reed

    09/18/2022 11:15 AM

    The border is NOT SECURE.