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December 11, 2023

After Republicans’ initial feeling of, “Hey, sometimes the ‘justice’ system really DOES work,” the realization is quickly dawning that justice is not what the Hunter Biden indictment was about at all.

Recall our original comment that the timing of the announcement last week was “interesting,” given that Hunter had been subpoenaed to appear before the House Ways and Means Committee this coming week.  And it was surprising that the charges were to be brought after all in...(drum roll, please!)...the Central District of California, when it was the same Biden-appointed U.S. attorney there, Martin Estrada, who wouldn’t cooperate with Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to bring charges against Hunter in his district.  (Note:  neither would Biden-appointed U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves in DC.)  Why would Estrada change his mind and start wanting to see justice done?  And Estrada’s name reportedly does not appear on the charging documents; we’re not sure what to make of that.

Some legal analysts were quick to point out Hunter’s indictment would effectively prevent him from having to testify before Congress in a lengthy closed-door session, just when they had gotten serious about holding him in contempt for failure to appear.  In fact, the committee chairmen had just sent a letter to Hunter attorney Abbe Lowell promising to do just that.  Hunter’s other option would simply be to appear and take the Fifth Amendment.  Given that he’s under indictment, he would unquestionably be entitled to do that.

The other giveaway that this indictment is not about justice is the narrow focus of the charges.  As you know, the “Justice” Department allowed the statute of limitations to run out for the tax years during which Hunter was raking in money from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings --- 2014 and 2015, while his father was Vice President.  And when they finally did draw up an indictment against Hunter, they left out certain crimes, most notably his failure to register as a foreign agent under the FARA law, which seems to apply only to Trump associates such as Paul Manafort and Mike Flynn.

By the way, to show just how worthless “fact”-checkers are, this weekend we happened across a 2020 USA TODAY check that perpetuated the lie that Biden was NOT helping his son with his role in firing Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, doing it only because Shokin hadn’t been going after corruption.  The “fact”-checkers had simply accepted an explanation from one of then-VP Biden’s foreign policy advisers that has since been proven false.  In truth, Shokin had actually been cited for good job performance but was fired anyway after Biden threatened to withdraw a $1 billion loan.  Yet this incorrect “fact”-check is still online; you can read it here…

While the commentators at MSNBC continue covering for the President --- making one wonder how they can look at themselves in the mirror (which, ironically, they probably do a LOT) --- the level of corruption involved in this scandal is staggering, as is the mountain of evidence that implicates the President.  If you have friends and family who still don’t get it, this piece by Bill O’Reilly will sum it up quite well for them, particularly the corruption within the DOJ that amazingly allowed the Bidens to get away with their crimes for years.

Abbe Lowell had the nerve to say this: “Based on the facts and the law, if Hunter’s last name was anything other than Biden, the charges in Delaware, and now California, would not have been brought.”  (Cue laugh track.)  But as Florida Rep. Byron Donalds told Maria Bartiromo on FOX NEWS Sunday morning, “No, Abbe, the only reason why it took so LONG for him to be indicted is because his last name is Biden.”  Great interview, especially on violations of FARA law...

All right, Mr. Lowell, you want to talk about last names?  Let’s consider for five seconds that the last name being implicated here weren’t Biden but TRUMP.  It’s impossible to look at this case without thinking of how laws have been tortured and stretched to be able to bring a deluge of charges against President Trump ahead of the election next year.

After all, the “justice” system is working very differently when it comes to Trump; recall that New York Attorney General Letitia James actually ran on a wildly unconstitutional promise to hound him and prosecute him for...something.  In Stalin-esque fashion, she was going to “get Trump.”  The coordinated, all-out effort to get Trump was so obvious, Alan Dershowitz even wrote a book about it with that title: “GET TRUMP:  The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process and Our Constitutional Rule of Law.”

This is even more obvious now, as that trial takes place in Manhattan.  Defense witness Eli Bartov, an expert in financial reporting misconduct, testified last week (Trump was in court for this one) that James’ case has “no merit” and that Trump’s company had “violated no generally accepted accounting principles [GAAPs].”  Out of the thousands of such principles, he testified, he hadn’t been able to find ONE that the Trump Organization had violated.  Some of the charges “really bordered on absurd,” he said.  Yet before the trial even started, presiding Judge Engoron, certainly no financial expert but truly studied in Trump-hate, had ruled on his own that Trump committed fraud!

Details of Bartov’s testimony here…

Larry Kudlow at FOX BUSINESS NEWS gets the picture, too.  On Friday, he said Hunter’s indictment makes him “untouchable” to House investigators.  “Hunter is going to use this as an excuse to avoid any private deposition under oath before any of the congressional oversight or judicial or ways and means committees,” he said, “or, worst case, he’ll take the Fifth if he has to go up there.”  Also, because he’s being charged only with tax-related crimes, he won’t be forced to reveal all the details that would come up in a discussion of his failure to register as a foreign agent.

As Kudlow said, “My nonlegal suspicion is that this whole series of events actually brings GOP oversight investigators further away from Joe Biden because Hunter’s going to be untouchable for quite some time,” Kudlow said. “And if I were really a cynic, I would say the special counsel, David Weiss – who has zero credibility – decided to put Hunter on ice for exactly this reason.”

We’re non-attorneys here, too, and, sadly, ARE that cynical when it comes to this administration and the “Justice” Department.  That’s exactly why Hunter was indicted.

Dick Morris had an interesting allegation this weekend about Joe Biden being, in effect, on the Chinese payroll.  And this was in another way besides those monthly payments to Hunter.

“Biden was essentially not just seeking bribes, but on the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party,” Morris said on NEWSMAX’s “Saturday Report.”  (Morris has a new book out that dives deep into this: “CORRUPT:  The Inside Story of Biden’s Dark Money.”)  “They gave the University of Pennsylvania $58 million as a grant at the start of Biden’s term and set up the Institute for Global Engagement and hired Joe Biden as a professor.  [‘Professor.’]  At the end of his term as Vice President when he was unemployed, China basically gave him a job.”

According to Morris, they also paid “hefty salaries” to future Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and “nine others, high-level national security people.”  It just keeps getting worse.

(Dick Morris will be my guest next weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN, and I suspect this topic will come up.)

We’ll leave the Biden scandal with a comment from author and persuasion expert Scott Adams, who said Sunday that in light of the polls showing “the country truly doesn’t want Biden,” he senses that “something really illegal might be brewing,” stemming from “a sense of desperation” on the part of Democrats and the number of hoaxes they’ve already perpetrated, through activities that are either illegal or should be.  In other words, be ready for anything.

“Short of a huge crime,” Adams said, “the Democrats are going to lose power.”


RELATED READING:  Why would it take this long to bring those 2016-2019 tax charges against Hunter?  For Margot Cleveland at THE FEDERALIST, there’s only one explanation:  2020 election interference.

Jonathan Turley says that Biden’s continuing “absurd denial” in the face of such a huge mountain of evidence shows that he’s “now trapped in the amber of this corruption scandal --- unable to acknowledge the obvious falsity of his past statements.”  The Democrat Party does not come off well...

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