May 2, 2021

President Biden’s failure to address the crisis he’s created on the border in his Congressional Address was just too much of an example of ignoring the incontinent donkey in the room, even for some Democrats. Sen. Mark Kelly has now joined fellow Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in calling on Biden to address the crisis and restore border security.

Meanwhile, if Biden is going to keep whistling past the graveyard he dug, others are taking action into their own hands. Four Texas border counties that have been overrun with thousands of illegal immigrants, including drug gangs, have declared states of disaster (another appropriate term for Biden’s policies) due to the imminent threat to their residents’ health, lives and property. The social services are overwhelmed, and residents are being assaulted, threatened and robbed.

One county judge said, “The governor needs to act on this, and he needs to treat it as what it is, which is an invasion of our nation. This is an act of war.”

Well, Biden wanted to reverse every Trump policy, and he has. If you agree with that judge, by reversing all of Trump’s border security policies, Biden has also reversed Trump's four-year streak of not getting America into any new wars.

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